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Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello are deliverymen who take crates containing what they think are wax statues of Dracula (Bela Lugosi) and the Frankenstein Monster (Glenn Strange) to a House of Horrors. Only Lou knows that the monsters are the real thing . Lon Chaney, the Wolf Man turns up to try to stop Dracula's scheme of transplanting the pliable brain of Costello into the cranium of the Monster. What follows is a slapstick comedy with scares and laughs mixed at the same rapid pace.

Absolon (2003)
In a near-future, a virus has infected everyone on the planet, and has killed off millions. In saving mankind, a drug named Absolon has been developed which combats the virus, unfortunately, it must be taken every day. One corporation, headed by Ron Perlman, owns Absolon and now controls the fate of mankind. Christopher Lambert like every one else is addicted to Absolon , he is a grizzled cop who inadvertently stumbles on the cover-up, and subsequently becomes involved in the resistance. Along with Kelly Brook, who worked on the cure, however when he ingests the cure , the feds try to rub him out, they are lead by black-suited gunman Lou Diamond Phillips (who wears dark glasses and spits a lot).

A Dangerous Man (2010)
Special Forces guy Steven Seagal, is released from prison for a crime he didn't commit, only to get involved in a chase involving Chinese drug runners led by Byron Mann, plus a surviving rival pair of mobsters and the niece of a man being held to ransom as well as a lot of money. In this action packed thrill ride, Seagal must fight his way through a corrupt town and take the girl to safety. There is plenty of bullets and people flying around ..

After The Fox (1966)
Peter Sellers is The Fox, a master criminal, but in an Italian prison. When he hears that his young sister, Britt Ekland, is running wild, he contrives an escape. He finds that Britt is movie-obsessed and aiming for a career in film. He decides that to make the money necessary to take proper care of his family, he needs to handle the smuggling of some gold into Italy. As his method, he seizes on star Victor Mature and convinces him and a small coastal town that they are making a movie about a gold smuggling operation. My favorite line is "More sand!" and the over use of it past the point where nothing at all is visible.

After The Sunset (2004)
A master diamond thief (Pierce Brosnan) and his partner-in-crime (Salma Hayek) retire to the Bahamas a big heist. They get dogged by an incompetent FBI agent (Woody Harrelson) , but then a cruise-liner carrying a huge diamond docks itself into town, and they are tempted to heist the jewel. Some nice scenery, and Salma not too shabby either in her barely clothed body..

Against The Dark (2009)
A untreatable virus has ravaged much of the nation, turning everyone who contract the disease into flesh-eating, walking dead zombies. While the uninfected few wander the streets looking for shelter and safety, a small group known as Hunters, patrol for the infected to slice and dice with katanas. The leader of this civilian militia is Steven Seagal, whose vocabulary is limited to the F-word and several grunts. Though he's barely in this thing for virtually the entire first half of the film, his scenes last about 19 seconds, and those consist of a quick growl and some sword swipes. Who cares though, when he's able to chop up the zombies with such a zesty spirit. Tanoai Reed is Seagal's machine gunner who gets more screen-time then him.

Air I Breathe (2007)
Four unique stories that overlap and intertwine through twists of fate. Supposedly based on an ancient Chinese proverb about the four pillars of life -- Happiness, Pleasure, Sorrow, and Love Forest Whitaker is living a rather mundane lifestyle who loses everything after literally betting on a long shot and resorts to robbing a bank. Kevin Bacon a desperate doctor racing against time to save the life of a woman close to his heart. Brendan Fraser is a gangster who possesses an ability to see glimpses of the future. Sarah Michelle Gellar is a rising young pop star that can't escape the clutches of a vicious crime lord. The fifth character, is ruthless mob boss Andy Garcia who links the four stories together.

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (1990) .. DVD release (2003)
A collection of dream segments that the director claims he experienced over the years and wrote into a screenplay. As such, there's no actual story line but a series of vaguely interrelated passages. The imagery on the first two stories is striking: fields of blossoming flowers, dancers , valleys and rainbows. While the next two are in direct contrast and are grim and bleak. Don't expect traditional storytelling from "Dreams." The various segments are what they are, snippets of dreams. They are short, undeveloped vignettes; brief, moral tales emphasizing visual splendor, imagery

Alone In The Dark (2005)
This action horror movie is based on a video game, so one expects things like a mad doctor who performs experiments like fusing evil millipedes to the spinal columns of orphans. Its terrifying as a herd of dust bunnies with a plot that makes slightly less sense. I won't get into the lame back story or the cheeseball special effects. It's just another creature-feature with good guys shooting lots of heavy artillery at deadly CGI monsters.

Along Came A Spider (2001)
Morgan Freeman, a Washington DC detective and psychologist famous for several books he's written about criminal profiling., loses his partner under traumatic circumstances in the opening sequence, eight months later, he is jolted out of his guilt and grief when he's assigned to a high-profile kidnapping case – at the request of the kidnapper. The serpentine trail of clues that leads to a stunning discovery - the kidnapper wants more than just ransom A riveting performance from Morgan Freeman , plus a roller coaster of plot twists and double crosses and one genuinely startling plot twist.

Alvin And The Chipmunks (2007)
Dave Seville (Jason Lee) is a struggling songwriter searching for his big break with Jett Records honcho Ian (David Cross) he gets rejected, on his way out Seville steals a basket of muffins, what he doesn't know is that Alvin, Simon, and Theodore have hitched a ride in the basket. Later he hears them singing an acapella rendition of "Funkytown, he collaborates with his house mates on "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)" that soon becomes a massive hit. The conflict in the story has to do with Ian's desire to exploit the li'l guys and turn them into overworked, overpaid, pampered rock stars. The tracksuit wearing chipmunks swap harmonious pop for jerky hip-hop rap numbers .. mmmmmmmm. This update (after 50 years!) has a fresh take on the chipmunks, and a story that has something sweet to say about the difference between showering gifts and showing love and concern.

American Gangster (2007)
This movie (based on a true story) is about the rise and fall of Harlem drug kingpin Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington) who was the driver, enforcer and general aide-de-camp of a local crime figure, when his boss dies, he decides to step into his shoes and build his own criminal empire. He has a cousin stationed in Vietnam, so the two set up a supply line to bring pure heroin into the country. On the other side of the law is Russell Crowe, he's a honest cop that refuses to be corrupted ,even turning in a million dollars that he finds. The movie shifts back and forth between their two stories, as you soon realize one man's world must soon crumble.

Angels & Demons (2009)
The Catholic Church is preparing to elect a new pope , and it seems that the four top Cardinals in the running have been kidnapped. Each one will be executed, an hour apart. Add in a super-secret anti-matter that's been hijacked from a Swiss laboratory and is now ready to explode in Rome at the stroke of midnight. Enter Tom Hanks who is trying to figure it all out, he must work through clues found in a long-suppressed text by Galileo, kept hidden away in the Vatican archives that will direct him and the police to the churches where the cardinals are to be murdered and then to the spot where the bomb's been planted.

Annapolis (2006)
This is a story of a headstrong kid learning about discipline and teamwork amidst the grueling first year in the Naval Academy. Somehow this turns into a boxing movie, as James Franco spends a major portion of the film training for the inter-brigade boxing tournament as a means of asserting his self-worth. He fights his nemesis Tyrese Gibson for the Brigade Championship. It is not a good military movie, nor is a good boxing movie, and I am not sure what it is, or was supposed to be.

Appaloosa (2008)
Lawman-for-hire Ed Harris and his deputy Viggo Mortensen ride into town just after the towns Marshall and his men disappear after visiting the ranch of Jeremy Irons, the man who's been terrifying the local folk of Appaloosa New Mexico. The duo immediately prove their worth by taking out two of Jeremy's men who refuse a civilized request to quit urinating in the saloon. Later they note the arrival of Renee Zellweger who immediately hangs onto Ed as savior and protector. Jeremy continues to cheat the noose and is building up his power base in the town again. Viggo realizes that to ensure that Ed and Renee have some chance at happiness, drastic steps have to be taken – and things may never be the same again.

Appleseed (Appurushido) (2004)
Japanese action-sci-fi anime, offers one tactile and dazzling image after another. Robots versus us warfare , opening with a encounter between a group of warring humans and head crushing robots The 3d look adds depth to the film, though it seems some areas they used some-one else to create the anime. To echo one character's sentiment: This is a film with "no emotions, no feelings."

Arahan (2004)
Five elderly martial artists sit around complaining about finding pupils among today's young generation and making an honest buck. Their only pupil is Eui-jin (Yun So-yi), daughter of Master Wu-un (Ahn Seong-gi) who is capable of leaping across skyscrapers (think spider women!) Enter a bumbling traffic officer named Ryu Seung-beom who is hit with an errant palm blast during a botched attempt by So-yi to subdue a petty thief, he then wants to learn from the Masters. Even with a lot of comedy, the action is still taken seriously, especially in the second half, with some nifty sword play .

Armored (2009)
A bunch of armored-car guards plan to swipe in excess of forty million bucks, and then claim they were robbed. Matt Dillon, Laurence Fishburne, Jean Reno, Skeet Ulrich and Amaury Nolasco are the guards, but Columbus Short is the new guard, who has qualms on the heist. Things immediately start to go wrong with the plan. People die in this film, money is blown up, and friends betray friends.

Art of War (2000)
Wesley Snipes is a covert operations agent for the United Nations, working to protect an immensely important agreement of some sort between the US and China. Snipes is extremely watch-able as the guy left out on a limb who survives by his wits (with help from electronic gizmos). Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa plays a decent villain. It is a fast-paced high-energy action thriller, with some amazing visuals and camera work

Art Of War II: Betrayal (2008)
Wesley Snipes returns as Agent Neil Shaw. It seems someone is trying to blackmail or kill senators with oversight on defense spending, so Snipes is asked to come out of retirement to investigate the death of his mentor Mom , and the surprise that Mom had a long lost daughter (Athena Karkanis). Snipes, of course, has to kick butt to fit the pieces together. Course the fight scenes mostly done by a not so close looking to Snipes misses the guy by a mile, but yet the dude falls down. This direct to video, must be to help him pay his IRS debt..

Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford (2007)
The last days of the outlaw Jesse James (Brad Pitt) is seen through his last big train robbery and the men involved, including Robert Ford (Casey Affleck), a young wannabe who idolizes James. All the original members of the James gang but Jesse and his brother Frank (Sam Shepard) were dead or in prison, and it's now that Bob Ford tries to join up. Bob's brother Charley (Sam Rockwell) was already a member of the gang. Robert Ford found out the hard way when he killed Jesse that he would not be greeted worldwide by thunderous applause, the reaction was quite different. The movie at 2 1/2 hours or so, is almost as long as the title.

Assassin Swordsman (2004)
This martial arts drama was filmed in video, which left me wondering if its like an 8 hour TV mini series cut up into a 2 1/2 hour movie. Set during the Ming Dynasty, the characters struggle to obtain the Book of Tai from the grave of the first Ming Emperor. Whoever possesses the book will become ruler of all China, there's a few el cheapo Indiana Jones effects in the tomb. One must first obtain the three keys that open the tomb, this leads to a battle between the Japanese Samurai and the evil East Chamber, with plentiful (but disappointing) helpings of kung fu action.

Assault on Precinct 13 (2005)
This is the remake of the 1976 film by John Carpenter, which in turn was pseudo-remake of Rio Bravo. Ethan Hawke is the man in charge on the last night of his closing police station. Laurence Fishburne is arrogant and menacing as a gang boss, he, along with three other prisoners, are bussed to a maximum security prison, but, because of the snow storm, are diverted to Precinct 13 for the night, which become under siege by a band of corrupt cops looking to cover up their bad history. There are personal stories as well as action, in this fast-paced, tense movie.

Atonement (2007)
In 1935 at the mansion of the Tallis family. Briony Tallis (Saoirse Ronan) is the youngest child, a 13 year old fledgling playwright with a wild imagination. Her older sister is Cecilia (Keira Knightley), who happens to spend a lot of time with the housekeeper's son, Robbie Turner (James McAvoy). Robbie loves Cecilia and hopes that she feels the same way, but Briony loves Robbie and will do anything to prevent the love between them, and so when her cousin is raped one night outside, she manages to pin the crime on Robbie, he is arrested and given the choice of jail or fighting in the upcoming war, he chooses the war. In London, Briony's older now, played by Romola Garai as a nurse caring for wounded soldiers returning from battle. Vanessa Redgrave, who appears in the film's coda as the elderly Briony who recalls the errors of her youth. We are tossed back and forth in time, with too many flashbacks/forwards .

Audition (Odishon) (1999)
Ryo Ishibashi is a lonely man who doesn't have much of a life since his wife died. His friend Jun Kunimura, who happens to be a film industry executive, comes up with the brilliant idea to hold a bogus audition for a non-existent film, so that he can find a suitable candidate among several young ladies to ask out, when he sees Eihi Shiina, he's smitten with the lovely young woman, but something is wrong with her... Oh, you betcha! There is some pretty gory stuff, besides the bone sawing, there are acupuncture needles stuck into the stomach and the eyes, and a torture that looks like branding with iron chopsticks ... mmmmmm Japanese with EngRish subtitles (bad spelling & translation)

Avatar (2009)
In the year 2154, mankind has discovered a planet dubbed Pandora, populated by a race of ten foot tall blue aliens called the Na'vi. But a corporation have begun to mine the planet for its riches for a valuable mineral named 'unobtainium.' Sam Worthington, is a Marine who has lost both the use of his legs, his brother was part of the avatar program, but when he died, the corporation was left with an expensive avatar that could only interface with his unique genetic match. He is asked to take his place, but Col. Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang, has little use for the Na'vi, asks Sam to report back on project leader Sigourney Weaver. Avatar falls a bit short with its story, but it ultimately succeeds with stunning visuals , and groundbreaking special effects.

Aviator (2004)
Leonardo DiCaprio as American legend/eccentric/insane recluse Howard Hughes. He battles against the U.S. government to save his TWA airlines against Pan Am president Juan Trippe (Alec Baldwin) and a corrupt politician (Alan Alda). As a man whose eccentricities and neuroses extended far beyond the normal human behavior, the story of Howard Hughes is a fascinating one. Cate Blanchett as Hughes' legendary love, Katharine Hepburn in her Oscar winning role.

AVP: Alien Vs. Predator (2004)
The story involves a group of scientists and archaeologists who travel to Antarctica (think The Thing) in search of some pyramids,. Once there, they become trapped and are caught up in a battle between the Predators and the Aliens, who one by one devours their human prey, every time I see one of the Predators, I think of Bob Marley .. hey mon . The groan factor increases as we have some major over-acting and cliched lines so don't look for deep thoughts here, just check your brain at the door and enjoy the ride.

Azumi 2: Death or Love (2005)
Ueto Aya returns for more blood-spurting ninja violence as a ninja-trained assassin, who continues her fight against villainy while struggling with her own upbringing that has turned her into an efficient killer. The giant with his boomerang blades is a winner. Japanese language with English subtitles.

Babel (2006)
The movie is constructed as a puzzle, with three different pieces transpiring during different times and in different places over a five-day span, there is a common thread which unites the stories (though it is a tenuous one), you might come away feeling as if you watched three movies edited into one. A man gives another man a gun as a gift, the man then sells the gun to a neighbor Moroccan goat herder. He entrusts the gun to his two sons so that they can keep jackals away from the goat herd. The boys begin firing the gun to test its range. American Richard (Brad Pitt) and Susan (Cate Blanchett) are vacationing in Morocco and their tour bus in hit by ones of the bullets from the gun. Creating a chain reaction of events that touches all of the people who have their fingerprints on the rifle in question, it's the butterfly effect. The basic problem with the movie is everything that happens in the film happens because the characters make idiotic choices.

Babylon AD (2008)
Vin Diesel is a mercenary, trying to survive in a future world. Hired by gangster Gerard Depardieu, to deliver (Melanie Thierry) from a Mongolian convent to New York City, and her caretaker Sister Rebeka (Michelle Yeoh). For an action/adventure movie it is a bit on the weak side too, there are explosions, car chases and fights, but they're lackluster. The only standout scene is a snowmobile chase in which there is an impressive backflip.

Balls Of Fury (2007)
At the 1988 Olympics , 12-year-old Randy Daytona (Dan Fogler) loss in the finals to the East German contender (Thomas Lennon) ends up in the murder of his gambling father at the hands of the Chinese Triad. He is enlisted by an FBI Agent (George Lopez) to help catch the crimeboss 14 years later by getting into a secret underground tournament run byChristopher Walken. In order to do so, he must re-learn the ways of the great ping pong players from a Chinese master (James Hong) and his karate chopping, butt kicking niece (Maggie Q). At the tournament, Feng has those that lose killed by his assistant Mahogany (Aisha Tyler). "What part of sudden death don't you understand?" he says. The movie is kind of funny, never a big belly laugh, but definitely a few chuckles.

Bandits (2001)
Based on the lives of two actual bank robbers of the early seventies, a pair who, like Butch Cassidy himself, were never known to have shot anyone. Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton as the "Sleepover Bandits" because they kidnap the bank manager the night before and rob the bank before it opens. Add hostage turned fellow crook Cate Blanchett, who ends up loving both guys. A crime-caper action comedy with an ending that is as dramatic as it may be surprising.

Bangkok Dangerous (2008)
Nicolas Cage is a hitman, who is sent to Thailand to perform four kills before he retires. He uses the same M.O. upon entering any new country; he hires a local, in this case Kong, (Shahkrit Yamnarm) who won't be missed, to help in finding his way around and for delivering messages. He starts to become fond of Kong and begins teaching him tricks of the hitman trade. Deviating further from his beliefs, he falls for lovely Charlie Yeung, a pharmacy worker who communicates in sign language. His last assignment is to kill a much-loved political leader, which he refuses to do, saying to his boss that politics is off-limits to his work, naturally, the boss then turns on him.

Bank Job (2008)
Based-on-a-true-story , it shows that fact is stranger than fiction. In 1971, a ragtag group of part-time criminals plan to tunnel into the Lloyds Bank on Baker Street and into the vault and raid the safety deposit boxes, which as it turns out, contains a number of items housed within worth far more than money. Jason Statham is the group's de-facto leader, he hears of the job from former flame Saffron Burrows, who wants to join in on the heist but is also concealing some key details about where she learned of the score. The heist itself is decently executed, but the true crux of the story revolves around the fallout from the heist.

Basic Instinct (1992)
Sharon Stone portrays a seductive suspect in a brutal ice-pick murder case. The detective assigned to the case (Michael Douglas) gets a little too involved with this manipulative femme fatale. You have a cops and robbers action/adventure movie all rolled into one, plus sex from the opening scene to the closing scene.. It's the most worthy of all the "Erotic Thriller" trash out there, but just because it is doesn't necessarily make it a quality film.

Batman Begins (2005)
When Bruce Wayne's (Christian Bale) parents are murdered before his eyes, he dedicates himself to fighting crime in all of its forms in order to keep what happened to him from happening to anyone else. With the aid of his loyal butler Alfred (Michael Caine) and Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), Bruce Wayne transforms himself into the terrifying crime fighter Batman. What makes the movie work so well is that it is the first Batman film, strangely enough, that's actually about Batman. Most (if not all) of the car chases and stunts done live and in full scale. Very little CGI and the lack of it made a big difference as far as making this all believable.

Batman The Movie (1966)
Gotham City crime-fighters Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward) are lured out to sea only to be attacked by an exploding shark. The villains The Joker (Cesar Romero), The Riddler (Frank Gorshin), The Penguin (Burgess Meredith), and Catwoman (Lee Meriwether) armed with a dehydrator that can turn humans into dust, the fearsome foursome intends to take over the world! This is classic high camp, silly feature film, Batman and Robin must once again save the world from evil with the aid of ridiculous and bad puns. POW! BIFF! THWACK! BOOM!

Beautiful Country (2005)
The movie tells the story of Binh (Damien Nguyen), the Vietnamese son of an American GI father, who is despised by his foster family as bui doi ...''less than dust'' ... spiteful designation earned by his half-breed status as the child of a Vietnamese mother and an American G.I. father. And as the story begins in 1990, the young man sets out, against every odd imaginable by, first to find his mother in Saigon, and then to America in search of her long-lost soldier husband maybe still living somewhere in Texas. His attempt to escape to America leads to the toughest and most tragic portion of the film, seeing how Asians who have nothing are forced and tricked into slavery to attain their freedom. Later, Nick Nolte makes appearance as his long-lost father. I just wish the ending was a happier one.

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead (2007)
Two brothers (Ethan Hawke & Philip Seymour Hoffman) hatch a scheme which involves a heist targeting a mom-and-pop jewelry store, but not just any ordinary shop, the one that belongs to their parents. Both naively believe the money will solve their mounting personal problems, but when the scheme goes horribly awry, they must not only try to evade suspicion and cover up their botched crime, but also confront their personal guilt. Marisa Tomei is Hoffma's restless, two-timing wife, and Albert Finney is the gruff family patriarch. Not thrilled with flashbacks, and this has more than a few, plus the ending leaves too much unfinished.

Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia (2009)
Navy SEALS get sent in for a recon mission to gather some info in Colombia when something goes very wrong. They get stuck behind enemy lines, two of their guys get killed, one gets captured and the government blames them for what went wrong. They mount an attack on the Colombian special forces to clear their names and rescue their buddy. A direct-to-DVD title co-produced by World Wrestling Entertainment, so theres a wrestler or two in the cast.

Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)
Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) sees on TV that his friend Captain Bogomil (Ronny Cox) has been shot and is in critical condition, so he goes to Beverly Hills and rejoins with friends and cops Judge Reinhold and John Ashton to find the woman who shot Bogomil. The whole thing revolves on a huge gun-smuggling ring run by Jurgen Prochnow and his fiancée Brigitte Nielsen. There are a few good Murphy putdowns and one-liners, and plenty of guns a blazin'.

Beyond The Sea (2004)
Bobby Darin known by most as the artist who sang "Splish Splash" and "Mack The Knife," a few steps down from Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett. Kevin Spacey plays him as a ruthlessly committed showman, a creature of the nightclubs who used his rise in popular fame as a springboard for a more respectable career. He is accompanied by William Ullrich, a younger version of Darin, after all, as Ullrich and Spacey come to understand in the film's final scene, this is not the movie of Darin's life but of Darin's legend.

Big Easy (1987)
Dennis Quaid plays NOPD homicide lieutenant Remy McSwain, he is Louisiana born and bred; his father was a cop and his father´s father before him. He´s investigating a murder, an apparent mob hit. Enter Ellen. Barkin as a assistant district attorney checking into alleged police corruption. From there the movie proceeds in two directions, there is the mystery to be solved, and Quaid and Barkin team up to try to solve itt. And then theres is the romance between Quaid and Barkin. The real stars of "The Big Easy" are the city of New Orleans and its Cajun music.

Big Fish (2003)
Billy Crudup plays a man who has never felt very close to his father, but is drawn back to him when he gets a call that his dad, (Albert Finney) who is nearing the end of his life. Upon his return home, his father begins telling the tall tales. Like he owned his own business, befriended a giant, found a hidden town, joined the circus, and wooed the woman of his dreams (Jessica Lange). Ewan McGregor is easily the biggest star of the show as he has the opportunity to act out all of the stories that Finney tells.

Birth (2004)
Nicole Kidman stars, as a young woman who has just lost her husband Sean to a heart attack. Ten years later during a birthday party for her mom (Lauren Bacall), a ten year old boy walks in claiming to be Sean (Cameron Bright). As the young boy who may or may not be Kidman's reincarnated husband he has a very adult seriousness and intensity. But the two of them nude in the bathtub ... mmmmmm. After watching this movie you may find yourself wondering if you're dense or if the filmmakers are, I mean the story doesn't even make sense to the people who wrote it.

Black Cadillac (2003)
Three Midwestern teens attempting to outwit the unseen driver of the movie titled automobile as they try to find their way home. As the mysterious Caddy that trails the teens grows increasingly aggressive toward them, the movie actually gets kind of spooky. Best described as a 'thriller' and not an horror flick, the fact is it's a fast-paced and generally very entertaining little B-movie, and it manages to provide a moment or two of fun and fright along the way.

Black Dahlia (2006)
A couple of L.A. cops who also happen to be boxers and get paired up for a publicity-machine fight that touts them as "Mr. Fire and Mr. Ice." Ice is "Bucky" Bleichart (Josh Hartnett), Fire is Lee Blanchard (Aaron Eckhart). Hilary Swank playing a rich bisexual femme fatale who ensares Bleichart. The murder of Elizabeth Short in 1947- a true-life case that was never solved, comes in after the film is already well underway. though the movie is based on the fictional novel by James Ellroy but he impsired it with images and emotions surrounding his own mother's unsolved murder. The dismembered body of aspiring actress Short (Mia Kirshner) is discovered in an open field, Bucky and Lee are working another case, however, Lee becomes obsessed with the Short killing and aggressively pursues a seven-day transfer for himself and Bucky to the taskforce. There is a over abundance of events going on this movie, and it was difficult to figure out what was going on for the most part of the movie. There is torture, murder, lesbians, gangsters, boxing, and porn, giving this movie a very uneven feel.

Black Dawn (2005)
Steven Seagal returns as Jonathan Cold, an ex-CIA agent who's now working for himself and offering his services to the highest bidder. The storyline revolves around Chechen terrorists planning to bomb Los Angeles for revenge, evil CIA operatives, and one bonafide nuclear bomb, with plenty of gunfire, a few car/truck chases and bunch of explosions, but almost none of the martial arts that Seagal was known for.

Black Hawk Down (2001)
Based on a true story , in 1993, famine ravages the population of Somalia, local warlords hold power over the starving people as they hijack food shipments from the UN . A special unit of U.S. soldiers are sent in to capture the most powerful local warlord and help restore order. The chain of events that leads a simple military operation down the roughly-cobbled path to disaster is what is fascinating and horrifying to watch in this film. It makes you shake your head at the stupidity of war.

Black Dog (1998)
Patrick Swayze plays an ex-trucker on parole who lost his trucking license several years ago for vehicular manslaughter and is forced to drive a load of illegal guns by his boss. His trucking run is far from easy, he's dogged at every turn by a pair of federal agents (Charles S. Dutton and Stephen Tobolowsky), and a group of inept hijackers who are trying to seize his cargo. Add Randy Travis as his traveling companion and Meat Loaf as the baddie trying to hijack the load. Which leads to lots of cars and trucks crashing and exploding or catching on fire, and plenty of people shooting at each other.

Black Snake Moan (2006)
Christina Ricci is a nymphomaniac in a small Tennessee town, her boyfriend Justin Timberlake is leaving for military duty, leaving little reason for her to suppress her itch. Tearing off on a wild night of sex, drugs, and booze, she ends up violently attacked and left on the side of a dirt road to die. Coming to her aid is Samuel L. Jackson, a former bluesman who had his wife leave him for his younger brother , and he is battling his own demons. Sensing she needs some kind of salvation; Jackson chains the young woman to his radiator and won't let her leave until her problems are dealt with, she spends a great deal of the movie clad only in a half-tee and panties and the chain.

Blade (2004)
Hong Kong's latest action star Chiu Man-Cheu. As a young man he learns about his father's death at the hands of a mysterious tattooed killer (Hung Yan Yan). He takes his father's broken blade and sets out to seek vengeance. The daughter, Ling, follows but is caught in a bloody ambush. When he tries to rescue her, his arm is hacked off in the battle and he is believed dead by all except Ling and his friend who set out in search of him. But he is saved by a hermit girl who nurses him back to health where he finds an old kung fu manual and practices with the broken blade to perfect the art of one-armed sword fighting. Dubbed in English .

Blade: Trinity (2004)
The third movie based on the Marvel comics character, is a action/vampire movie, staring Wesley Snipes as Blade, a hybrid vampire who's made it his life's work to hunt down vampires.The vampires set Blade up for murder when he accidentally kills a human instead. This gets the FBI on his case while the vampires busily seek to revive an ancient vampire – the very first vampire known none other than as Dracula but you can call him Drake for short. Has decent gore, gun play out the ying yang and a car chase too.

Blind Side (2009)
The story revolves around a privileged white family, Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw who take in a homeless black teenager Michael (Quinton Aaron) and help him succeed both in school and on the football field. Kathy Bates tutors Michael so they can get him into a college on a football scholarship. Jae Head puts smiles on faces and brings heart to the story, he is terrific as the half-pint who becomes a soul mate to a gentle giant. One learns about discrimination while offering a remarkable view of what a true helping hand can do . Like making the difference between a homeless bum and a sports icon.

Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi (2003)
Set in post-feudal Japan, Zatoichi is the story of a wandering blind masseur who is also a master swordsman. When he catches the gangsters who run the gambling hall trying to cheat him, his wrath results in an utterly definitive massacre. The fight scenes are of a raw violence ... amputated parts and blood squirting everywhere, in the purest Japanese tradition. Following the plot's climactic pair of revelations is another surprise: a shameless, all-singing, all-dancing tap revue ... think Lords of the Dance Japanese style, it features the whole village shuckin' and jivin' and dancing.

Blood Diamond (2006)
Set in Sierra Leone Africa, in 1999, the movie depicts the civil war between government forces and rebel bands, the latter of which have been regularly selling off "blood diamonds" (aka, conflict diamonds) in order to fund their continued war efforts. Djimon Hounsou is a fisherman who was captured after helping his wife and three children flee. he is sent to a labor camp, while digging, he comes across a very large diamond and decides to keep it for himself. Later he is thrown into prison, where word of the priceless rock comes to Leonardo DiCaprio, a diamond smuggler who has been jailed after losing a valuable shipment destined for the corrupt Colonel Coetzee (Arnold Vosloo). They get out of jail and from there, Djimon and Leonardo begin their perilous trek towards the diamond's hiding place while facing trouble from the rebel troops, the colonel and his men and their own wildly different motives for finding the rock. Oh and add in investigative journalist Jennifer Connelly.

Body Of Lies (2008)
Leonardo DiCaprio, a CIA operative is in the Middle East searching for Al Qaeda leader Al-Saleem (Alon Aboutboul), he makes a pact with Jordan's Security Chief Hani (Mark Strong) to work together and share information. Rusell Crowe (who literally phone his role in.. has a phone glued to his head ) Lenardo's boss back in Langley, thinks Hani cannot be trusted and trys to keep one step ahead of him. For all the violence inspired by real-life turmoil, this spy thriller draws hardly any blood.

Bodyguard (2004)
The Bodyguard reunites many of the Ong Bak family, including actress Pumwaree Yodkamol as Pok, Tony Jaa in a cameo appearance and Petchtai Wongkamlau as both director and lead actor. This Thai action comedy is something of a mixed bag, the action travels well enough, with gunfights, acrobatics, explosions and kick boxing a plenty, but much of the comedy is distinctly lost in the translation. The plot takes the audience from the high-rise boardrooms of the business and criminal elite to the towns and slums of the common people.

Bolt (2008)
Bolt (voiced by John Travolta) is a canine with such super powers like laser eyes, incredible speed and strength and a bark that has a earthquake effect, and is loyal to Penny (Miley Cyrus). He is the star of a popular TV series about a genetically engineered super-dog, eventually the show's storyline calls for Penny to be kidnapped. When Bolt enters the real world and, thinking he is really a super hero, he sets off on the mission to save Penny and her dad from the wicked Dr. C, along the way, he meets Mittens (Susie Essman), a scrawny stray cat and Rhino (Mark Walton), a zany hamster who feverishly believes Bolt is a dog with amazing abilities.

Bone Collector (1999)
Denzel Washington a expert in the field of crime scene forensics suddenly becomes a quadriplegic after a horrible on-the-job accident. Four years later, a serial killer is on the loose, and our top cop suddenly develops a high interest in the mysterious case. He recruits the help of a young forensics hopeful Angelina Jolie. Together, they attempt to piece together all of the clues in the puzzle, which once resolved, will nab them a killer. Queen Latifah is his nurse, and Ed O'Neill is a fellow cop helping him.

Boogeyman (2005)
Barry Watson grew up with a terrifying secret, his dad was taken by the Boogeyman, right in front of him and into his closet, when he was a child. Since then he has a fear of the dark and of closets. The film relies on startle techniques to try to make you jump instead of actually scaring you. There is not a rewarding payoff, nothing is resolved, maybe there is possibility of a sequel, who knows, but remember don't open your closet .. or this movie !

Book Of Eli (2010)
The movie transpires 30 years after a cataclysmic event depopulates most of the planet, but the movie is unclear about the specifics. Eli (Denzel Washington), is walking west on a mission, laid out for him by voices in his head, to transport what may be the last Bible on Earth. Anyone he sees along the way are either cannibals, rapists, murderers or their victims. When he reaches a settled town, he's treated with suspicion, but the town's leader, Gary Oldman has been searching for a book and in wooing the man to join his team discover what he has it in his possession . When he leaves the town with help by Mila Kunis , he continues his long trek West. The badies are after him, but he has super hero like skills with a scimitar and is equally proficient with guns.

Born To Raise Hell (2010)
Steven Seagal is combating the drug lords who fund international terrorism. With a shotgun and guns shooting more bullets that normally can be in a gun, plus a little Kung Fooey, Seagal stomps and romps through Romania. It's still fun to watch the big guy do his thing, but you never really worry about him. The cardboard bad guys are never much of a threat .

Bourne Identity (2002)
Freely adapted from Robert Ludlum's 1980 bestseller. It is a decent action/spy flick, and once again/before a Mini Cooper goes racing through the city and even down the steps.. now where have I seen this lately !! Plus Matt Dillon can cling to walls like a spider and perform Couching Tiger like martial arts to defeat ten armed U.S. Marines ....mmmmmmmmm ...

Bourne Supremacy (2004)
Boy oh boy, all the chase scenes again, in cars, on foot, in subways, trains and trams, our hero Jason Bourne [Matt Damon] skedaddled faster than a flashlit roach. call me spoiled and over-demanding, but a comprehensible plot would've been sort of nifty too. I mean he's using his own passport, and never changes clothes or puts on a disguise, better send him back to spy school.

Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
The third addition to the Bourne Trilogy, is not as good as the first, but better than the second. Enter amnesiac CIA-trained assassin (Matt Damon) who has identity issues. There are long stretches where little to no dialogue is provided beyond shouted directions to the drones monitoring surveillance footage for the CIA as they track Bourne around the globe from Moscow, Paris, London, Madrid, Tangier and New York. Bourne is always on the move, sometimes acting as the hunter and sometimes being the quarry. He still hasn't learned to put on disguises or change names ... some-one send him back to spy school. There's really very little hard story filling out the film's various chases.

Boy In The Striped Pajamas (2008)
Moving the family including his wife (Vera Farmiga) and daughter (Amber Beattie) from Berlin to the countryside near Auschwitz, because there's work for the war effort that needs to be done there, David Thewlis the father is in charge of it. Young Asa Butterfield is bored so he goes 'exploring', on one of his outings he comes across the barbed wire fence at the edge of the 'farm'. On the other side is a little boy of the same age (Jack Scanlon) who sits in his striped pajamas. Asa begins visiting him on a regular basis, what he does not know at first, is that the farmers are really Jewish men and women trapped in a concentration camp that his own father is running.

Brave One (2007)
Jodie Fosters hosts a New York radio show filled with sounds of the city, blanketed by her literary musings. When she is attacked and her fiancé (Naveen Andrews), is brutally killed in Central Park, she picks up a gun and takes matters into her own hands vigilante style like Charles Bronson in Death Wish. Terrence Howard plays the NYPD detective who is following the vigilante killings. There is tension and uncertainty, and an unconventional cat-and-mouse game plays out between them, you know a confrontation with Howard is inevitable. The ending may not be what you expect or hoped for. because it raises even more issues instead of providing simple answers.

Breakdown (1997)
Kurt Russell and Kathleen Quinlan find themselves stranded in the wide-open desert. From there, things go wrong very quickly, she takes a ride from a helpful truck driver (J.T. Walsh), and Kurt stays by the car. Later on, he can't find her at the place she's supposed to be, and he has to find out who took her and where she's vanished to. There are enough twists and turns in this movie to make one's head spin. The collection of bad guys is more than enough. The action is ok with a tinge of comedy and suspense.

Breakfast At Tiffany's (1961)
The movie starts with Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) decked out in an evening gown, tiara, pearls and her signature sunglasses at dawn, eating her breakfast and day dreaming into the windows at Tiffany & Co. This is a light-hearted romantic comedy set in New York City during the early '60s. Holly meets her new upstairs neighbor, Paul (George Peppard), as the movie progresses we find out more about Holly's past and present while watching her and Paul's relationship develop. Henry Mancini's music perfectly captures the haunting nature of the film's message; Holly's desire to belong to someone while being unable emotionally to reach for it.

Brokeback Mountain (2005)
Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger meet in the summer of 1963 when both are hired by Randy Quaid to be sheepherders on Wyoming's Brokeback Mountain. Their job: keep the sheep moving and make sure as many as possible make it home. Gradually, a friendship forms between the two men, although neither is a master of words. And, one chilly night, the relationship turns physical. There is great emotional resonance in the push-and-pull between the characters and their world. Both settle down into patterns of social expectation; they get married and have children, the two start going on the occasional "fishing trip" together, giving them a renewed taste of the summer in which they met . It's beautifully shot, with the mountains and lakes and streams as backdrops.

Brooklyn's Finest (2009)
Three cops in the same tough Brooklyn precinct wind up at the same deadly location after their personal problems bring them there. Richard Gere is a burned-out veteran cop on the edge, Don Cheadle is a undercover detective and the third is Ethan Hawke who is assigned to an anti-drug squad. Add into this mix, Wesley Snipes who is a street-smart drug dealer and Vincent D'Onofrio, in a cameo, who kicks off the picture. The ending as is everything leading up to it , a film featuring cops on the edge, that leaves no cliche unturned.

B 13 (Banlieue 13) (2004)
In 2010 a wall is built around a Paris suburb that contains a rather nasty criminal element. Kingpin Taha rules all that's inside, but makes the mistake of kidnapping the sister of imprisoned local hero Leito. With nothing to lose, Leito teams up with an undercover cop to take Taha down. This high-octane actioner with plenty of kung fooey, guns a blazing, and cars a screeching.. .. and a form of equally extreme urban acrobatics created in France that's known as parkour. French language with EngRish subtitles (mizzspeltt alot !)

Bucket List (2007)
Morgan Freeman in his 157th film ,as Carter Chambers a career mechanic who receives the word: Cancer. Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) is one hospital bed over, and actually owns the hospital, but he too has the Big C and they only have a year (at most) to live... The two form an uneasy bond and one day Edward sees Carter scribbling down something called a bucket list; things he's always wanted to do before he kicks the bucket. Edward uses his wealth to help Carter see the world and go to places and do things he only dreamed about doing .The film gets into its globe-trotting adventures like the Himalayas, Taj Mahal, Pyramids and also racing cars, sky diving , its sort of a on the road buddy picture. The idea is to get the most out of life while they still can.

Bugsy (1991)
More than just another gangster film, this move is a compelling portrait of an ill-fated romance between two selfish, volatile people who stop at nothing to get what they want. Warren Beatty gives a excellent performance as Benjamin Siegel, and you better not call him "Bugsy". He meets his match in Virginia Hill (Annette Bening), a seductive woman who stands up to him like no one ever has. The bulk of "Bugsy" focuses on their passionate love affair, with the final third being built around Siegel's dream of building a casino oasis in Las Vegas.

Burn After Reading (2008)
This is a convoluted plot ... which revolves around the efforts of several characters including George Clooney, to track down the missing memoirs of newly-terminated CIA agent John Malkovich, when the notes on his memoir are accidentally left behind in a gym. They fall into the hands of the employees Brad Pitt and Frances McDormand whose attempt to return them is mistaken for an attempt at blackmail, thus begins a moronic chain reaction of mistaken identities and twisted motives that eventually result in lies, blackmail, treason and murder..

Butterfly Effect (2004)
Ashton Kutcher travels in time, sort of, what with the flash backs, forwards and sideways and keeps resetting his life and the lives of his friends. Despite all his best efforts and intentions, things keep going awry, just by reading the journal he has kept to recollect certain events. The movie is fairly effective at disorienting the audience, with its excessive time jumps, which repeats too many times.

Cadillac Records (2008)
A musical bio-pic of famed Leonard Chess (Adrien Brody) and his Chicago blues-based label Chess Records. Muddy Waters (Jeffrey Wright); moved to Chicago where he was discovered by Chess. He played at Lenoards nightclub which mysteriously caught fire, Chess, used the insurance money to take the best of the players from his club and put them in his new recording studio. Playing the troubled Etta James is Beyoncé Knowles, and Mos Def is one quirky Chuck Berry. The movie's title comes from Chess's habit of buying his talent Cadillacs when they hit it big, as opposed to royalty checks.

Capote (2006)
Philip Seymour Hoffman captured the voice, the mannerisms, and, the subtle inner complexities of the Truman Capote convincingly. The movie focuses on the years that would produce both his literary achievement and the essential downfall of his career – the investigation of the brutal murders of a Kansas farm family that would inspire the landmark true-crime book In Cold Blood. There are good things in it beyond the lead performance but not enough to make the film the unforgettable experience that it should have been. This film provides a insight into the dual personality of the author and what happened behind the scenes.

Carlito's Way: Rise To Power (2005)
This prequel to the Carlito's Way stars Jay Hernandez as the young Carlito Brigante, who from an early age is drawn into the power and excitement of the New York underworld. Assisted by his two "brothers" in crime, Michael Kelly and Mario Van Peebles, Carlito is on the track to becoming Spanish Harlem's ultimate kingpin. But when he is challenged, Carlito has just one thing on his mind ... survival. Also stars Sean (P Diddy) Combs .

Cars (2006)
Hot-rod race car Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) is an all-star rookie poised to win the coveted Piston Cup. A tie-breaking race is set for a week later in California, but through a series of mishaps, Lightning finds himself stranded in the defunct town of Radiator Springs, surrounded by stretches of empty desert and a piece of Route 66. he accidentally grinds up the town's main street, so as punishment, Judge Doc Hudson (Paul Newman) requires him to re-pave the road. The story is a universal story-telling device, and one that can be counted on to evoke pathos, no matter what the main character is (car or human). Cast (voices): Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Bonnie Hunt, Larry the Cable Guy, Cheech Marin, Tony Shalhoub, George Carlin, John Ratzenberger, Michael Keaton, Richard Petty

Casino Job (2009)
Five sexy strippers scheme to rob a Las Vegas casino and to take revenge on the casino owner, the robbery itself is original and clever. There are a number of twists and turns toward the end . Starring Jay Anthony Franke, Irina Voronina, Amylia Joiner, Dean Mauro and Ilsa Mariel. There is a large amount of nudity thoughout the movie.

Casino Royale (2006)
James (Daniel Craig) has just earned his double-0 status at MI6, but he hasn't yet earned the respect of his boss, 'M' (Judi Dench). He has promise, but he's still a little rough around the edges. His first mission is to track down a bomb-maker and trace him back to the terrorist organization who's paying the bills. Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen is in the villain's chair as the terrorists' financier. The film opens with two riveting action scenes, I had high hopes for it, but it gets bogged down in what is supposed to be the suspenseful espionage portion of the film. But, we get to watch people play Texas Hold'Em poker, and add the love interest Eva Green, she is an accountant assigned to authorize his backing at the high-stakes game. Yep its Bond, James Blonde !

Casshern (2004)
Powerful androids being developed by scientist Azuma are brought to life by a freak bolt of lightning and instantly get in touch with their hatred for the human race. When they begin to terrorize mankind with an army of killer robots, Tetsuya, Azuma's son, is reborn as the bionic hero Casshern trying to save the world. It's also yet another movie of late to adopt the retro sci-fi look, like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. As with Sky, most scenes have been digitally manipulated either partially or in their entirety.

Cast Away (2000)
Tom Hanks plays a Fed Ex guy whose plane crashes in the ocean and is marooned on a deserted island, and his only 'friend' is Wilson. The majority of the story is spent on the island basically watching a man try to survive and deal with the reality of his isolation, mental and physical struggles, and what could have and should have been boring was interesting. The ending may not be the uplifting ending everyone's expecting, but it is more realistic. One question though how much cash did FedEx pay to be in this film!

Cat Ballou (1965)
The story concerns the schoolteacher-turned-outlaw named Catherine "Cat" Ballou (Jane Fonda) who attempts to avenge her father's murder at the hands of the Wolf City Development Corp and its hired gun, the silver-nosed Tim Strawn (Lee Marvin) he plays a dual role and this he does with some great humorous expressions and slapstick good enough to earn him the 'Best Actor' Oscar for 1965. The image of a drunken cowboy on top of a drunken horse with crossed legs, leaning against a brick wall is one of the better moments .

Catwoman (2004)
This Catwoman has nothing to do with the one published by DC Comics. The film begins as Halle Berry a put-upon designer at an cosmetics firm, one night discovers that the company's products are toxic, so her bosses kill her. Luckily, she is revived by some cats, who give her special powers. The film's villain, an evil cosmetics company, is actually a loose stand in for the typical action movie's drug running operation. Their product, a debilitating beauty cream, is described as addictive. Its users must get their fix, or else, basically, their faces melt. Sharon Stone is the bosses wife and baddie too ! The biggest disappointment is that Catwoman isn't even so bad that it's good. The best is how Halle with a whip, manages to fill out the leather costume quite nicely !

Caveman's Valentine (2001)
Samuel L. Jackson stars, as Romulus Ledbetter, a homeless recluse in beard and dreadlocks who lives in a cave and is a former Juilliard student whose bouts of psychosis have driven him from music. He wakes up one morning and finds a dead young drifter frozen in a tree outside his cave, whom Romulus comes to think was murdered. Arriving ultimately at the conclusion that the murder has something to do with a famous photographer named David Lepperaub (Colin Frear). Is he delving into his own delusions, or is there a vast conspiracy at work here? The murder/mystery aspect of the psycho Sherlock Holmes story is fairly interesting.

Celine Dion: Live in Las Vegas - A New Day (2007)
It was quite a gamble when Celine Dion signed a three-year contract to perform in Las Vegas five nights a week. Commemorating the end of her blockbuster run, this is one of her concerts of her five-year run at the Coliseum at Caesars Palace, as conceived by Franco Dragone (better known as the 'visionary' behind the Cirque du Soleil phenomenon). She is surrounded by such a spectacle of costume, dance, and electronic visuals that it seems to overpower her vocals at times. One of the better moments is when she duets with Frank Sinatra on the big screen TV in the song 'All The Way', also when she sings 'Love Can Move Mountains' & 'River Deep, Mountain High' in full Tina Turner Tribute mode.

Cellular (2004)
Cellular is a surprisingly tight film. the running time is only 95 minutes and yet it flies by leaving you with a very good impression of it afterwards. Kim Bassinger does a decent job of being a victim that appears helpless and Chris Evans' transition from beach bum to savior is gradual and feels natural. William H. Macy plays a likable, but burned out, police officer who gets drawn into the plot. If you like a good thriller you will find one here. It has action, but is not overloaded with it, comedy, some of it a bit silly but nothing too unreasonable.

Chain Reaction (2000)
Keanu Reeve is a machinist who works for a lab at the University of Chicago which is managed by Morgan Freeman, that's studying a low-cost means of separating the hydrogen out of water for energy. Of course, research like this does not go unnoticed by larger powers. The night after the discovery, Keanu returns to the lab to find the beloved head researcher murdered and the reactor set to overload. When the reactor blows, 8 square blocks of Chicago's South Side are wiped off the map. Rachel Weisz is a researcher is on the project who also joins him.. . And then the chase begins by the good & baddies. The bad guys are this shadowy alliance of U.S. intelligence and big business.

Changing Lanes (2002)
Ben Affleck is a lawyer who is heading to the courthouse to deliver a batch of papers that will settle an argument between his firm and a charity over control of finances. At the same time, Samuel L. Jackson is heading to court to a divorce hearing, trying to prove to his ex-wife that he has been approved for a loan that will be used for a house for his family. If he doesn't succeed, his wife and children will move to Oregon. Affleck realizes that he left his address with Jackson on the folder containing the documents. Bitter about losing his kids, Samuel L refuses to hand the folder over. Both men have hot tempers and a lot to lose, so they begin attacking each other in ways that eventually make them cross moral lines they didn't realize they went over.

Changeling (2008)
Based on real events in Los Angeles in the 1920s that screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski (best known for Babylon 5) stumbled across in city archives. Angelina Jolie, is a single mother who denies that a boy returned to her by the LAPD is Walter, her son who had been kidnapped five months prior. The LAPD begs to differ: it is her kid, they insist, and she's clearly a crazy lady who's crazy in the head for not knowing her own son. Chief Jeffrey Donovan and police reports in the newspaper that she is neurotic and an unfit mother, He even goes so far as to throw her in a mental institution, where more police corruption is revealed to her by an inmate (Amy Ryan). Changeling is a story-driven film that keeps shifting itself, moving from one target to another, and from one genre to another, in its crusade for justice.

Chaos (2006)
Wesley Snipes and his gang commit a bank heist , but are interrupted by the police, and the gang holds dozens of hostages demands to negotiate with Detective Jason Statham who was on suspension after a botched hostage situation in which the female hostage was killed. He is partnered with rookie Detective Ryan Phillippe . As they track the gang, they find some cash, but it isn't from the bank robbery, they realize the robbery was a smokescreen for an even bigger heist. This action-thriller has plenty of mayhem and confusion with bullets flying fast and free, stuff blowing up, and car/motorcycle chases.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
This movie is an adaptation of one of Dahl's best loved stories, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory feels like a Tim Burton flick. Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp), the famous candy-maker recluse, has hidden golden tickets inside the wrappers of five of the millions of Wonka candy bars sold around the world. Those lucky enough to find them will be treated to a tour of the Wonka candy facility which is like a warped version of Disneyworld crossed with Oz. Visually it really is sweet (pun intended!)

Chicken Little (2005)
The ideal audience for Chicken Little should be in bed by seven, and its Disney's umpteenth cry of a "sure-fire comeback project". Its the first post-Pixar foray into computer animation. The problem with this movie is that the story isn't strong enough to engage the adults in the audience and the rest of the inside jokes are going to be totally missed by the target group – under age 9. Its the story of a pint-sized chicken that tries to convince the town that the sky is falling (this is maybe the first 10 minutes of the movie), then the story moves onto father and son relationships and a alien invasion. Disney eradicated their hand-drawn animation department for this?

Children of Heaven (1999)
This Iranian film about a 9 year old Ali (Amir Farrokh Hashemian)who has a problem, entrusted to get his 7 year old sister's (Bahare Sediqi) only pair of shoes repaired, he inadvertently misplaces the footwear, (thats a pair of lost soles) , what follows is their attempts to conceal the fact that they share a pair of sneakers. The simplicity of the story is what makes it so compelling, and the two young actors make it work. But the ending is only for bucking convention, not for being all that interesting or compelling in itself.

Children Of Men (2006)
In the year 2027, the world hasn't seen a baby in 18 years and the lack of children has had a serious impact on the world. The borders of England have been closed off with immigrants being rounded up into refugee camps, and government employee Clive Owen finds himself involved with a group of rebels led by his ex-wife Julianne Moore. She has a proposition for him–she needs him to use his contacts to help her transport Claire-Hope Ashitey, he doesn't understand what is so special about her until she lets him in on her little secret–she is mysteriously and miraculously pregnant. While trying to protect Claire-Hope and her precious cargo getting them to the meeting point and rediscovering his humanity in the process. Michael Caine is outstanding as the pot smoking hippie that hides refugees from the evil axis of law. The film looks at the dangers of a Big Brother society and shows how government control can be far more evil and destructive than a terrorist organization.

Chinese Cat (1944)
Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler) has been hired by Joan Woodbury whose father was murdered in his own home, her mother has become the prime suspect thanks to an "expert criminologist" who has written a book implicating her for the murder. The finale takes place in a fun house where Charlie and number 3 son Tommy (Benson Fong) are captured by the gang, but with the help of their comical taxi driver, Birmingham (Mantan Moreland) they get the drop on the jewel gang. Some of the best lines are when Charlie quotes something to his number three son .. funny !

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)
Four children have been sent to the English country side to wait out The Blitz during World War II. While staying with an elderly Professor (Jim Broadbent) they discover the entrance to a magical kingdom inside of an old wardrobe cabinet, its the portal to a land of vast magic, great woods, and talking animals, all made famous in C.S. Lewis' children's book series, The Chronicles of Narnia. Narnia is a land on the brink of war with Aslan the lion (Liam Neeson) and the forces of good on one side, and Jadis, who has plunged Narnia into perpetual winter, on the other. The children fit into their roles nicely, pulling off the neat trick of capturing the family dynamics of brothers and sisters. Georgie Henley as Lucy the youngest of the four is the star of this movie.

Cinderella Man (2005)
Jim Braddock (Russell Crowe) was a promising heavyweight boxing contender in 1929 who fell victim to the Great Depression, taking his family from luxury to poverty in a few short years, and getting himself kicked out of the sport. The story jumps to the 30s, with Braddock and wife Renee Zellweger now fighting financially to keep their children fed and housed. He works the docks by day and boxes at night. Eventually Crowe fights heavyweight champ Max Baer. The story gets interesting during the 15-round brawl with the vicious Baer (Craig Bierko) that's keeping you glued to the ring. Just keep in mind that poverty is the real antagonist of the film.

City Of Angels (1998)
Nicolas Cage is an angel in modern day Los Angeles, whose duty it is to safely guide dying people from their earthly lives to the other side, who, in the midst of his angelic duties, falls in love with Meg Ryan who is a heart surgeon, struggling with the concept of mortality. Even if she does everything right ... she sometimes still loses her patients. A highlight of the film is the sympathetic performance by Dennis Franz as Messinger, a living and breathing example of what an angel can achieve if he really wants it. There is no Hollywood ending, but it is exactly where the film should have gone .

City Of Ember (2008)
Ember is a community buried beneath the Earth that would plunge into total darkness except for an electric generator that powers all the lights, but the massive generator that keeps the town functioning is failing, and the Mayor (Bill Murray) is at a loss for answers. Two youngsters , Harry Treadway and Saoirse Ronan don't want to give up. He wants his father (Tim Robbins) and an elderly co-worker (Martin Landau) to help him get to the damaged energy source. Ronan discovers a strange box which may hold the key to saving the day. Both are determined to find the exit which the Builders had planned for all along.

City of God (Cidade de Deus) (2003)
The title is a local name for a specific slum region of Rio de Janeiro Behind the gore and violence lies an insightful and honest story that demonstrates the formation of a drug-induced community of crime and how it develops until the point of self-destruction, but makes a mistake in making human misery exhilarating. Portuguese with English subtitles

Clementine (2004)
Lee Dong Jun gets cheated out of his Tae Kwon Do championship title to Steven Seagal seven years ago, is forced to fight again after his daughter is kidnapped. Seagal is hyped all over the dvd case, and it is lucky if he is in the movie for 3 minutes .. plus the action sequences are almost un-watchable. Sending the editor to film school might help also, probably the director too! Though I did like the little girl as Lee's daughter ..

Closer (2004)
This is a story of two couples whose infidelities rip them apart. Jude Law and Natalie Portman meet on the streets of London and soon are living together, but Jude who has written a novel, finds himself obsessed with Julia Roberts, a photographer who takes the picture for his book jacket. He inadvertently introduces Clive Owen to Julia when a practical joke in which he pretends to be her in an Internet sex chat room, after discovering that she is not the woman he thought she was, they actually hit it off. The concept of selfishness and deceit having a place in a "loving" relationship may be too much for some people to feel comfortable with.

Cloverfield (2008)
Mike Vogel, Jessica Lucas and their friends are throwing a bon voyage party for brother, Michael Stahl-David (Rob), who is leaving for a work in Japan. T.J. Miller is asked to video all the testimonials from Rob's friends – sort of a going away gift to remind him of home. The celebration turns to terror, though, when Manhattan is ripped apart by a unknown monster. As the military cordon the area off, evacuate people and try to fight back against the monster,Rob and his 3 friends take it upon themselves to venture out into the fray in order to rescue Rob's former flame Odette Yustman and still make it out of Manhattan alive. Your gonna need a lot of Dramamine cause its a the whole movie is a shaky-cam picture and it may cause motion sickness and dizziness.

Coach Carter (2005)
This is the story of controversial high school basketball coach Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson), who received both high praise and staunch criticism when he made national news for benching his entire undefeated team for poor academic performance. The movie is more interesting when Carter is developing his players, teaching them how to be a team, and the endless practices where you see the personalities of the guys come through. It has all the clichés of the American sports movie and the classroom drama, but they happened in real life.

Collateral (2004)
Tom Cruise plays a contract killer who has arrived in Los Angeles to wipe out five people involved in a trial that poses problems for his employer In order to make his way around the city, he hires Jamie Foxx to be his personal chauffeur for the night. The movie concludes with a flurry of action scenes (including shootouts and chases), it is not predominantly an action movie. The majority of the film is a kind of cat-and-mouse game between Cruise and Foxx.

Columbus Day (2009)
Val Kilmer hides out in a city park he has just one morning to fix what has gone awry in the biggest heist of his life. There, he begins an friendship with Bobb'e J. Thompson , prompting him to reach out via phone to his ex-wife (Marg Helgenberger) and estranged daughter , who he hopes will reunite with him now that he is about to be rich. The trouble for him is that the bad guys he is doing business with are not just going to let him take the money and run.

Constant Gardener (2005)
The film starts in Africa, where we learn that Rachel Weisz has been murdered along with her friend and co-worker, Hubert Kounde. The movie launches into flashbacks to show her rapid romance with husband Ralph Fiennes, a British diplomat. He starts to suspect that her killing wasn't just an example of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and finds that she had been investigating improprieties by big pharmaceutical companies. that is using Africa as a laboratory and dumping ground for spoiled drugs. The film is used as a treatise on the horrific state of affairs in Africa.

Constantine (2005)
John Constantine (Keanu Reeves) is a exorcist who is blessed (or cursed) with the ability to see demons. In his work, J.C. tracks down demons and sends them back from whence they came. The rules between Heaven and Hell seem to be blurring as there is a growing demon presence on Earth which does not bode well for the future of humanity. We get a couple of gruesome surprises, which were diminished in shock by the CGI. Watch through the credits for a whole scene. The film is based on comic book "Hellblazer".

Contract (2006)
John Cusack and his son Jamie Anderson are out camping, and come across a dying cop and a big time contract killer Morgan Freeman. Morgan's squad of hired killers are on their trail, trying to free him, which leads to shoot outs, climbing down sheer rock faces, navigating treacherous bridges and a stand off in a log cabin. If it wasn't for the two stars, this movie would be a made for TV or direct to video especially since it was filmed in Sofia Bulgaria !

Crank (2006)
Jason Statham a hitman, is injected with a Beijing cocktail, a Chinese poison that will kill him if his adrenaline levels drop beyond a certain level in his body. Think 'Speed' with a human instead of a bus! He dispatches his enemies in the most brutal manner possible or finds new ways of raising his excitement levels, his choices include snorting cocaine off of a bathroom floor, drinking a convenience store's entire supply of Red Bull and going at it doggy-style with Amy Smart in the middle of a busy Chinatown street while a busload of schoolgirls cheer him on. Camera movements shot with a UN-steady-cam gave me a bad case of vertigo, maybe the camera man mostly does rock videos.

Crash (2004)
The lives of a racially diverse group of Los Angeles residents are affected by prejudice and stereotypes as they come together and are torn apart by a chain of events leading back to a common car jacking. Those affected include a police detective (Don Cheadle), the wife of the district attorney (Sandra Bullock), and the car jackers themselves. Matt Dillon as a veteran cop who is also an unabashed racist, who is caring for his ailing father alone (Bruce Kirby) and trying to negotiate with an unfeeling HMO provider for his care. By the time all of the storylines play out, each of the characters are intertwined in surprising and illuminating ways

Crazy Heart (2009)
Jeff Bridges is Bad Blake, a broken-down country singer smoking and drinking his way through a tour of rural bars and bowling alleys. Agreeing to an interview with newspaper reporter Maggie Gyllenhaal , Blake falls for the vulnerable young lady, finding a sense of domestic peace with her and her four-year-old son. Bad begins to smooth things out with his former protégé Tommy Sweet (Colin Farrell), who's now big star on the circuit and not only arranges for Bad to open for him, but offers to pay good money for new songs. Blake finally calls his best friend, well played by Robert Duvall, he asks for help 'getting sober.'

Criminal (2004)
This remake of the Argentinian "Nine Queens" is a tale about a professional con man (John C. Reilly) who takes a fledgling grifter (Diego Luna) under his tutelage, showing him the tricks of his trade. The big scam involves a counterfeited antique bank note that shows up in time to be fobbed off on a fabulously rich collector who is just about to leave town. If you have not seen the original, you are in for a 'Training Day' for confidence tricksters.

Crimson Rivers: Angels of the Apocalypse (2004)
Jean Reno returns as grizzled inspector Pierre Niemans, but replaces his young hot shot partner of the first Vincent Cassel with an even younger hotshot Benoît Magimel. They follow a trail of ninja-like monks who religious serial killings of "apostles" and to the underlying conspiracy that has Christopher Lee as the maniacal Nazi who plans to fashion a new-Europe with a religious relic. Its a blend of X files & Da Vinci code paranoia.

Crossing Over (2009)
Harrison Ford is a immigration officer , and is leading a raid on sweatshop that will send another group of illegal aliens back to Mexico. Later he finds himself involved in a murder case involving his Iranian partner, Cliff Curtis, whose sister (Melody Khaze), is the black sheep of the family. Ashley Judd tries to find a family for an orphaned child and must also orchestrate the deportation method of a family whose 15-year old daughter is accused of having ties to terrorism. Then theres a young Jewish man (Jim Sturgess) who tries to use his unpracticed religion to secure a jgreen card , plus a Australian actress Alice Eve who has just discovered that she is going to be forced to leave the country when she literally runs into Ray Liotta, an immigration official who happens to be just the person who can provide her with the green card, if she will have sex with him. It is a jumbled mix of stories and ideas, and theres plenty of nudity and swearing in this one.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)
Played out over Peking rooftops and across the Gobi desert to the sounds of Yo-Yo Ma's cello, the film carries us back into history, yet plunges us into the present of martial arts legacy. It is largely a movie about self-awareness and self-determination, as most of its characters struggle to realize lifelong desires.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016)
In this sequel Michelle Yeoh returns 16 years older, and is helping to guard the legendary sword, the Green Destiny from thieves. Two thieves try to steal it on the same night; Harry Shum, Jr. is caught and imprisoned, Natasha Liu Bordizzo manages to convince Yeoh of her innocence and becomes her pupil. Yeoh sends for help and gets it from Donnie Yen, and five misfit warriors. There are some visually beautiful scenery, plus some of my favorite flying wire kung fu sequences, but overall Michelle Yeoh is the star of this one. Covenant (2006)
Four young men , who are the descendants of a quartet of families with supernatural powers that come to them on their 13th and 18th birthdays. But someone else has been using The Power, and not just to flip up a girl's skirt at the local bar, someone's been using it for real mischief, like murder, not to mention inducing totally creepy nightmares about spiders. From the trailer I saw , The Covenant looked like a sexy supernatural thriller. but alas it is not. CGI tricks and post-production processing, make it look better than it is.

Croupier (1998)
Clive Owen plays Jack Manfred, a frustrated, aspiring novelist whose father (Nicholas Ball) gets him an interview for a job as a croupier. Plenty of movies examine casinos from the point of view of the gamblers, so it's cool to look at those establishments from the dealer perspective. Unfortunately, the movie doesn't concentrate on this area to any significant degree. The story comes across as simplistic and undeveloped. It uses narration to help push things along, but this just leads to forced exposition. Ultimately, the narration seems cheesy and creates more of a hindrance than a help.

Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (2008)
The film is adapted loosely from the 1920s short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald . Born at the conclusion of World War I, the decrepit and frail Benjamin (Brad Pitt) is rejected by his father (Jason Flemyng) and left at the doorstep of Taraji P. Henson, who runs a retirement home in New Orleans. But rather than quickly expiring as everyone expects, he keeps getting bigger and stronger and it soon becomes apparent he's aging backwards. Later Benjamin is focused on the love of his life, Cate Blanchett, whom he met when both were children. She now lies on her impending deathbed with her middle-aged daughter (Julia Ormond) saying good bye, and tells her the story of her love for him, as his for her.

Cursed (2005)
The movie opens with a car accident and a werewolf attack, which has a girl ripped to shreds. and leaves our heroes with nasty bites, it is only a matter of time before Christina Ricci and Jesse Eisenberg can no longer control these weird impulses, cursed with lycanthropy. ..... oooh scary !!!!! This movie was made over two plus years ago but it has been re-cut, recast, restructured, re-edited and rescheduled. and now has Craig Kilborns and Scott Baio in it .. .. wow ! A werewolf film that has been completely neutered by the intent of rich, venal men to sell bloodshed to children in an "acceptable" package. mmmmmmmm

Curse Of The Golden Flower (2006)
The third martial arts film for director Zhang Yimou ("Hero,"and "House of Flying Dagger") The movie is more of a dysfunctional family drama set in China's 10th Century during the Tang Dynasty. The Emperor (Chow Yun-Fat) has returned home from war to his wife, the Empress (Gong LI), but when she learns that he's been poisoning the medicine she must take on an hourly basis, she plots to overthrow him, beginning a war that will tear their family apart on the eve of the annual Chrysanthenum Festival. The Empress is smitten with her own stepson, the Crown Prince Wan (Liu Ye), and has apparently seduced him into bed a time or two. The other two princes — the ambitious and ignored young Cheng (Qin Junjie) and the warrior Jie (Jay Chou) — are barely sketched in. Story leaves a lot to be desired, but the visuals done with collaborator Tony Ching Siu-Tung as the fight/battle sequences are jaw-dropping.

Cutie Honey (2004)
Cutie Honey is essentially a very campy, hair-brained comedy. Eriko Sato, who plays Cutie Honey like a 5 year old pretending to be a bird-brained super heroine that likes to show us a little cleavage and to kick butt. She eats lots of Sushi, touches the heart-shaped button on her neck and transforms into Cutie Honey...a spandex wearing, boob bobbling, super babe that fights evil with her martial arts skills. Once you understand this and lower your expectations accordingly, you may enjoy the film. Japanese with English subtitles

Darkness (2004)
A haunted house thriller in which a family moves into a mysterious old mansion with a sordid past. The problem is, both the living and the dead roam around in this movie with no concept of what their motivation is. The film was originally released overseas two years ago, and it's not hard to see why they didn't rush it into theaters here. Only has one thing going for it: Anna Paquin in a skimpy T-shirt.

Dark Knight (2008)
There is a new menace in Gotham city called The Joker (Heath Ledger) who targets both the gangsters and the city's officials alike, he is clearly insane and unpredictable as he wantonly maims and kills anyone who crosses his path. Overwhelmed by such a merciless foe, Batman AKA Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) seeks out new strategies and armaments to fight off Joker, while watching district attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) fighting crime legally. I thought it was all hype about Heath Ledger, but he gave a performance that is so heart stopping, and terrifyingly authentic, and to me he is the star of the movie. It is a comic-book movie that never once seems to come across as a comic-book movie.

Dark Water (2002)
This is the original Japanese movie not the American version . A young mother Hitomi Kuroki is going through a messy divorce, she finds a cheap, old apartment near her daughters kindergarten. There is something 'not right' about the apartment, but she's homeless and jobless and she needs this place to present a stable environment for the custody hearings. She's being pulled by two forces—one natural, the other supernatural—and her paranoia that her daughter will be taken away from her affects her judgment. Soon the building seems to be bursting at the seams with the terrible secret it contains. Japanese with English subtitles.

DaVinci Code (2006)
Tom Hanks is a professor of Religious Symbology at Harvard University, who, while on a book tour through Paris, is called upon by the local police to assist with the identification of some mysterious cryptograms relating to the murder of the curator of the Louvre with whom he was supposed to meet with that very day. He is joined at the museum by cryptologist Audrey Tatou, the estranged granddaughter of the curator. They embark on an odyssey to discover the mythical 'Holy Grail', but soon realize a dangerous threat is pursuing them at every step. Hanks seeks the guidance of grail expert, Ian McKellan, to hide them and assist in resolving the cryptic Da Vinci code. It's a treasure hunt movie that isn't much more than a modern version of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)
A spacecraft lands in Washington, D.C., carrying a humanoid messenger (Michael Rennie) from another world with a warning to the people of Earth to cease their violent behavior. Unfortunately the humans respond, well, in a very human way and shoots him as soon he sets his foot on the ground. In the final minutes he leaves the people of Earth with a warning: "Your choice is simple. Join us and live in peace or pursue your present course and face obliteration" This is one of the real classics of the SF genre.

Day The Earth Stood Still (2008)
In this reinvention of the 1951 science fiction classic, a huge spherical object lands in New York's Central Park, a team led by members of the military and scientific community set out to explore its purpose. Jennifer Connelly makes contact with Klaatu (Keanu Reeves), an extraterrestrial exiting the orb. She wants to know what he's doing here and why he brought that giant robot with him. Along with her son Jaden Smith , the three try to escape the military trying to catch him. Kathy Bates plays the Secretary of Defense in charge of the situation, since the Prez & Vice President are in hiding . Too bad there is not much of Gort, the 35 foot robot, probably the best part. At no point in the movie does the Earth stand still !

Dead Calm (1989)
Sam Neill and Nicole Kidman are a couple who pick up a stranded sailor (Billy Zane) on a sail boat and find out that he's not what he first appears to be, maybe Sam shouldn't have let his curiosity get the best of em, eh mate. Unfortunately, he discovers the truth about Billy's precarious mental condition too late to stop the psychotic from making off with Nicole and leaving him on the sinking schooner.

Deadly Friend (1986)
A Wes Craven-directed thriller about a new kid in town (Matthew Laborteaux), who has invented a robot called BB. When it is accidentally destroyed, he saves its "brain" or rather the computer chip that powered it. The girl next door (Kristy Swanson) gets accidentally killed by her abusive dad, Matthew kidnaps the body of Kristy from the hospital and implants a chip into her brain that makes her come back to life just like his robot. Yet there are changes: now she wants revenge and goes on a murderous rampage, though her spock salute hands were a bit too much. For being over 20 plus years , some effects are good like when Robo-Kristy hurls a basketball at a old lady's (Anne Ramsey) head, causing it to explode.

Deadpool (2016)
Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) agrees to participate in a top-secret experiment after learning that he has terminal cancer. When the procedure leaves him with advanced healing powers and a disfigured face, he reinvents himself as a wisecracking, spandex-clad mercenary, unbound by the rules of superheroism and frequently prone to quip about the fact that he is a character in a movie. Lots of profanity abounds, almost as much as the mayhem that happens. As the hero constantly reminds us, I’m not that kind of hero. and it’s not that kind of movie.

Death Race (2008)
Jason Statham is Frankenstein, a guy framed for the murder of his wife who happens to be a former racecar driver. He is sent to the Terminal Island prison, where a corporation runs it for profit. Overlord Joan Allen runs the maximum security prison and began staging gladiator-style sporting events for pay-per-view consumption that would eventually pave the way for the Death Race. In which prisoners shoot, slam and smash it out with each other in cars tricked out with weapons galore and where five victories can ensure an early release.

Deception (2008)
Hugh Jackman is a lawyer and Ewan McGreggor is a accountant hired to audit the books of high powered companies in Manhattan. He starts getting close to Hugh, when he accepts an offer to participate in a secret sex club Jackman belongs to. McGregor has a longing for "S" , (Michelle Williams) one of the women on the sex-club list. His world then turns upside down, when he returns from getting some ice to find blood in the room and an assailant who knocks him out. When he comes to, S is gone, as is the blood, prompting police Det. Russo (Lisa Gay Hamilton) to doubt his story. Upset and confused about what's happened, Jonathan tries to find S, only to discover that she's been kidnapped and he's being blackmailed in exchange for her well-being.

Deep Blue Sea (1999)
The setting is a research station ,a genetic testing site where scientists are hoping to create a cure for Alzheimer's disease. The project is to find a way to extract the protein within the shark's brain so that humans can take advantage of these benefits too – sort of a super gingko biloba. A band of humans including boss Samuel L Jackson, cook LL Kool J, Thomas Jane a shark wrangler, and doctor scientist Saffron Burrows must survive to escape several very, very large sharks on the loose, but these are no ordinary sharks. These predators are 25 feet long, and their brains have been altered in a way as to make them amazingly intelligent, agile, and menacing. This movie is FUN, and it's got teeth!

Deep Impact (1998)
After a large comet is found to be headed toward Earth, the US and Russian space agencies concoct a plan to save humanity by nuking the comet and changing it's trajectory. Things don't exactly proceed according to plan, and the comet breaks into two pieces both headed toward Earth, with the results being the possible extermination of all life on the planet. It is an moving and involving story that takes you through a wealth of emotions and experiences. The special effects have reached the stage where such a catastrophe can be believably depicted, and so we are left with the promise of scenes of mass destruction on a grand scale

Defender (2004)
This direct to DVD, stars Dolph Lundgren who also makes his directing debut with this current events-inspired action flick. Jerry Springer plays the President of the United States who has arranged for his National Security adviser to take an ultra-secret meeting in Romania, and the contact is a man at the center of the world's terrorist activities. Accompanying the advisor is former Gulf War warrior Lundgren and his security team of six. From the first moment the enemies open fire, the movie rarely takes a breath. Wish I had the bullet concession on this one !

Defiance (2008)
This picture focuses on three Jewish brothers (Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber and Jamie Bell) who organize the survivors of massacres that occured in Belorussia after the German invasion of 1941 into a forest community. A big finish is provided when the entire forest group must evacuate their settlement in the face of a German assault. It's the opportunity not only for supreme acts of self-sacrifice but a dangerous trek through swampland as well as a final showdown with the Nazis.

Deja Vu (2006)
A ferry boat explodes and leaves hundreds dead. An ATF agent named Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) discovers that Paula Patton , whose body has washed up on the shore may have discovered who the bomber was. Through the aid of Mr. Peabody's way-back machine (or something like that) a super-tech command center can zero in with amazing detail on any location and from multiple angles but, the view is not taking place in real time, instead, it's four days and six hours before. Denzel tests the boundaries of time to hunt a terrorist (James Caviezel, before he can detonate the weapon...again. The movie walks the thin line between iffy reality and full blown sci-fi.

Departed (2006)
The movie is a cat-and-mouse game where it is never too clear who is the cat and who is the mouse; nor is it clear with which character we are supposed to identify. It has borrowed heavy from the Hong Kong movie Infernal Affairs. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as a young man from a gangster family, joins the police, and goes undercover to infiltrate Boston's mob. There is Jack Nicholson, who upstages everybody in the picture. Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon do their best to match Nicholson,but its no contest. In supporting roles, Mark Wahlberg , Martin Sheen, Ray Winstone, Alec Baldwin, and Vera Farmiga. Its intelligent and has enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Derailed (2005)
Clive Owen is a faithful husband to his wife, Melissa George, and a loving father to his ill daughter, Addison Timlin. He has no thoughts of straying until a chance encounter on a morning train with the ravishing Jennifer Aniston tempts him to temporarily put aside his vows, however, Clive never gets to consummate the relationship, as a deadly thief Vincent Cassel, manages to invade their hotel tryst, beating him into delirium while he has his way with Jennifer . When he awakens, he can't go to the police without exposing their indiscretion. The incident at the hotel is just the beginning of Vincent's intrusion into Clive's life. He wants money - big money - from him and knows the family man will have to play along since he's not about to go to the cops. It is a thriller with a good, but somewhat predictable, story and a decent cast.

Devil's Rejects (2005)
The movie is a homage to B-grade cult horror, peppered with references and stars from that particular genre of cinema. It revels in the act of cruelty and in murder itself. This movie continues where House of Corpses ended with the family of sadistic murderers, as they attempt to elude tough-talking lawman William Forsythe. It's hard to walk away not being numbed by so much blood and so many unanswered screams. Though the rock music was nice.

Dexter: The First Season (2007)
Michael C. Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter forensics expert for the Miami Police Department, who just happens to also be serial killer, he channels his impulses into vigilantism, seeking out other potential serial murderers as his victims. Through extensive flashbacks, it's revealed that Dexter had a close relationship with his foster father (James Remar), a cop who spotted his psychosis early. This first season is the hunt for a serial killer plaguing Miami, who leaves his victims in pieces, completely drained of blood. Dubbed the Ice Truck Killer, who preys on street hookers. Just realize Dexter is a car wreck waiting to happen and we can't wait, so sharpen your knives and suit up for the Emmy nominated series.

Direct Action (2004)
Dolph Lundgren is part of a special unit tasked with bringing down the crime rate any way they can. These guys get to operate a bit outside the law, but all with the best of intentions. Enter Polly Shannon a rookie cop. It's too bad that her first day with Dolph coincides with the 5 p.m. deadline that he has for needing to be at the courthouse to testify against some of his fellow cops who are corrupt., but several dirty officers aren't about to go down without a fight. That means trouble for our hero and it also means that there's going to be some serious gunplay and butt kicking.

District 9 (2009)
28 years ago a massive spaceship came to rest over Johannesburg South Africa and just stayed there. The aliens, known as prawns, are put in a area called District 9 , which was originally designed to be an temporary solution but has grown into a permanent one . Multi National United (MNU) is a corporation that wants to relocate the aliens to a new rural internment camp. In charge, because he's married to the boss' daughter, is Sharlto Copley who, while evicting aliens, is accidentally exposed to a mysterious substance that begins changing his DNA. The movie does have its share of action and effects but its has obvious parallels with apartheid and inner-city poverty.

Disturbia (2008)
Shia LaBeouf is a good boy gone bad: A tragic car accident kills his father and he is left a wounded soul. After punching his Spanish teacher, he is sentenced to an entire summer of house arrest. Mom (Carrie-Ann Moss) has cut off the iTunes, and the Xbox 360 Live so he starts looking in at the houses on his street. Observing the neighbors engaging in their daily activities, including new neighbor Sarah Roemer. With his best buddy Aaron Yoo, the two spy on David Morse the creepy neighbor, who they believes might be responsible for a series of unsolved murders. There's some intense thrills with humor and romance that's likely to exceed what one might expect from such a simple premise.

Dogma (1999)
The movie starts out with a disclaimer stating it's a comedy about religion, course another clue might be right after that George Carlin shows up as a Cardinal giving a presentation on the new look of the church. Two fallen angels (Ben Affleck and Matt Damon) decide to take advantage of a loophole in Catholic dogma and get back into Heaven. Alan Rickman is sent to convince the cynical Linda Fiorentino to stop the angels, because if they make it into Heaven, the world will end. Chris Rock is Rufus, the 13th Apostle who was best buds with Christ, along for the ride is Salma Hiack and Jason Lee.

Domino (2005)
Based sort of on a true story it stars Keira Knightley as Domino Harvey who bounces around in society, modeling, gets kicked out of college, and is bored. One day she sees an ad for a bounty hunter seminar and decides to give it a shot. Of course this seminar is nothing but a scam being ran by master skip tracer Mickey Rourke and his silent but violent sidekick Edgar Ramirez. Domino is quick to their scam and demands to get what she paid for and learn the bounty hunter biz. The main thrust of the story involves an armored car robbery and includes a Las Vegas businessman (Dabney Coleman) and the mob. This movie is full of action and humor and if you don't spend too much time trying to decide what is real and what is fantasy.

Donnie Brasco (1997)
The movie is based on the true story of an FBI man who did so well that a $500,000 bounty is still on his head today. But its a mob movie, with Al Pacino playing a gangster and Johnny Depp as the title character, a FBI agent who infiltrated the Mafia. You'll hear a explanation on the grammatical use and meanings of fuhgeddaboudit, which will have you laughing out loud. The chemistry between Depp and Pacino is the best thing about the film.

Doom (2005)
Yet another video game turned into a movie. A science lab on Mars where scientists have accidentally unlocked something quite hell-ish. The Special Ops Marines are called in to find survivors and eliminate the threat, they are lead by Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock" Most of the movie takes place in dark tunnels (except when they remember how easy it would be if they turned on the lights), its so dark you can't see the cheesy sets and special effects , lighting and logic are equally dim, truly mindless entertainment.

Doubt (2008)
Meryl Streep's rigid Sister Aloysius becomes convinced that a progressive priest (Philip Seymour Hoffman) Father Flynn has molested a young boy. Streep finally has reason to feel vindicated in her negative judgment of the priest when Sister James (Amy Adams), a young teacher at the school, confesses her discomfort with the extra attention Father Flynn awards to a new Black student (Joseph Foster) in her class. But as the title suggest there is doubt whether Flynn is guilty of Aloysius's charges.

Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (2005)
Kurt Russell stars as a well-regarded horse trainer, he neglects his daughter Dakota Fanning, a slight that wife Elisabeth Shue frequently tries to amend, Kurt reluctantly takes Dakota to the track with him on the day that prize winning Sonador , the spanish word for "dreamer." is running over his objections after "listening" to the horse. Down the stretch, Sonador goes down, with the prospect of the horse being put down, Kurt buys Sonador and looks to nurse her back to health in hopes of putting her out to stud. Dakota develops a bond with the horse , Sonador miraculously heals well enough to possibly race again with the help of his ever-faithful stable hands Freddy Rodriguez and Luiz Guzman, and his crusty ol' dad Kris Kristofferson. The movie ends as you'd expect, with a big race and Sonador entered as the underdog. Dreamer is a quality family film that, while formulaic and sap prone, really caters to the budding talent of Dakota Fanning who deftly combines a wide-eyed innocence with an eerily mature wisdom, and she makes it all seem so believable and gives her a strong supporting cast to work with.

Dreamgirls (2006)
One of the most successful Broadway musicals transferred to the big screen. Loosely based on the story of Diana Ross and the Supremes, the movie focuses on the rise of The Dreamettes, an all black girl group hoping to ride the wave of the Motown explosion and make it big. The trio is composed of Beyonce Knowles as Deena; Anika Noni Rose as Lorrell and Jennifer Hudson as Effie, Eddie Murphy plays raunchy singer and ladies' man James "Thunder" Early, and Jamie Foxx is Curtis Taylor Jr, the fast-talking Cadillac-dealer-turned-promoter. Hudson does a remarkable job creating the strong-willed Effie and communicating the hurt she endures. Murphy gives a spectacular performance. Foxx does a good job in a role that doesn't require too much.

Dressed to Kill (1946)
Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson who investigate a group of killers who are to out get three music boxes sold at an auction. The boxes contain something in them that will help lead the crooks to money printing plates. It is the fourteenth and final film in the Rathbone/Holmes series. The movie does place the art of deduction on a pedestal above and beyond the action, and that is just what I want out of a Sherlock Holmes film.

Driving Miss Daisy (1989)
Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy in a tale of two unlikely companions who become dear friends and share a major portion of their lives together. It is the bittersweet drama about the unspoken friendship between this pair over a quarter of a century, from 1948 to 1973. Dan Aykroyd is surprisingly good in this serious, dramatic role as Jessica's son. But it is the interplay between the two that earned the movie 4 Academy Awards

Drunken Master (1978)
Before Jackie (spelled Jacky here) Chan was a household name even in Hong Kong, he made a movie about Wan Fei Hong, the legendary master of the 'drunken monkey' fighting style. From start to finish, this movie is peppered with Jackie Chan's feats: from his ability to withstand the torment of his teacher to prevailing against enemies in all forms, with a lot of comedy along the way .

Duel (1971)
Steven Spielberg's directorial debut is "Duel" a simple movie about traveling Dennis Weaver who tries to pass a huge flammable truck on a state highway, and is then strangely stalked by this angered truck driver who seems to want him dead. The truck itself is a formidable beast: bulky, grimy, billowing exhaust fumes and sounding its horn, it would be threatening even if it wasn't trying to murder him. The chase scenes are superbly filmed, with the roar of the engines and fast cutting between the two opponents' vehicles as they speed through the dusty desert landscape.

Duplicity (2009)
Former MI 6 agent Clive Owen, and ex-CIA officer Julia Roberts are romantically linked, but mutually mistrustful spies who are into lucrative espionage for private business concerns. Course there is a bunch of flashbacks on how they met, and their exploits. They are just thieves plotting with other thieves to steal from some other thieves. It is a tale of double agents and betrayal. The plot is so wickedly complex we can barely tell the difference between the good guys, if there are any and the bad.

Eagles - Farewell 1 Tour - Live From Melbourne (2005)
What a difference technology and years make, great surround sound, and High Definition visuals. There are thirty songs on two DVD disks, from the earliest "Take It Easy," "Desperado," "Peaceful Easy Feeling" and "Hotel California", plus hits from Glenn Frey, Don Henley, and Joe Walsh's solo careers ,even Funk #49 from when I used to 'hang with' The James Gang, ah to relive those memories and classic songs all over again.

Eagle Eye (2008)
Shia LaBeouf is a Stanford drop-out who earns a living by working at a copy store. He gets home to find his apartment filled floor-to-ceiling with illegal weapons and bomb-making ingredients, he then receives a mysterious call saying that if he doesn't get out in 30 seconds, he'll be arrested. Michelle Monaghan is a single mother sending her son off on a trip. A call from her "son" lures her out of a bar onto a street, but the voice on the other end of the phone is the same mysterious caller who warned Shia. The next thing you know, Michelle and Shia are in cahoots with the phone woman, and they are robbing an armored truck, jumping out of windows, and running from FBI Agent Billy Bob Thornton.One wonders about the terrifying power of technology when it is employed by governments.

Edge Of Darkness (2010)
Mel Gibson is a Boston homicide detective who witnesses his daughter (Bojana Novakovic), getting shot down in front of him, in an attack that at first he believes was targeting him. Once he scratches the surface of the crime, however, it begins to be obvious that the killer may have been gunning for his daughter after all. He gets caught up in a web of intrigue involving a powerful nuclear testing plant run by Danny Huston and a government cover-up.

Edison Force (2005)
Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, LL Cool J, Dylan McDermott and Justin Timberlake, are the main stars of this movie, which was shelved over a year ago, and now it is a direct to video release. The story: City of Edison is ruled by a corrupt task force called F.R.A.T., (First Response Assault and Tactical) which is a swat like team that takes down druglords and gangsters, steals their money, and spreads it around to the heavy-hitting politicians and businessmen. Rookie journalist Justin sniffs out the corruption. Except, he works for the Heights Herald, a community weekly run by Morgan who is more interested in printing up coupons for local grocers than hard-hitting investigative journalism. Plenty of gunfire, beatings, car chases and explosions ensue along the way

8MM 2 (2005)
This is NOT a sequel to the original 8mm, which was about a snuff film , this one stars Jonathon Schaech as a young lawyer with a promising career and fiancée Lori Heuring. But when the young couple engages in a ménage-à-trois with a gorgeous model Zita Görög, they stand to lose everything, as an unknown extortionist has evidence of their indiscretion. As the blackmailer pumps him for exorbitant sums, the ambitious young man enters the seedy realm of Budapest's porn world, trying to track down his tormentor. But when he is kidnapped, he stands to lose more than just his career, and it's up to Lori to find him before he forfeits his life as well. There is more boobs showing than in the US Senate!

88 Minutes (2007)
Al Pacino is a Seattle college professor who is also a forensic psychiatrist who specializes in profiling serial killers. He was the chief witness in the death penalty case against serial killer, Jon Forster (Neal McDonough) ,on the eve of his scheduled execution, another murder is committed just like all of the ones that he did. Pacino begins receiving mysterious phone calls on his phone telling him he has 88 minutes to live, and counting down, with little time, he has to get to the bottom of the phone calls and the new murders that are occurring. Clearly, someone out there is trying to either kill Pacino, frame him for murder or force him to admit that he may have offered perjured testimony in the Forster case.

Elektra (2005)
Jennifer Garner (TV's Alias) jumping around in a skin tight costume, is a hired killer and is very good at it, until she is assigned to kill a man and his 13-year-old daughter. She instead befriends them, and decides to protect them against her fellow assassins who are now trying to finish her job. She even kills Lucious Malfoy at the beginning in a cool Sai daggers opening sequence. Gunplay, swords, kung fu and shiny leather, what a combo.

Entrapment (1999)
Sean Connery is a master thief, and is considered one of the best art thieves in the world. Enter young insurance agent Catherine Zeta-Jones, who has long been following his trail, analyzing his style and technique. It quickly turns out that Virginia is indeed using her job as an insurance agent only as a cover for her nightly activities in which she climbs down the glass walls of skyscrapers to steal priceless paintings. The two team up to steal a heavily guarded ancient Chinese mask inside a fortress of a museum and then one final caper to a bank computer installation where they will attempt to download eight Billion dollars, The opening heist was cool and the last 20 minutes had some intense stuff, with people hanging from skyscrapers and explosions and gas bombs. You know, good stuff like Catherine squirming her rear down onto the floor to avoid a laser alarm system.

Equilibrium (2002)
Considering war as the result of the expression of emotions, this movie is just recycling 1984, Fahrenheit 451 and obviously The Matrix. While it doesn't have the budgetary and qualitative ambitions of the latter. The kung-fu guns were fun to watch but taking on over a dozen machine gun toting guards and you survive ... many times.

Executive Decision (1996)
Islamic terrorists hijack a 747 en route to Washington DC saying they want freedom for their leader who's in custody in the U.S., 50 million in gold bullion and safe passage in exchange for the 400 passengers lives. Kurt Russell is an intelligence expert who believes that this is a bluff, and that the real intent is to turn the 747 into a suicide bomb replete with nerve gas that could wipe out a considerable piece of the Eastern Seaboard. On his side is Steven Seagal, as a leader of an "elite commando squad," with his sidekick John Leguizamo, also on the good guy side is Halle Berry as the plucky flight attendant. It's fairly believable and it never really slows down.

Exorcist: The Beginning (2004)
Father Merrin (Stellan Skarsgard) as an archaeologist who lost his faith, only to find it tested in the deserts of Africa in the form of a buried church and dark history of secrets. Then a series of sinister events befalls those associated with the dig, and it appears that Merrin has stumbled across the very source of evil that he has tried to escape. Lots of low brow horror meant to elicit a response -- there are maggots galore, bodies being rendered limb from limb and some silly battle sequences, plus the foul-mouthed demon could have been toned down more than a bit !

Fantastic Four (2005)
Brilliant scientist Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd) needs financing for an ambitious project to study the effects of cosmic rays. When he can't get the bucks anywhere else, he comes hat in hand to the door of his old college rival, billionaire Victor Von Doom (Julian McMahon). The mission runs into a problem when the station's shielding fails, and the group are exposed to hard radiation. But there are side effects of their experience, Chris Evans turns to flame without warning, and Jessica Alba can become invisible. Reed can stretch any party of his body to extremes, while Michael Chiklis develops into a super-strong rock-like being. Finally, Victor begins to become metallic and he also gains serious electrical powers. It's a classic story of good and evil straight from the pages of Marvel Comics.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)
The Fantastic Four: Sue Storm (Jessica Alba), Johnny Storm (Chris Evans), Ben Grimm (Michael Chiklis), and Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd) ,–are prepairing for Sue & Reed's wedding.. When a metallic-looking alien called The Silver Surfer glides into town promising the end of the world. We do see the team busting out their powers for more than just a couple of brief sequences.These guys are some truly fantastic when it comes to product placement, theres more products featured than in a hour TV show ! The best that can be said of this flyweight, instantly forgettable effort is that it's unpretentious.

Fast & Furious (2009)
The movie opens with some unbelievable or more like preposterous James Bond like car/truck action. Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez drive their souped-up street-racing hot rod under a burning gas tanker that's flipping through the air and coming right at them. Vowing revenge on a drug lord who killed a loved one, Diesel finds his brutal investigation methods intersect with his old law enforcement pal Brian (Paul Walker), who's also hunting for the same villain. The main things are not the plot, character interaction, or acting, it's cars, races, and action scenes.

Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)
After a street race gone wrong lands him in trouble with the law, Lucas Black is shipped off to live with his father in Tokyo. Once there, however, he becomes involved in the world of drift racing, and begins hitting on Nathalie Kelly, the girlfriend of Drift King Brian Tee, who runs some businesses for his Yakuza uncle. Plenty of eye candy for wannabe gearheads to look at, both the cars and the 'accessories'. Forget a plot or story, its an orgy of screeching brakes, twisted metal and half-formed sentences.

Fear (1996)
William Petersen plays an architect whose 16-year-old daughter Reese Witherspoon comes home one day with a dude who has to be at least 23. Dad just knows this guy, played by Mark Wahlberg a.k.a. former rap star Marky Mark. He plays as a fellow without affect, an emotionally naked psychopath who anticipates no long-term problems for his and Reese relationship were he to shoot her father in the head, for example. Other things start to happen, like "accidental" deaths, cars getting trashed as well as homes... Needless to say, it all comes to a head when Mark and his buddies try and pay back Witherspoon and her family from the house thrashing that her dad did.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)
This movie could have been called Cheech & Chong trip out in Vegas, only this is not funny, but just weird . Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro are two hippies who missed the jump off the flower power train. See a drug-addled journalist and his allegedly Samoan attorney getting stoned out of their minds and trashing hotel rooms virtually beyond recognition.

Fearless - Huo Yuan Jia (2006)
Reportedly Jet Li's final martial arts film (I smell a comeback film should his new movie career lulls in the future), he plays real-life martial arts legend Huo Yuan Jia, the leader and part-founder of the well-respected Jin Wu Athletic Foundation, a famous school of martial arts. In his day, which happens to be around the turn of the 20th Century, Huo became a national hero. As far as the quality of the fighting, Yuen Woo-ping (Kung Fu Hustle, Kill Bill Vol. 2) is the choreographer, so you know it's going to be top-notch. If this is truly Li's final martial arts film, he ends his martial arts career at the age of 42, the same age that Huo Yuan Jia's ended through his untimely death.

15 Minutes (2001)
Two Eastern Europeans come to New York, after their release from a Czechoslovakian prison. One of them, Oleg Taktarov, steals a video camera to make his great American movie, the other, Karel Roden, seems compelled to leave a path of death and destruction in his wake. This duo hatches a scheme: sell off the murder tapes to a tabloid news ratings-seeking Kelsey Grammer, then turn themselves in to the proper authorities, plead insanity, then get off scot-free living off the wealth of their inevitable movie deals. Of course the only things standing in their way are Robert DeNiro a New York 'celebrity' police detective, and Edward Burns, an arson fire inspector. Throw in Melina Kanakaredes as DeNiro's love interest and Avery Brooks as his partner and friend.

Fighter In The Wind (2004)
A young Korean Taekwondo competitor arrives in Japan near the end of World War II with hopes of being a fighter pilot, but ends up on the streets battling racism, organized crime, occupying American servicemen, and his own fear of failure as a martial artist. He retires to the wilderness for two years to train his body in the art of karate and returns to take on the world. The movie is packed with plenty of karate action, majestic views and an interesting story to boot! Korean language with ENGRISH subtitles.

Final Countdown (1980) (DVD-2004)
The crew of the U.S.S. Nimitz, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, are sucked back into the past, right off Hawaii in the hours before the Japanese are to attack Pearl Harbor. It has right balance of action, mystery, and it deserves credit for its emphasis on a character driven story just at a time when FX-driven movies had come to dominate the science fiction/fantasy genre. Imagine you're the captain (Kirk Douglas) of that aircraft carrier , do you honor your duty to your country, and launch your jet fighters to wipe out the Japanese attack force and naval fleet, and thus change the course of history?

Final Cut (2004)
Memory implant chips are installed in unborn children, every experience is recorded and stored. After a person dies, the experiences of an entire lifetime can be restored and edited into a "Rememory," a video eulogy of a person's life. Robin Williams is a "cutter," a man solely responsible for the review, cataloging, editing, and condensing of a person's memories after he or she dies. This is a picture of an entire society at the mercy of a technological capability, Big Brother watching from inside.

Final Destination 3 (2006)
It's senior day at the amusement park and Wendy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) has a vision that the roller coaster breaks apart and it's worth causing a ruckus to get off before becoming the latest obit-subjects. Seven people get off the ride and then watch in horror as their foolish friends scream their way to the big graduation party in the sky. Clues to upcoming disasters are in the digital photos Wendy was snapping at the park. The deaths are horribly violent and messy with arterial spray, of course, to the point where they almost come off as black comedy. Be it through overheated tanning beds, nail guns, or an unfortunate accident at a drive-thru window. Rube Goldberg would be proud of some of the contraptions of annihilation.

Fire Down Below (1997)
Kris Kristopherson, is filling the mines in beautiful Appalachia with toxic waste. After an investigating agent is killed, Steven Seagal playing Jack Taggert, an agent with the EPA, yet EPA, mmmm, is sent in to find out the truth behind the murder and save the town from destruction., at the same time he's courting Marg Helgenberger , the local beekeeper. There's plenty of stunts and martial arts in this one, plus explosions, reckless driving (including a truck falling over a cliff with someone in it). Seagal wears long coats throughout the film which tastefully disguise his love handles.

Firewall (2006)
Harrison Ford is the security specialist for a large bank, and his job is to make sure the company's software is bullet-proof and cannot be penetrated by hackers. Paul Bettany wants to rob a rich global bank and figures out that if he went directly to the man who designed the security software, (Ford), he could force him to get some secure funds handed over. Harrison finds where the baddies are hiding his family by tracking the GPS collar on his dog ! add to that the movie ends with the obligatory hand-to-hand combat between the hero and the villain , in a setting that allows much breakage of wood, plastic, and glass, should come as no surprise.

Flags Of Our Fathers (2006)
The movie is the American perspective of the battle for Iwo Jima. The film primarily deals with the three surviving men that hoisted the flag on Mount Suribachi for the infamous photograph. John "Doc" Bradley (Ryan Phillippe), Rene Gagnon (Jesse Bradford) and American Indian Ira Hayes (Adam Beach) were the three soldiers that survived the month long conflict on the Japanese island. They were given a free pass home and thrust into an effort to raise billions of dollars from the American taxpayers and corporations. The movie attempts to address multiple themes : survivor's guilt, the definition of heroism, the purpose of information and propaganda in war and finally, racism.

Flawless (2008)
Michael Caine and Demi Moore clearly enjoy themselves as two unlikely people who conspire to rob the London Diamond Corporation of millions worth of diamonds Michael Caine works as a janitor and who knows a thing or two about Demi Moore a US-born, Oxford trained executive who for the umpteenth time, has a male colleague promoted instead of her, hey its the 60's. Dave Brubecks 'take five' music adds to this tense heist crime thriller.

Flight 93 (2006)
This is a made for TV movie about the September 11, 2001 terrorist hijacking of United flight 93 . The hijackers take the plane, and as tragedy unfolds at the World Trade Center, we see air traffic controllers, airline flight centers, flashbacks and, mainly, phone conversations between passengers and their families on the ground as they realize there's no choice but to take on the hijackers.. Some of the things do not make sense, like the police arrive at a ladies house whose husband called her from the flight, and they just stand around, or the scramble of Air Force jets way too late..

Flight of the Phoenix ( 2004)
A remake (seems like a lot of them lately) of a 1965 movie starring Jimmy Stewart. Some of the better aspects of the flick relate to its sporadic action sequences. The initial plane crash works really well, and starts the movie off with a bang. Later bits that also go the action route manage to create some excitement and drama, but Hollywood's latest exercise in recycling pretty much stays firmly grounded for most of its length.

Flightplan (2005)
Jodie Foster is returning to America with her daughter (Marlene Lawston) following the suicide of her husband. Halfway through the flight she awakens to discover her daughter has disappeared and worse, no one has any memory of her daughter getting on the plane, which only raises the question: has Jodie gone mad, or is there some conspiracy afoot? As with many modern thrillers the actual plot, once it comes to light, is a bit implausible, there are a few too many turns towards the end, especially its inappropriate ending.

Flyboys (2006)
Based-on-a-true-story , the brave young Americans who in the days prior to the United States' official entry into World War I, volunteered for the France's famed Lafayette Escadrille to become WW I flying aces. The movie features dogfights, fairly decent performances , mainly Jean Reno as the commander of the squadron. Theres a tacked-on romantic subplot, it's James Franco falling for a provincial French girl (Jennifer Decker). Since this is an 'airplane' movie it is inevitable that the scenes on the ground are by far the weakest element of the flick. War movies are a dime a dozen unless there is something fresh or different to set one of them apart from the rest, this one is worth a nickle.

Fog (1980)
Horror master John Carpenter offers up a triple treat Jamie Lee Curtis, Adrienne Barbeau, and Janet Leigh all in the same movie. As if that weren't enough, both John Houseman (his opening story telling) and Hal Holbrook as the priest.. all add to the suspense .. The movie offers a few shocks and plenty of good old-fashioned clammy chills, the scene where the men on the fishing boat see the ghost-ship is one of the classic movie creep-outs. A lot of scary scenes were added after the movie was shot , in the last month before turning in to the film company..

Fog Of War (2003)
The story of Robert McNamara is captured by Errol Morris documentarian and is a frightening, frank, human, and elusive journey through American warfare history. McNamara expounds on his eleven maxims while also recounting highlights from his life story. Ranging from his childhood in California, to his Harvard years in teaching, to his experiences in WWII, a five month stint as president of the Ford Motor Company, through his tumultuous years as Secretary of Defense from 1961 to 1968, giving us an intimate glimpse inside the inner circles of the government.

Forbidden Kingdom (2008)
Michael Angarano is a teenager who loves old kung fu movies he gets from the local Chinese pawn shop. When a bully situation escalates into the shooting of the old man, He takes hold of an ancient Chinese staff, and is transported back in time to a fantasy world. Jackie Chan an drunken immortal fighter explains to Michael that the staff once belonged to the powerful Monkey King (Jet Li), and to save the land from an evil warlord (Collin Chou), they must return the magical weapon to him, with the help of a powerful monk, also played by Jet Li and a vengeful young girl (Yifei Liu). Its a Kung Fu Wizard of Oz., a teenager goes to a foreign, magical land, collects some friends on a journey to a castle. There are many special effects, a rip off so many other films but it still kind of works.

Forgotten (2004)
Julianne Moore, as a mother struggling to hang on to the memory of her young son. Is she really crazy, really inventing a son, are the people around her actually plotting against her, trying to make her crazy. Suddenly, with no forewarning of any kind, we're in X-Files territory, with a hard to fathom plot, so it's the kind of thing that's only good for a diversion. If not for a few special effects, I rate it even lower!

Formula 51 (2001)
Elmo McKelroy (Samuel L. Jackson) , is working for The Lizard (Meat Loaf), a big-time drug dealer. Elmo has just developed a formula for a substance more potent than heroin, cocaine and ecstasy, a pill that purports to give you the ultimate high. Rather than giving the Lizard rights to his ingenious creation, Elmo blows up the Lizard's lab, But the Lizard survives the explosion and sends a beautiful assassin named Dakota (Emily Mortimer) . Elmo dons a kilt, and runs off to England, where he meets with Felix DeSouza (Robert Carlyle). Their mission is to sell his super drug, while avoiding a bunch of baddies, and a hit woman.

Fortune Cookie (1966)
Jack Lemmon plays , a television camera man who is bulldozed by Ron Rich a football player during a televised game. Lemon's brother-in-law, a shyster lawyer (Walter Matthau) , concocts a bogus lawsuit based on non-existent injuries from the accident. Walter's portrayal of the lawyer earned him an Oscar. One of the great things about The Fortune Cookie that seems to have been lost in modern film making is the character acting. So many films these days are unable to coax any kind of quick and witty dialogue.

Four Brothers (2005)
The movie stars Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, Andre Benjamin and Garrett Hedlund as the Mercer brothers, each of whom was adopted by kindly Fionnula Flanagan. When she is gunned down in the opening sequence, the brothers reunite in Detroit for her funeral and vow to avenge her death. If you can forgive the disappointing ending, Four Brothers is a violent revenge fantasy (shades of the John Wayne film, "The Sons of Katie Elder"), for the most part, an enjoyable thriller that's worth seeing for the shoot-out sequence alone.

1408 (2007)
Mike Enslin (John Cusack), who makes his living writing about the supernatural - ghosts, spirits and such, and who being a rationalist, doesn't believe in any of it. His cynicism come to a head when an anonymous postcard challenges him to stay in room 1408 at Manhattan's Dolphin Hotel. When the management refuses to let him, he becomes curious, eventually muscling his way in by legal threats. Samuel L. Jackson, the hotel manager , doesn't care if Mike ends up dead or not, he just doesn't "want to clean up the mess." So what if fifty-six of the room's prior occupants perished? So what if none lasted more than an hour? The room reveals much more about Enslin's past, which contains the requisite demons that come back to haunt him into a psychological meltdown. His most troubling memories are about his daughter, who suffered from some fatal disease. This movie is more of a creepy thriller with supernatural elements.

Frame Of Mind (2009)
New Jesey police detective Carl T. Evans stumbles into a far-reaching government conspiracy in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. When his wife Arija Bareikis finds a film strip in a antique box she just bought. On the film is a lone man, concealing a rifle, standing on a grassy knoll. Chris Noth co-stars as a college professor who wrote a book on the Kennedy assassination, the two must race to expose the cover-up before they're eliminated.

Freedomland (2006)
Plain clothes detective Lorenzo Council (Samuel L. Jackson) finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place when Brenda Martin (Julianne Moore) arrives at a New Jersey emergency room claiming that a black man stole her car with her four-year-old son in the backseat, it's obvious to everyone in the audience that Martin isn't telling the whole story to Detective Lorenzo. As tempers flare at the nearby projects, he needs to find out what really happened before the racial tensions in the mainly black area threaten to ignite into a riot. The film feels like a series of missed opportunities, like great moments that almost happened but were cut short before they had a chance to make their impact.

Frequency ( 2000)
A New York City policeman (Jim Caviezel) speaks to his dead father (Dennis Quaid) thirty years into the past, via a ham radio. The son attempts to prevent his fathers death, and his actions set into motion other problems that the two must solve - somewhat of a more serious "Back To The Future" with a bit of "Backdraft" thrown in. All though the logic isn't always there, the film doesn't go to absurd levels and stays acceptable.

From Paris With Love (2010)
John Travolta, plays CIA master operative who shows up in Paris, where Jonathan Rhys Meyers, an ambassadorial assistant who's been doing small-time jobs for the agency in hopes of graduating to full spy status. The plot is something of a convoluted mess about Chinese coke dealers and Pakistani terrorists skulking around Paris. There is plenty of gunfire and explosions, to make this a buddy spy movie. The film is at its best when guns are blazing, Meyers is complaining, and Travolta is sliding down a fireman's pole, inverted, while taking out the baddies.

Frost/Nixon (2008)
In 1974, President Richard M. Nixon (Frank Langella) resigned from office under the scandal of Watergate and a few months later, television personality and producer David Frost (Michael Sheen) became interested in getting the interview of the century by questioning Nixon and to get him to come clean about his involvement in Watergate. When these two men sit down across from each other, that's where the real fun begins and where the film starts to hit its stride. In over his head, Frost finds Nixon is a shrewd man. It turns out to be the only time Nixon fessed up to his part in the crime since he was given a full-pardon by incoming President Ford and never had to stand trial.

Frozen River (2008)
Ray (Melissa Leo) has been saving up for a double-wide trailer, but her husband has taken the money to gamble and has disappeared. Ray meets Lila (Misty Upham) when she tries to steal her husband's car, Lila tells how much money there is to be made and Ray with little choice joins her as a smuggler. The film is about what happens to the two women from that point on. Underneath the no-budget limitation is a persuasive story of mothers fighting passionately for their young, even when the battle takes them to the wrong side of the law.

Funeral In Berlin (1966)
Michael Caine is a reluctant agent, serving as a spy in lieu of spending time behind bars. He's sent to East Berlin to retrieve a defecting Russian general (Oskar Homolka), by devising a phony funeral. It's obvious to Caine that the General, a loyal Communist, doesn't want to defect, and equally evident that Eva Renzi who just happens to pick him up, is a secret agent. Its all about the art of cross and double cross with no one being quite what he seems to be.

Funny Car Summer (1974)
Jim Dunn was a California fireman , but every summer he and his family packed up their suitcases and hooked up their trailer to haul a funny-looking dragster to different races. This documentary film follows the Dunns' from their Southern California home to the dangerous, and sometimes deadly world of high speed drag racing. Full of hot-rod action and custom-built funny cars, and even a glimpse of old Las Vegas as they travel on through. Jim Dunn now owns a race team that still competes in the NHRA circuit.

Futurama: Into The Wild Green Yonder (2009)
Leo Wong destroys old Mar's Vegas to make room for New Mar's Vegas as well as the universe's largest mini golf course. At the construction site of New Mars Vegas, an accident causes a piece of necklace to lodge in Fry's head, giving him mind-reading abilities. Leela, meanwhile, seeks to save that same universe from over-development by joining up with eco-feminists. Some of the best jokes and fun were when they were in the new casinos.

G-Force (2009)
Jerry Bruckheimer's first 3D family film which is like any other of his action flicks, except that instead of humans running away from enormous exploding fireballs, it's guinea pigs. Armed with the latest high-tech spy equipment, the highly trained guinea pigs discover that the fate of the world is in their paws. The animated rodents are voiced by Sam Rockwell, Penelope Cruz ,Tracy Morgan and Nicolas Cage. The kiddies should enjoy the furballs, adults ahhhhh .

Ghost Rider (2007)
Motorcycle stunt rider Johnny Blaze (Nicholas Cage) makes a deal with the devil (Mephistopheles, Henry Fonda) to keep his father from dying. But Mephistopheles tricks Blaze, who leaves childhood sweetheart, Roxanne (Eva Mendes), in order to protect her. Years later, the son of the devil, Blackheart, wants to take control over the world. It is then that Mephistopheles comes to Blaze, who must now hunt down the rogue demons as the Ghost Rider,riding a flaming, chopper-riding cycle. Comic movies, even from the best titles, are tricky to pull off. there is some good in this movie the beginning is promising and the whole thing's pretty slick looking. But in the end, that's what it is plenty of style, not much substance.

Gift (2000)
Cate Blanchett makes ends meet by telling people's fortunes and seeing into their pasts and futures. When a local towns girl Katie Holmes goes missing, Cate's gift of clairvoyance allows her to see into the clues which will ultimately determine the facts behind the mysterious disappearance. Throw into the mix .. Keanu Reeves, Giovanni Ribisi, Greg Kinnear and Hilary Swank. Director Sam Raimi keeps the "who done it" aspect of the story engrossing and fast paced. Up until the end it's hard to know who the killer is.

GI Joe: The Rise Of The Cobra (2009)
An elite military unit comprised of special operatives known as G.I. Joe , takes on an evil organization who has a state-of-the-art weapon that allows microscopic nano-technology to eat away anything in its path. There is plenty of guns abazing, explosions and kaboooms, with two heroes chasing the baddies who are in a tricked out Humvee , while the good guys are on foot, course they are wearing super accelerator suits . If you have a tech -fetish – you're likely to have a big smile.

Glimmer Man (1996)
Steven Seagal plays Jack Cole, a governmental special operative-turned-Buddhist homicide detective. Cole dons prayer beads and silk jackets . He is reluctantly teamed up in his investigation with a partner by the name of Jim Campbell (Keenan Ivory Wayans) who has some funny quips though-out the movie. When the killer called 'The Family Man' murders Cole's ex-wife and her new husband the case becomes even more personal to Seagal. The plot contains a few more twists than Seagal's usual 'find the big bad guy and then destroy him' storylines, plus Nikki Cox fills out the cast ,and a dress nicely.

Godfather (1972)
Set after the end of World War II, The Godfather examines the Corleone family over a decade. Father Vito (Marlon Brando) runs a large and powerful crime syndicate, with sons Sonny (James Caan) and Fredo (John Cazale) the third son Michael (Al Pacino) is a returning war hero and the only college man of the bunch , he disdains his family's illicit ways. Competition develops between the Corleones and other mobs in the area, this revolves around the drug trade, which Vito opposes for his family, conflict ensues and rivals attempt to kill Vito. Brando really was just a supporting actor, and Pacino was the lead, though their Oscar nominations reversed that status. Though not as commanding as Brando's Vito, Pacino's Michael is really a stronger performance.

Godzilla: Final Wars (2005)
In the future, an alien craft appears and captures ten of the greatest monsters to ever walk the earth. The United Nations wages a "final war" against these huge, and destructive creatures that were sent to exterminate our planet. It's an epic tale where a bevy of monsters from previous Godzilla flicks begin to appear the world over. Godzilla's absence from much of the film's first half is a major flaw, but then how much time does Godzilla need to destroy all the monsters. The English dubbing is so out of sync, lips move a hour before you hear the voice !

Golden Compass (2007)
Lyra (Dakota Blue Richards) is little girl who lives with her uncle Daniel Craig and comes from a world where the souls of people are separate from their bodies and take the form of an animal that must stay close called daemons.When her best friends Ben Walker and Charlie Rowe are kidnapped, along comes the not-so-nice Nicole Kidman with an offer to take the girl north to search for her friends, but she is more interested in Lyra's Alethiometer (the Golden Compass), and according to a prophecy, Lyra is the only one who can read it. Lyra joins forces with gypsies, a drunken polar bear (voiced by Ian McKellen) and a cowboy aeronaut (Sam Elliott). The best action scenes are when two polar bears fight to the death, and a major battle later on. The movie doesn't have an ending per se, it just stops abruptly and reminds you, not very subtly, that you'll have to buy a ticket in the future to find out how it finally ends.

Gone Baby Gone (2007)
Casey Affleck is a private detective along with girl friend Michelle Monaghan who gets involved when he agrees to look into the disappearance of a young girl. Though the police, led by chief Morgan Freeman and his ace detective Ed Harris, are using all their resources to track down the missing daughter of junkie mother Amy Ryan. It quickly becomes clear that nothing about it is as it seems to be and that almost everyone involved knows a lot more about the reasons behind the seemingly motiveless snatching of the girl than they are letting on. With plenty of twists and turns, the movie works as a solid crime thriller . It raises thought-provoking questions that will remain long after the credits have rolled.

Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)
Veteran action movie producer Jerry Bruckheimer (mmm where have I heard that name before), scores points for effective use of a huge cast of quality actors like Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie (she looks good!) Giovanni Ribisi, and Robert Duvall. However the resounding theme of this movie emphasizes the excitement of stealing cars and the camaraderie of associating with other criminals.

Good, The Bad and the Ugly (1966)
Sergio Leone serves up this Spaghetti Western telling the tale of three desperado's in search of gold amidst the chaos of the Civil War. Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach star in this one, guess which is which! Sergo Leone makes a film that is rich in substance, and rewards us with some stylistic scenes. The editing and the music by Ennio Morricone combines to create tense scenes, filled with humor, irony, and some killing.

Good Night and Good Luck (2005)
During television's infancy, Edward R. Murrow (David Strathairn) assisted by his producer Fred Friendly (George Clooney), took on the government, questioning the witch hunt tactics of Senator Joseph McCarthy at outing communist sympathizers on his show "See It Now." They don't mortally wound McCarthy—it will take the Army-McCarthy Senate hearings to do that—but they strike the first substantial blow against the bombastic politico who built his career on innuendo and unsubstantiated accusation. Actually hearing McCarthy speak and witnessing his kangaroo-court-like hearings is far more powerful than it would have been with an actor speaking lines.

Good Shepherd (2006)
In 1939, Matt Damon is one of America's brightest and best, Yale-educated , married to a senator's daughter .. Angelina Jolie, is recruited by a General Robert De Niro to launch the government's new Central Intelligence Agency. The movie begins when the CIA is reeling from the failure of the "Bay of Pigs" mission to invade Cuba and overthrow Fidel Castro. Evidence suggests that someone inside the CIA may have tipped off Castro to the plot. It is some what hard to keep up with the intricate plot developments and overcomplicated character dynamics , flashbacks and especially since the movie clocks in at almost three hours and moves at a snail's pace.

Grand (2007)
This mockumentary film follows around a number poker players as they prepare to take part in The Grand, a yearly tournament that is held in the once-proud Rabbit's Foot Casino with a winner-take-all prize of $10 million. One participant is Woody Harrelson, a bad boy who inherited the Rabbit's Foot from his grandfather (Barry Corbin) he needs to win the money so he can clear a huge debt, else the family business will be torn to the ground. But he's has some stiff competition at the tournament: Twins David Cross Cheryl Hines and husband Ray Romano, also Dennis Farina, Chris Parnell, Werner Herzog and Richard Kind,and also Gabe Kaplan. Those are just the main characters, of course; the likes of Jason Alexander, Judy Greer, Michael McKean, Hank Azaria, plus poker stars like Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Bronson, Phil Helmuth, and Phil Gordon as the game announcer. too bad all these stars couldn't make it a more funny flick.

Grandma's Boy (2006)
Allen Covert is a 35-year-old video game tester with a big dream, he wants to create the ultimate game experience. Losing his apartment, Allen reluctantly moves in with his grandma (Doris Roberts) and her room mates (Shirley Jones and Shirley Knight), it goes without saying that much wackiness ensues. Throw in a wild monkey, plenty of pot and multiple boob shots and you have a comedy from producer Adam Sandler.

Gran Torino (2008)
Clint Eastwood plays Walt Kowalski, who is mourning the loss of his wife but hasn't much patience for those who come with sympathy, his sons or the young priest, Christopher Carley. Clint has maintained a rich passion for bigotry, while observing the violent predicament of a young Hmong neighbor boy Bee Vang he is compelled to intervene, driving away local gang members and earning the respect of the community. But he wants to be left alone, Bee sister Ahney Her sees through his hardened facade. Eastwood shows us that even a person who hangs onto racial prejudices isn't as inhuman as those in our midst who are truly evil.

Grateful Dead Movie (1977)
Starting from the opening animated lead in to the closing title credits, it takes into account not only the band and its playing, but the road crew and of course all the fans. The photography and sound are crude and not on PAR with those in some of the more recent rock concerts. But if your a Dead Head then you will fully enjoy it.. as its a slice of history from 30 years ago.

Great Race (1965)
Tony Curtis plays 'The Great Leslie' , a stunt man always impeccably dressed in white . Professor Fate (Jack Lemmon), whose long life goal is to ruin Leslie's name is assisted by his sidekick, Max (Peter Falk), Fate cartoonishly tries over and over again to put a stop to Leslie and break his records, but they inevitably backfire (think Wile Coyote). So far so good, but what tale such as this is complete without a damsel in distress? Enter Natalie Wood as Maggie Dubois (WOO WOO!!!)

Great Raid (2005)
The story is based on a daring exploit that liberated more than 500 U.S. Prisoners of War incarcerated from the Bataan Death March in 1942 from the Cabanatuan prison camp in the Philippines. Benjamin Bratt stars as Lieutenant Colonel Henry Mucci, the man that led the rescue operation, his story is narrated by his second-in-command, Captain Prince (James Franco), the non-career officer who wants nothing more than for the war to end, and yet he plans and leads one of the most daring, successful military operations in the history of warfare. 121 Rangers, aided by several hundred Filipino guerrilla soldiers carried out the operation. They suffered only two American and 21 Filipino casualties while rescuing every single prisoner in the camp and killing over 800 Japanese soldiers in the process.

Great St. Louis Bank Robbery (1959)
Based on an actual bank heist, and even using the St. Louis policemen who took part in thwarting the original robbery, this fairly ho-hum caper film stars a young Steve McQueen as the driver of the getaway car of a hastily formed gang of hoods who plan the perfect heist only to mess up the execution, setting them at each other's throats and sending them all scrambling to save their own skins. I hadn't ever heard of this movie until spotting it in a DVD bargain bin, and that's about all its worth.

Green Hornet (1974)
The Green Hornet is based on the radio series of the fifties and was created by George W. Trendle. When Bruce Lee suddenly became a international movie star, two theatrical films were edited out of a few episodes of the TV show and issued theatrically. The duo (Lee and Van Williams) battle gangsters in the main storyline, but the second science fiction story line is less impressive. Kato always was out front, he protected and saved the Hornet, yet it was the Green Hornet that got all the credit. Course they had their rolling arsenal, the Black Beauty a 1966 Chrysler Imperial all tricked out.

Grudge (2004)
This is one of those movies where the director is preoccupied with scare tactics; and I did jump a few times., even when I expected it, and throws in some illogical plot about a curse and the story behind its cruel inception. It doesn't come full-circle at all here, giving us a shoddy ending, and only vaguely answering the questions posed in the story.

Guardian (2006)
Kevin Costner is the Coast Guard's most illustrious rescue swimmer having saved more people at sea than anyone can keep track of. His hard-nosed attitude turns fatal for his partner, so Kevin is taken off the rescue squad and is reassigned as an instructor to the Coast Guard's 'A' School to train the next generation of rescue swimmers. There he meets Ashton Kutcher, a high school swim champ,course Kutcher gets into trouble in a bar, meets a girl, saves abunch people and other things you seen in just about all movies. "The Guardian" is one of those inspirational movies about real-life heroes, trying to make kind of self-sacrifice and the mentality that goes along with it that most people can't understand, this could also be a Coast Guard recruitment film.

Guilty By Association (2003)
A simplistic plot about drug dealers who get in over their heads and wind up having to face the consequences of their actions when a small child who is the daughter of one of the drug dealer's girlfriends is accidentally killed. Despite his billing on the box cover, Morgan Freeman doesn't show up until 50 minutes into the movie…and the film's only about 75 minutes long ! I didn't keep track, but I'm willing to bet that Freeman has less than 50 words of dialogue and has less than 5 minutes of screen time. For those of you expecting a Morgan Freeman cop/thriller film as portrayed on the DVD box art and in the text on the back of the DVD case - this sure isn't it.

Guns (2002)
Erik Estrada plays the villain Jack of Diamonds, here. Donna Speir is his secret agent adversary, who uses a deadly rocket launcher. Eric's bet is that "A Smith & Wesson beats four aces." , but can it beat Donna's four rockets? There are six Playboy playmates in very skimpy outfits to ogle at, and more cheesecake glamour and also photographed thriller sequences in this version of Bullets, Bombs, and Babes. Beware of babes with big bazoongas bearing bazookas!

Hancock (2008)
Think Superman as an alcoholic who hates human kind, and you have John Hancock (Will Smith), a down trodden man with superpowers who just doesn't care. He tries to do the right thing but usually every heroic action also creates some horrible damage that leaves him continually shunned by the public. He saves the life of a public relations man named Jason Bateman who is grateful and offers to take up Hancock as his client to the chagrin of his wife (Charlize Theron), who believes Hancock can't be fixed. There is no shortage of explosions, destroyed streets, and buildings falling down. Then in the last third of the movie it zigs where you expect it to zag, and moves from a light superhero comedy to a pretty heavy drama.

Hangover (2009)
Three groomsmen (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis) wake up in their expensive villa room in Las Vegas with a chicken clucking about, a tiger in the bathroom, a tooth absent from Helms and a baby. Somehow they lost their about-to-be-wed buddy (Justin Bartha) during their drunken misadventures. They must retrace their steps in order to find him. Except for the baby ,almost every character feels the need to utter expletives every three seconds. Heather Graham and Mike Tyson make cameo appearances.

Happening (2008)
A deadly toxin is released into the air, it causes people to commit suicide. When the panic hits Pennsylvania, science teacher Mark Wahlberg, his wife Zooey Deschanel, their friend John Leguizamo and his daughter Ashlyn Sanchez, decide the safest thing to do would be to take a train as far away as they can from the incidences into the countryside to escape the invisible threat. They find themselves trapped in small town America trying to survive whatever it is that is making people kill themselves. It's become clear that if you've seen one M. Night Shyamalan film, you've seen them all.

Hard Luck (2006)
Wesley Snipes as Lucky gets roped into going to a birthday party for a mob boss he used to hang with, and it turns out to be a set-up involving dirty cops, dirty money, and a dirty escape. When Lucky commandeers the flashy mustang owned by one of the club's pole dancers(Jackie Quinones) and drags her along for the ride, with the cash, it leads them all the way to another genre: the slasher picture, sorta a cross between a virtual reality music video and a Nazi scientist's experiments .Cybil Shepherd and James Liao play the pair of psycho lovers. The thumping theme music is here, the flying bullets, the macho posturing, mob boss, bad cops, and stooges, the stripper who's "not easy," and the obligatory skin shots. Yet another straight-to-DVD release from Snipes.

Hard Rain (1998)
It's raining and the water is rising Wayne Duvall is manning the dam and trying desperately to keep it from blowing. The Sheriff (Randy Quaid), who's been defeated for reelection, is evacuating the town. One of the banks in the state is sending an armored car manned by Ed Asner and his nephew Christian Slater to pick up the money and keep it from getting wet. Morgan Freeman as the "bad guy," wants to get the money that Slater is responsible for. The chase scenes include jet ski's speeding inside a flooded high school.

Harry Brown (2009)
Michael Caine as Harry Brown takes matters into his own hands after a street gang kills his best friend, (David Bradley) . Harry tracks down and dispatches the culprits with merciless ferocity. He continues his Charles Bronson act on other wrongdoers. Enter police officer (Emily Mortimer) who develops a suspicion that Harry isn't quite the harmless old man he appears to be.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)
Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) has returned for his sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry , to do battle with Lord of Evil, Voldemort. Our hero is required to uncover secrets from Voldemort's youth, when he lived under the name Tom Riddle. The keeper of those secrets is the professor of potions, Horace Slughorn (Jim Broadbent), who has been lured back to Hogwarts Academy by Harry's mentor, Dumbledore (Michael Gambon). Darker and a lot drearier, this sixth Harry Potter adventure centers on a slow-developing mystery.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)
The story revolves around convicted killer Sirius Black, who apparently is determined to eliminate Harry Potter plus the vile Dementors, who are pursuing Black and look like Ghosts of Christmas Future. Harry with the help of Ron and Hermione, delve into the mystery that surrounds Black's imprisonment because all they know is that he had something to do with the death of Harry's parents.

Haven (2001) (2005 DVD)
The true story of one person's heroic efforts to rescue innocent people from the threat of persecution and death during World War II. Ruth Gruber (Natasha Richardson), an American citizen, views the oppression of the Jews in Germany during the war with grave concern, against the wishes of her parents (Anne Bancroft and Martin Landau), volunteers for a treacherous wartime mission: escort nearly 1,000 Jewish prisoners from a Nazi concentration camp to a relocation site in upstate New York. Traveling to Germany in the midst of hostilities, Gruber escorts the refugees to America, only to find the government less than sympathetic towards them. Also has William Peterson, Hal Holbrook, and Colm Feore

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)
Hellboy (Ron Perlman) is working for the government to protect normal people against supernatural menaces. When ancient royalty Prince Nuada (Luke Goss) rises up to seize control of a magical crown that controls the all-powerful robotic Golden Army, it's up to Hellboy and pyro-ready girlfriend Liz Sherman (Selma Blair), and amphibious friend Abe Sapien (Doug Jones) plus hired to lead the team Johann Krauss (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) to take care of him. There is fantastic make-up artistry, creature creation, and set design, plus a lot of CGI effects. The fight with the prince and hellboy on the gears is full of action and kung fuey flips.

Hero (2004)
I watched the Chinese spoken version awhile ago, so I wanted to see it again with English. A nameless warrior (Jet Li) arrives at an emperor's palace with three weapons, each belonging to a famous assassin who had sworn to kill the emperor. The emperor isn't having any of it; he suspects Nameless fabricated the whole thing only to get within striking distance of him. Photographed with strikingly vivid color shifts -- a vibrant red, a pale blue, a pristine white, and a delicate, pale green. The leaves and it colors and the lake fight scene are unreal

Hidden Fortress (1958)
Matashichi (Kamatari Fujiwara) and Tahei (Minoru Chiaki) provide the comic relief as they bicker between themselves and aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer. They must get from their devastated land to Hayakawa's land, however the Akizuki/ Hayakawa border is heavily guarded therefore they decide to take a big risk and go via the Yamana (enemy) land. That's when they meet the formidable General Rokurota Makabe (Toshiro Mifune), a resourceful warrior Makabe has to find a way to smuggle both gold, and the Princess Yukuhime (Misa Uehara) back into their own kingdom of Hayakawa. Its been said George Lucas was inspired in making the first Star Wars film after watching this by Japanese director legend, Akira Kurosawa. He admits he liked the idea of the two non main characters doing the narration of the story .. think R2D2 and C3PO as humans !

Hide and Seek (2005)
Stars Robert Deniro as a psychologist, who wakes up one night to find that his wife has committed suicide, He moves himself and his traumatized daughter (Dakota Fanning) who walked in when it happened, to the country. The movie does manage to hold your interest throughout despite a final act that becomes a little too preposterous and hackneyed for its own good. Course there were Four alternate endings on the DVD.

High Crimes (2002)
Ashley Judd plays a lawyer who when her husband (Jim Caviezel) is arrested by the military for allegedly committing a massacre while he was a soldier. She decides to stand by her man and fight the military establishment with the help of a rookie Marine lawyer (Adam Scott), and a brilliant but recovering alcoholic lawyer (Morgan Freeman). Ripe with twists and turns for a military conspiracy movie, we have a number of cover-ups or infiltration suspects, as well as doubt cast upon the defendant.

High Tension (Haute Tension) (2005)
This is an intense slasher movie about a psychopathic murderer who goes on a rampage with over-the-top brutality and sensationalistic gore. The entire second half of the film is in French with English subtitles, which actually makes the poor dubbing more distracting. Buckets of blood and Visceral gore all over the place. All this being said, for the first two-thirds of it is a very effective genre picture; scary, gory, disorienting and disturbing. But the absurd final twist which completely sabotages itself for a conventional storytelling gimmick that has plagued not just horror movies, but thrillers in general, in the end you feel cheated.

Hillary's America: The Secret History Of The Democratic Party(2016)
Dinesh D’Souza third documentary, Hillary's America, subtitled The Secret History of the Democratic Party. He lays out a series of past crimes like the Democratic party founding by slave-owning president Andrew Jackson. For a movie titled Hillary' America , only a small part is devoted to Clinton. Is there a case for Hillary and Bill Clinton for their supposed corruption by Wall Street or extensive earnings from giving speeches, and siphoning of money from the Clinton Foundation. He purports a notion that Hillary Clinton allowed four men to die in Benghazi because she couldn't figure out how to make a buck off saving them.

History Of Violence (2005)
Tom Stall (Viggo Mortensen) is a kind and decent family man living in the small town He owns the local diner with his wife Maria Bello, everything changes when two killers hold up the diner one night. When faced with the do or die situation, he displays an knack for killing. When a man dressed in a black suit (Ed Harris) an organized crime figure and his goons , walk into the diner one day, and insists that Tom is actually named Joey Cusack, a former hood from Philadelphia. Tom thinks that what Harris is saying is insane, but Ed thinks he knows the truth and so begins threatening Tom and his family. Tom is fighting a battle within as well, One part of him is the family man type and the other is this trained killer. Violence will have its match somewhere down the road and consequences always follow.

Hitch (2005)
Will Smith is the date doctor who can help any man get the woman of his dreams. His greatest challenge comes in the form of Kevin James, an affable shlub who has his sights set on Amber Valleta, a gorgeous young heiress. When Will becomes enamored of Eva Mendez a gossip columnist who is down on men and out for a story, his best training goes out the window. Can you say "complications," boys and girls? This is a frog and princess story.... twice.

Hitman (2007)
This movie is a adaptation of the shoot em up computer video game Hitman . Agent 47 (Timothy Olyphant) is a contract killer, genetically bred to assassinate. He is hired to publicly kill Russian president Mikhail Belicoff (Ulrich Thomsen) on behalf of an unknown party. He carries out the mission easily enough but before you can say "huh," it turns out that Belicoff appears to be alive and that our anti-hero has been left to take the fall by his employers. At the same time, he is pursued by Interpol who marvels at his ability to avoid detection. Seeing as the guy is bald and has a giant bar code tattooed into the back of his head, as does the other badies, there are sure some dumb cops there .

Hollywoodland (2006)
When actor George Reeves (Ben Affleck) turns up dead due to an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound in 1959, small-time private eye Louis Simo (Adrien Brody) is brought in to prove that it wasn't suicide. As Simo investigates, he learns of an affair that Reeves had with Toni Mannix (Diane Lane), the wife of a powerful studio mogul (Bob Hoskins) that might have more to do with his death than the police may want to admit. The movie cuts back and forth between the two stories of Reeves career and Simo investigating, some times you tend to get lost in the stories. Unfortunately, the investigation, which tries to solve the mystery behind Reeves' death, falls short of delivering. It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a so-so Movie!

Home Of The Brave (2006)
This film tells the story of four American soldiers nearing the end of their tour of duty. The soldiers are sent on one final mission to supply medical aid and "good cheer" to thousands of Iraqis. On their way to the village, the unit is ambushed.Later it follows the American soldiers as they return home from the traumatic stint in Iraq, and essentially details their efforts at readjusting to civilian life. Samuel L Jackson is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Jessica Biel must contend with a prosthetic arm, Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) seethes with dangerous anger, and Brian Presley is haunted by having seen his best friend killed.

Honeymoon In Vegas: (1992)
I think Las Vegas in general is ripe for parody and they do a OK job with it in this movie, plus getting to see some long gone casinos too! Its a romance and the consequences of procrastinating when it comes to commitment movie. Staring James Caan, Nicholas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker. The use of Elvis music throughout the movie also shows comedic insight, and the Elvis Jr. (George Chung) from Hawaii along with other impersonators including the skydiving Elvis's, make it a fun movie...

Hostage (2005)
Bruce Willis was a hostage negotiator for the LAPD but things go horribly wrong when one hostage situation gets out of control and he watches a little boy die in his arms. As a result Willis quits the negotiator job and moves to a sleepy small town, taking the job as the local police chief. But it doesn't stay sleepy when a couple of hoodlums go to steal a car, but the car-theft attempt rapidly escalates into a hostage situation with a police officer down. The movie has thrills and action and it mostly works - starting with the slick opening credits

Hot Coffee (2011)
This documentary explores tort reform and attempts to offset the disinformation campaign produced by giant corporations. It uses four cases to illustrate its points: The McDonalds hot coffee case; a medical malpractice case, a anti-big business judge in Mississippi who was ran off the bench by the Chamber of Commerce; and a mandatory arbitration case where a female Halliburton employee was gang-raped by her co-workers. It uncovers the way corporations have proliferated the myth of "frivolous lawsuits" to stir indignation.

Hotel Rwanda (2004)
Paul Rusesabagina (Don Cheadle), was then-manager of the five-star Hotel Milles Collines in Kigal Africa. When Hutu extremists took over the country in 1994, their first goal was to exterminate all of the Tutsi people. As Nick Nolte's UN peacekeeper character explains, not one of the countries saw much reason to step in and help stop the bloodshed. Rusesabagina never gave up, even when faced with a situation as terrifying as this war. The rapidly collapsing circumstances require that he extend his definition of family to save as many as possible—he can't rely on political entities. The movie shows the full gravity of the situation and the heroic human being who never gave up hope.

Hot Fuzz (2007)
Sergeant Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is the ultimate cop, he's so good that his superiors in London have him transferred to the tiny burg of Sandford because his superlative record is making his co-workers look bad, and his new partner turns out to be the town drunk (Nick Frost). Angel is frustrated by the lack of action in the sleepy village where he has been exiled. Then a series of violent deaths which just might be murders arouses Angel's suspicion. The movie has plenty of explosions, bullets, blood, guts and funny gags, 30 minutes before the film winds down, they pull out the stops and satirize every imaginable cliché of the genre, throwing in visual references to dozens of contemporary cop movies.

House of Fury (2005)
Anthony Wong is a secret agent who is a protector for retired and aging secret agents. Enter an American ex spy who was put into a wheelchair for the rest of his life by a Chinese agent named Dragon, and he comes knocking on Anthony's door looking for his address. It is up to children to pull together and save their father who was kidnapped by the wheelchair dude. There are attempts at comedy and melodrama injected into an inconsequential story line but it is a fast paced 100 minutes of martial arts and adrenaline. Chinese with some Engrish and English subtitles ..

House of Wax (2005)
Michael Murray, his sister Elisha Cuthbert, her boyfriend Jared Padalecki and a few friends (Paris Hilton, Jon Abrahams ) are on their way to a football game. The night before, they camp out in the woods, where they experience a few ominous signs, like a strong stench from the darkness and a dirty pickup truck with a mysterious driver. The next morning, Jared finds his car's fan belt has snapped, so he catches a ride with a local yokel to the nearest town to buy a new one, Elisha goes with him. The rest go on to the game, though later they return because the movie needs more victims. They visit the House of Wax, a building that is literally made of wax. One of the reasons that horror movies are fun to watch is because you can feel superior to the people who insist on doing the stupidest things at the worst possible moment.

Human Stain (2003)
Anthony Hopkins has just had his teaching career come to an abrupt end after uttering a so called racial slur during class. This shocks his wife (Phyllis Newman), who immediately drops dead. Anthony seeks reclusive writer Gary Sinise to tell his story and ends up befriending the younger man, he tells him how he's fallen for 34-year old Nicole Kidman, a lonely trailer trash divorcee who is a college janitor, post office clerk, and cow milker. The film takes a turn when you learn the secret background and identity in his past.

Hunt For Red October (1990)
Set in 1984, we meet Ryan (Alec Baldwin), a analyst for the CIA. He meets with his boss, Admiral Greer (James Earl Jones) after he checks out some surveillance pictures of a new Soviet sub. He sees some suspicious doors and wants to find out what's up with this new model. In the meantime, we learn of the sub in question, the Red October, and its commander, Captain Marko Ramius (Sean Connery), has an ulterior motive . Since Jack knows the most about Ramius, he firmly believes that Russian intends to defect, but his higher-ups remain suspicious. The rest of the film follows the race between US and Soviet forces to intercept and deal with the Red October and also to figure out what's up with its commander. It is a clever game of cat-and-mouse between two men on opposite sides of an ideological war who turn out to have more in common that either of them might have guessed. The movie functions as a pretty entertaining and suspenseful little thriller.

Hurt Locker (2009)
Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, and Brian Geraghty are an Explosive Ordinance Disposal team defusing bombs in Iraq. Renner is the one standout, playing a adrenaline junkie who doesn't really fit anywhere but on the battlefield. It is a war film in some ways, but avoids big shoot outs and instead opts for scenes of gripping tension. It is a taut psychological drama that delves into the hearts and minds of the men who perform this most dangerous job. A Bit Better Than Average

Hustle & Flow (2005)
A Memphis pimp named DJay (Terrence Howard) in a midlife crisis decides to take up rapping when he happens to get a old Casio keyboard. The Movie opens with Howard delivering the sort of street soliloquy that suggests his talents and his ambitions are not tied exclusively to pimping. He runs into his old classmate AnthonyAnderson, who is a professional recorder, he begs him to give his raps a chance. If DJay can produce a demo tape of his songs, he could get hometown legend Skinny Black (Ludacris) a copy of the tape for a listen, when he comes back to a neighborhood bar over the July 4 weekend. DJay finishes his classic in gangster rap, something about smacking his tricks up and the hardships of pimping out little girls lost.

I Am David ( 2003) (DVD-2005)
Ben Tibber (David), a 12 year old boy escapes from a Bulgarian labor camp with a loaf of bread, a compass, a bar of soap, and a sealed letter along with specific instructions for a journey he must make to Denmark in order to be free. The movie starts with the escape and uses brief flashbacks to show the horrors that David has experienced. The personal discoveries he makes are much more important than the miles he crosses. It is a story of conflict and displacement as seen through the eyes of a child.

I Am Legend (2007)
Scientist Will Smith in the year 2012 is the last man alive in New York City, after it's struck by a virus that turns men, women, children and animals into blood thirsty nocturnal creatures that feed on the remaining living. He with his dog Sam as his only companion tries to find a cure for the virus, which was brought on by well-meaning Emma Thompson (in an unbilled cameo), trying to cure cancer. The last fifteen minutes represents some sort of weird compromise, chatty, with awkward bursts of action, they lead to an unpersuasive, out-of-the-blue resolution, and a final note that's all wrong. Course there is always the CGI zombies !

Ice Age The Meltdown (2006)
This is the sequel to 2002's "Ice Age", and features the return of Manny the wooly mammoth (Ray Romano), Sid the Sloth (John Leguizamo) and Diego the saber-toothed tiger (Denis Leary). Their peaceful coexistence is shattered when they discover that the ice that has covered their valley for as long as they can remember is melting and threatening to put everything underwater. The three make a hasty exodus and are soon joined by a pair of rambunctious possums (Seann William Scott, Josh Peck) and a mammoth named Ellie (Queen Latifah)

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009)
The talking prehistoric mammals are back. Manny the Mammoth (voice of Ray Romano) and his mate, Ellie (Queen Latifa), are about to embark upon parenthood. Diego the Sabertooth Tiger (Denis Leary), feeling he has lost "it," elects to leave behind the herd and strike out on his own. Sloth Sid (John Leguizamo) also feels left out of the birth plans and he wants a family of his own. He slips through a crack in the ice and finds three huge eggs that he believes to be abandoned, so he takes them home. When the baby Tyrannosaurus rexes hatch from the eggs, Sid is thrilled to be their surrogate mother. Less thrilled, obviously, is their actual mother, who tracks Sid down and takes her kids and him back to her underground habitat where dinosaurs and other animals live. One of them is a one-eyed, dinosaur-hunting weasel named Buck (Simon Pegg), who helps Manny, Diego, Ellie, and Ellie's possum brothers (Sean William Scott, Josh Peck) when they go looking for Sid.

Illusionist (2006)
Magician Eisenheim (Edward Norton) can create illusions that defy the realities of the physical world. In short order he is the rage of Vienna and all the more so when his show is attended by Crown Prince Leopold (Rufus Sewell) who invites Eisenheim to do a private performance, which the illusionist gladly accepts because Leopold's fiancé, Sophie (Jessica Biel), is Eisenheim's childhood sweetheart. He embarrasses the prince, leading the vengeful prince to call on his lackey, Chief Inspector Uhl (Paul Giamatti), to shut Eisenheim down no matter what. Uhl attempts to figure out what he's doing and how he's doing it. actually its Smoke and mirrors with some CGI help are designed to create the illusions. Is it a Historical drama? A mystery-thriller? A romance? A tale of political intrigue? A ghost story? The answer is "Yes" to all of the above.

Immortel (Ad Vitam) (2004)
This French production is computer-generated science-fiction based on a comic book. We seem dropped into the middle of the story and expected to either already be familiar with everything because we read the comic, or we're expected simply not to care because hey, it has pretty pictures and some almost nude people. What unfolds is a twisty, freaky story about genetics, love, fear and really outrageous hairstyles. Everything ends with a big flying car chase and journey into some "cross-over point."

In Bruges (2008)
The movie follows a pair of hitmen (Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson) as they're sent to the small Belgium town of Bruges to chill out following a botched hit job, in which besides the target a innocent boy was killed. The film eventually gives way to a big-time over the top shootout, with lots of blood and guts. This one won't be shown on TV with all the language and gore.

Incredible Burt Wonderstone (2013)
Burt Wonderstone (Steve Carell) and Anton Marvelton (Steve Buscemi) are successful Las Vegas magicians. (think Siegfried & Roy) .. When Anton is injured in a performance, Burt is left vulnerable to competition. . like newfangled self-abuse in a Cris Angel type ... Jim Carrey. There is a lack of magic in the magic, though it has cornball charm, thanks largely to the confident work of old pros Carell, Arkin, and Buscemi, but it’s ultimately a big, gaudy, predictable show. Incredibles (2004)
Once upon a time, Mr Incredible (Craig T Nelson) used to compete with the supple-limbed Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) in the fight against crime. Then a stream of lawsuits forced them out of business and the government placed them in a superhero relocation program. It's the believable portrayal of this totally unbelievable family of superheroes that makes this movie enjoyable to watch. This movie has amazing action, adventure, humor, and character depth, better than most 'regular' movies.

Incubus (1965)
The film was shot in a language few people know -- Esperanto, an artificial international language created in the 1800s so everyone in the world could speak in the same tongue. The dictionary says Incubus is a male demon believed to lie on sleeping persons and to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women , one demon, "Kia" (Allyson Ames), isn't satisfied. "Surely the God of Darkness would welcome the capture of a noble soul, clean and good - free of taint, without a shadow of corruption," she states in the subtitles, she sets off to find such a person, and finds it in William Shatner (Marc). Made over a year before William Shatner became a household name as Captain Kirk on TV's "Star Trek," Forget the silly scenes, the weird story, and an ending that doesn't seem quite finished. Soak up the fog creeping around the fields and the abandoned house, or the the creepy score by Dominic Frontiere.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
In 1957, Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) finds himself pulled into adventure yet again, this time he's pursued by Soviet agents led by Cate Blanchett who needs Indy to help them recover an extraordinary object stored at Area 51. Indy meets a greaser named Mutt Williams (Shia LeBeouf), who asks for help finding his mother (Karen Allen) , rescuing an old friend, and retrieving a lost crystal skull from the hidden city of Akator. Of course, the Russians also want that skull. It's chase scenes galore from there, including a exciting motorcycle ride through Indy's college campus with Mutt chased by Russian and the FBI. Plus an extended sequence in the jungles of Peru involving speeding jeeps, sword fights, flying machinery, two-fisted monkeys and an attack by a swarm of ants.

Infection (2005)
The movie takes place in a hospital, where one nurse's mistake has led to the death of a patient, the crew decides to cover up the incident, hiding the evidence. Then the hospital is visited by another person dying of some unnatural symptoms; that triggers a bizarre infection that only seems to affect those involved in the initial cover-up. This movie starts out with a decent premise, then wanders all over the place, is it a virus? a parasite? an alien? Japanese with English subtitles..

Infernal Affairs (2002)
The story does an good job unraveling two very dynamic personalities revolving around the traditional good and bad roles. The story begins when both guys are initiated into their respective roles. One is sent by the Triad to work as mole in the police department, while the other takes on the life as an undercover cop in the underbelly of society. The identity crises reach a bipolar pitch when a botched drug bust alerts cops and gangsters alike to the existence of a mole in their ranks. This is not your typical Hong Kong action movie, but is more drama driven. I did prefer the alternate ending though.

Inkheart (2008)
Brendan Fraser has learned he has a special gift, when he reads aloud, the people and events on the written page spring to life. His 12-year-old daughter, Eliza Hope Bennett, may have inherited his special talent. His wife Sienna Guillory is missing and they travel the world checking out old volumes in antique book shops. He's looking for a particular book, called Inkheart, because that's where his wife is ... inside it . They invoke the assistance of Jim Broadbent, the author of the book. "Inkheart" is the first in a trilogy of books by Cornelia Funke.

Inside Man (2006)
Director Spike Lee's story about a bank robbery, or is it? Most of the characters here are more complex than you'd expect in a robbery caper. Denzel Washington stars as Detective Keith Frazier, who's under investigation by internal affairs as the story opens. Clive Owen is a convincing foil for Frazier because he's one of the smartest film criminals to come along in quite a while. Add in Jodie Foster as a mysterious fixer who is hired by Christopher Plummer the bank head, for a personal mission to pull off in the midst of the robbery. This effective heist movie that will keep audiences guessing and entertained from beginning to end.

International (2009)
Interpol agent Clive Owen starts who is obsessed with exposing the evil machinations of the International Bank of Business and Credit, and questionable weapons deals, along with the help of a Manhattan Assistant D.A. (Naomi Watts). Eventually the trail leads back to New York, where they meet some baddies in the Guggenheim Museum, where it turns into an shoot-out quite literally tearing the place down. This twisty complex conspiracy thriller is punctuated by a couple action scenes and a smattering of suspense.

Interpreter (2005)
One late night while retrieving some personal items, U.N. African interpreter Nicole Kidman accidentally overhears an assassination plot involving a controversial African dignitary in town for a visit. Calling for protection, she meets F.B.I. Agent Sean Penn who initially sees her as a threat, but quickly determines that there is more to this story than she's letting on,. It is a steady job of unraveling the somewhat complicated plot, bringing the events to a slow boil and keeping you captive even when the movie gets a bit too talky., though none of the action sequences are exciting. Chasing a woman on a moped isn't exactly suspenseful. There are shootings and explosions that attempt to get us emotionally involved and yet it never works.

In The Bedroom (2001)
Story about a marriage and a tragedy that what is painful to the characters becomes painful to us. although it is slow paced, it gives us characters who exhibit tortured souls filled with guilt, accusations and built up rage.The ending (which I surmised early in the movie) is perhaps a little unsatisfying, leaving many questions hanging.

In The Electric Mist (2008)
Tommy Lee Jones a police detective is trying to link a series of gruesome murders of women around the area to New Orleans mobster John Goodman. Movie stars Peter Sarsgaard and Kelly Macdonald making a movie, have found the bones of a 1957 lynching victim. It might be possible the Cajun detective finds a connection between these seemingly unrelated events. People keep turning up dead, and at one point someone even tries to set TLJ up as a trigger happy killer. Think its a straight to DVD movie ....

In The Heat of the Night (1967)
A detective story that takes place in rural Mississippi, a wealthy businessman has been killed. An odd couple is on the case: a black detective visiting from Philadelphia (Sidney Poitier) and the local redneck sheriff (Rod Steiger). The film is a thoughtful moral drama, an absorbing character study, an enjoyable comedy, and a mystery thriller all rolled into one, the story never drags, and the title song , performed by Ray Charles is outstanding. Movie won five Oscars.

In The Name Of The King : A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007)
This quasi-medieval era of sorcery and mayhem, is based on a video game. Turnip farmer (Jason Statham), vows vengeance on the evil Krugs .. think Muddy MOLE people, for destroying his family, they head out looking for payback.. Along with pal Ron Perlman and brother-in-law Will Sanderson, they defy King Konreid (Burt Reynolds !) add Ray Liotta as a magical powerful Magi. The Krug are being controlled by Evil Wizard Ray Liotta, in an effort to overthrow the kingdom of the aging King. There is some goofy moments like when we see the Krug actually setting themselves on fire and launching themselves at their opponents via catapult. Or the King's troops including a battalion of ninjas. Is Uwe Boll the new Ed Wood or just badddd ?

Into The Sun (2005)
Slightly overweight and aging ponytail Steven Seagal in this straight to video action movie extravaganza. While story wise it isn't anything to write home about, the movie does deliver a couple of remarkable action set pieces. If you're a Seagal fan, watch it, otherwise, it's just more action fodder from the king of blandly brutal b-movie revenge films.

Invictus (2009)
The film is based on the events of the 1995 World Cup championship played in South Africa. Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) seems to understand if the county is to have any future, the entry into the rugby World Cup may be just the key to making that happen. Matt Damon, leading the team, competes far better than expected. The players learn not only tolerance but how they become a source of national pride, irrespective of skin color. Clint Eastwood's minimalist style works acceptably for "Invictus" (Latin for unconquered), shying away from sensationalizing Mandela's cultural wake to focus on his booming political conviction.

Island (2005)
Ewan McGregor plays the resident of a futuristic complex where the survivors of an ecological disaster live out their lives in Orwellian sterility. Their only solace comes in the knowledge that they will someday travel to The Island. Soon McGregor and Designated Cutie (Scarlett Johansson) are on the run from Sean Bean and his cadre of SWAT team rejects, prompting the logic-defying special effects sequences where things crash hard, burn long, and blow up big. Hey wadda want, its a Michael Bay popcorn movie.

Ipcress File (1965)
The movie was produced by Harry Saltzman, who, with Cubby Broccoli, also produced the Bond movies , it stars Michael Caine in his first leading role as a insubordinate, insolent, and a trickster, perhaps with criminal tendencies, to quote his boss. If you are willing to put up with a story that builds characters and situations and treats you like you have a brain? this is for you. I mean what's a spy movie with-out a Zither soundtrack ..

I, Robot (2004)
The film's plot hinges on Asimov's 3 Laws of Robotics (which suggest that a robot can never harm a human) The father of robotics, seemingly commits suicide, called into investigate is homicide detective Will Smith a cop who distrusts technology, Bridget Moynahan is the USR representative, who is asked to assist Smith in finding out if the murder was the act of a robot or a suicide attempt. It has superb special effects and is a fun but intelligent action film.

Ironman (2008)
Multibillionaire Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr). designs and sells high-powered weaponry to the world.While on a demonstration of his latest weapon , he's been abducted by Afghan terrorists and these badies aren't going to let him off the hook until he builds one just for them. With the help of a sympathetic co-captive, Stark builds a rudimentary Iron Man suit and blasts and burns his way free.The experience triggers an epiphany, much to the chagrin of his business associate Jeff Bridges, Stark devotes himself to promoting peace and he ceases production of all weaponry, causing his company's stock value to nosedive. Stark begins building a sleeker, more powerful version of the suit to return to Afghanistan to destroy the Stark Industries weapons the bad guys have somehow accumulated. This upsets Bridges, and he manufactures his own armored suit for a final showdown with Iron Man.

Iron Man 2 (2010)
Robert Downey Jr, reprises his role as billionaire industrialist Tony Stark. Pentagon honchos want to appropriate his Iron Man technology in the interests of national security, but there are more problems. First a disgraced Russian physicist (Mickey Rourke) is out for revenge, convinced that Stark Industries ripped off his father's Iron Man prototype. Rourke has a laser-whip-wielding suit and join forces with Stark business rival Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell). Meanwhile Don Cheadle helps Stark with his own super suit. Samuel L Jackson basically has a cameo role which seems not to add anything. If you enjoyed the first Iron Man will like this, but if they expected something better then they will be disappointed.

Iron Monkey (1993)
"Iron Monkey" stars Rongguang Yu as Dr. Yang, a 19th century Chinese Zorro dispensing herbal medicines by day, and masked justice by night to foil a corrupt governor. Later, a traveling Shoulin Master, Wong (played by Donnie Yen), and his son .. can we say the real Karate Kid! .. arrive in Dr. Yang's provincial hometown, only to be snared in a dragnet meant to catch Iron Monkey, leaving his son jailed and Wong forced into trapping the bandit to win his son's freedom . Plenty of action and zestful enthusiasm, which justified an American re-release eight years after its Hong Kong debut.

Italian Job (2003)
It has the same title as the 1969 thriller starring Michael Caine, but this remake stands on its own as a caper comedy , but the fun is the a boat chase through, under, and around Venice; plus a set of tricked-out Mini-Cooper cars zooming through the sewer pipes of LA If you liked the remake of Oceans 11, you'll like this redo..

Jacket (2005)
A story of Gulf War veteran (Adrien Brody), who is suffering partial amnesia. He ends up at a mental institution after being found not guilty, by reason of insanity, for killing a police officer, a crime which he did not commit. He is subjected to a treatment by doctor Kris Kristofferson which consists of administering mind altering medication, strapping the patient into a straight jacket and placing the in a morgue drawer. This film has a lot of flash backs/forwards/sideways, so it can get confusing at times .. It is a time-traveling sci-fi thriller that looks marvelous but never untangles itself from its own ambitions.

Jarhead (2005)
Jake Gyllenhall plays a Marine enlistee who is quickly selected for an elite sniper unit by a career staff sergeant, played with gusto by Jamie Foxx. Their company is deployed as Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait in 1990. Here is a kid stuck is a situation he regrets, hoping that the longer he closes his eyes, the quicker he'll be home again, it focuses on inner struggles amidst a bland and unsettling environment. The obligatory "coming home" epilogue feels just that … obligatory,

Jet Lag (2002)
Two strangers, stranded in the Paris airport, meet and share more than just a croissant and an espresso. Juliette Binoche is a beautician who's leaving Paris to get away from her boyfriend, hopefully for the last time. She runs into Jean Reno, a ex chef now a businessman, at the airport and asks to use his cell phone. Soon the cell phone humor is rampant, as whoever Juliette called uses the caller ID to call her back, which means they keep having to interact. It leads to the film's major set piece, a lengthy scene at a hotel where they must stay for the night when their flights are canceled. These two French actors make a perfect odd couple, being complete cinematic opposites of what they have been known for .

Johnny English (2003)
Rowan Atkinson plays Johnny English, an inept agent (think Inspector Clouseau) who's England's last hope, when his uncontrollable bungling blows up all of England's first and second string spies. He must track down the stolen crown jewels from the Tower of London and capture John Malkovich who stole them, and is a French businessman whose plan is to install himself as the King of England. Natalie Imbruglia is English's love interest and fellow agent, but is in the movie more for eye candy. One of the better moments is a car chase scene where English in his car is suspended from a tow truck zooming through the streets..

Joint Security Area (2000)
This politically astute film is its country's top domestic box-office draw ever and has gotten raves at film festivals around the world. It is an intelligent murder mystery set at the only meeting point between North and South Korea, whose tragic solution reveals the war zone's tension between hate and humanity. There's added tension because the Koreans see each other as bitter enemies and blood brothers at the same time, and that conflict is at the heart of the film. Korean with some English and subtitles.

Jumper (2008)
Hayden Christensen can jump from the head of the Sphinx to a surfing beach in the Pacific to the inside of a bank vault to the Coliseum in Rome - all he needs to do is visualize it and he's there. However Samuel L. Jackson is a honcho of the Paladins, who track and execute jumpers. Religious zealots, the Paladins see jumpers as unnatural abominations. Hayden invites Millie (Rachel Bilson) a high school love to Rome, a city she's always hoped to visit. In Rome, however, he learns that he's not alone, another jumper, Jamie Bell, reveals himself, just in time for a confrontation with several Paladins in the Roman Coliseum. The rest of the film is taken up with Hayden trying to stay alive by staying away from Jackson. Visually its decorated with state-of-the-art special effects and furious action sequences.

Kill Bill Volume 1 (2003)
First off it has one of the better opening scenes I've ever witnessed. Uma Thurman is completely convincing as a vengeful woman nearly killed on her wedding day, and seeks revenge. There is nothing in the film except killing, death, devastation, and blood that keeps on squirting ! It's fascinating to watch for a while, but in the end it becomes almost numbing. But hey I liked the anime!

Kill Bill Volume 2 (2004)
I was expecting more slash-n-spurt swordplay and cool and bloody vignettes introducing the characters, keep on expecting, because you get a whole lotta talk More back story is provided in the form of The Bride's tutelage under master Pai Mei relationship between Bud and Bill, and the ultimate fates of all involved, including the reason for Elle's missing eye.

King Arthur (2004)
The legend of King Arthur is one of the best known stories of the English language. Unfortunately this version should be subtitled Flying Arrows, Bloody Daggers !! There is one well-paced standoff on an icy lake, but most battles feature Arthur riding through crowds on horseback, swinging his sword mightily. At first, this looks cool; after the third time, you think, "Hey, he'd be pretty good at polo." hehehheee.

Kingdom (2007)
Four American FBI specialists make an unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia in the wake of a bombing on a Saudi military base that has left hundreds, both Saudi and American dead. The team, led by Jamie Foxx, must cooperate with the local police and adhere to local customs. Ashraf Barhom, who plays the Saudi police officer assigned to help the FBI, does a excellent performance in the film. This is a action/drama with lots of CSI style detective work and gritty urban combat but it is more like Syriana by way of Black Hawk Down .

Kingdom Of Heaven (2005)
Orlando Bloom stars as Balian, a young Frenchman in Medieval Jerusalem during the Crusades, who having lost everything, finds redemption in a heroic fight against overwhelming forces to save his people and fulfill his destiny as a knight. With the numerous releases of similar historical epics the last few years, "Heaven" except for some visually stunning shots offers nothing to separate itself from the pack.

King Kong (2005)
The film focuses on a desperate filmmaker ,Carl Denham, played by Jack Black in the 1930's who leads a crew to what appears to be a deserted island and the perfect setting for his next picture. Before the trip, Carl discovers an aspiring actress Ann, played by Naomi Watts and a slumming playwright .Adrien Brody to board the Venture, a steam ship headed to the mysterious Skull Island. The first hour is kinda lame and tame, but once they get to the island, lookout, it's non stop action with giant millipedes, spiders, dinosaurs, bats, and other assorted creatures. Of course, there's Kong's last stand on the Empire State building., if you have a fear of heights, then it may be advisable to take deep breaths here.

Kiss The Girls (1997)
Morgan Freeman, goes on the manhunt for a serial killer , who is calling himself Casanova, and collects his victims and only kills them if they break his rules. Like Dr. Kate McTiernan (Ashley Judd), who manages to escape the clutches of the serial kidnapper, and teams up with detective Morgan to locate her sick captor and the rest of the victims including Freeman's niece.. Freeman is good, as always, that's the reason this movie gets a higher grade. The plot contains some clever twists and turns, but in the end, this is just another killer-of-the-week movie.

Kite Runner (2007)
The movie begins in 1978 Afghanistan, detailing a friendship between young boys Amir (Zekeria Ebrahimi) and Hassan (Ahmad Khan Mahmidzada, they win as the best kite runners in Kabul. The contest calls for flying the brightly colored kites across town and "cutting" the highest number of competitors' strings until the last one is standing. Soon after Amir witnesses the sexual assault of Hassan by a group of older neighborhood bullies. When the Soviet invasion comes the following year, Amir, flees with father Baba (Homayon Ershadi) to America, and Hassan, the son of a servant, have broken all remaining ties. Its a story of the havoc of war,and life in Afghanistan following the fall of the Taliban told from a personal and a societal perspective.

K-19: The Widowmaker (2002)
Harrison Ford plays a submarine captain who the Russian government has time limits dictated that demand the barely completed and untested submarine put to sea. The Soviet Union want to use a new sub as a deterrent to any potential US nuclear attacks and want it to take up residence close enough to the US seaboard. Along the way, the nuclear reactor cooling line ruptures, and its temperature starts to increase. The one-upmanship between the US and Russia during the cold war is an extreme example of what can quickly happen when two adversaries are unable to find common ground.

Knowing (2009)
A time capsule is buried on school grounds that it won't be opened until 2009. Students are asked to submit a drawing of their idea on what the world will look in 50 years. Lara Robinson hears voices and they instruct her put on her sheet a seemingly random series of numbers. A half-century later, the capsule is opened, that sheet comes into the possession of Chandler Canterbury, who shows it to his astrophysicist father, Nicolas Cage, who becomes obsessed by the paper and determines that its a listing of the major disasters that have occurred over the past 50 years, and also three future events. As Cage runs around trying to stop the upcoming disasters, he (and his son) are dogged by spectral blond men-in-black angel types.

Kung Fu Hustle (2004)
This is a sporadically enjoyable blend of martial arts fantasy, comedy, and melodrama. Stephen Chow the director tips his hat to American Westerns here ... and American musicals -- think West Side Story. .Choreographed by Yuen Woo-Ping .. the martial arts choreographer for The Matrix films, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Kill Bill, among others. Good special effects and Kung Fu fighting, which combine physical comedy, wirework, and CGI, all to a delirious, often hilarious effect.

Kung Fu Mah Jung 2 (2005)
The Husband-Wife duo from Kung Fu Hustle, Yuen Qiu and Yuen Wah are the main attractions in this story of competition for the world mahjung championship. Auntie Fei (Yuen Qiu) is the real star for the kung fu action and comedy in this one. Knowledge of mahjong is a must to fully understand this movie. Cantonese with English subtitles

Kung Fu Panda (2008)
Po the Panda (voice of Jack Black) is the fat, lazy outsider, who has long harboured a dream to practise kung fu alongside the Five Masters of the art--Tigress (Angelina Jolie), Crane (David Cross), Mantis (Seth Rogen), Viper (Lucy Liu), and Monkey (Jackie Chan). When he gets accidentally selected to become the fabled Dragon Warrior, and tries desperately to prove himself to wise old Master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman). Villainous Tai Lung (Ian McShane) has broken out of prison and vows to destroy everything in his path, Po could very well be the only hero able to defeat Lung and save the land.

Kung Phooey (2003)
This low-budget action comedy is still quite entertaining with deceptively sharp comic timing and fast-moving jokes. I mean when the young lad learns kung fu at the Shur Li Temple, by Master Loc , Master Key And Master Card.. and the scene reminscent of the TV show King Fu is a treat with Art Chew (have a cold ?) walking in the sand .

L.A. Confidential (1997)
Based on James Ellroy's novel about the movie industry, corrupt cops, tabloid journalism, gangsters and sexual obsessions of every kind, the movie is set in 1950's Los Angeles. The jailing of a major mob boss leaves a power void that leads to a turf war. Then comes the Night Owl Cafe massacre, where six victims, including an ex-cop are brutally gunned down. There are three cops on the job: Russell Crowe, a tough guy who believes that violence solves almost everything and is willing to break the rules to obtain results. The second, Kevin Spacey, prefers the spotlight, he's the high-profile technical advisor to a cop TV series. and helps and feed info to Danny DeVito of Hush Hush a tabloid magazine. Finally, there's Guy Pearce, a by-the- book cop who thinks he can rise through the ranks. Add James Cromwell as the chief of police, Kim Basinger as a prostitute and David Strathairn as a tycoon who pimps look-alike hookers.

Ladder 49 (2004)
Joaquin Phoenix is Jack Morrison firefighter, and when he becomes injured and trapped in a burning building and not sure he'll ever get out, Jack begins to relive the choices he's made since his days as a rookie firefighter. In a series of flashbacks ... the things Jack holds most important -- family, duty, courage -- come sharply into focus. This is not an action movie, this is a drama, but has fires so big and close that you can almost taste the flames . Oh did I mention John Travolta is the Captain !

Lady In Cement (1968)
Frank Sinatra is Tony Rome is a private eye who is out diving for lost Spanish treasure and discovers, a woman at the bottom of the ocean with cement shoes on, he is out to find out just how she got there . Tony is approached by Dan "Bonanza" Blocker, to track down a dame named Sandra, who sounds strikingly familiar to the soggy corpse. Rome also questions rich alcoholic Raquel Welch, who threw a party attended by Sandra the night she died. The movie is trying to be a tense detective story and the next it is a whimsical comedy, people get killed and Rome often finds himself in tough situations.

Lady In The Water (2006)
Paul Giamatti plays an apartment manager who finds an other world water nymph named Story (Bryce Dallas Howard) in the pool, then sets out to help her return to her home, while protecting her from the creatures determined to stop her going home. For the most part, the dialogue is embarrassing, it's also difficult to determine how much of the film's humor is intentional and how much is unplanned. Maybe all the bad lines and words are supposed to be funny in a campy way. M. Night Shyamalan describes "Lady in the Water" as a bedtime story, basing the movie on a book he wrote for his kids. I think he should have kept it only for them!

Lakeview Terrace (2008)
An interracial couple Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington move into their first home, which happens to be next to a cop Samuel L. Jackson, a widowed father of two who doesn't take kindly to the pairing paraded in front of him. The situation escalates into one of those in which it seems that people of good intentions cannot win out over people of bad intentions. Jackson begins a pattern of intimidation against them in order to underline the idea that it might be a better idea for them if they moved somewhere else. When the increasingly unhinged policeman, harried on the job as well as at home, decides to deal with the couple more decisively, the film culminates in a series of events that cheapen the material

Lake House (2006)
Sandra Bullock is a doctor who gave up her lake house for a downtown apartment to move nearer to her Chicago hospital job. Keanu Reeves is a burnt-out architect moving into the same house to wrestle with his past. Finding a simple request, please forward her mail to a new address in Chicago , Kenanu sends a reply only to discover their distance isn't in miles but years. Using the lake house enchanted mailbox as their way to connect through two years of separation, him in 2004 and her in 2006. The movie demands a serious suspension of disbelief, but if you accept it as a romantic bit of nonsense, it has its moments. It is based on the Korean film "Il Mare" ... Why can't American films create there own stories!

Land of the Dead (2005)
Zombies have overrun the world, and humanity has been forced into walled in cities to survive, with special mercenary units going out to find fresh supplies. Simon Baker is the leader of one such unit, working for the man in charge Dennis Hopper. He has to go on one last mission to stop John Leguizamo, his second-in-command, from destroying the city in his own bid for power. This classic horror done by George A. Romero's is filled with wit and solid characters, he piles on the shocks, the blood, the action, the humor and the politics.

Last Casino (2004)
Math teacher (Charles Martin Smith) with a get-rich-quick scheme recruits his best math students (Kris Lemche, Albert Chung and Katherine Isabelle) to play cards in casinos across Canada. Things get tricky when the debt owing teacher informs them that their front man (Julian Richings) wants restitution for loses of supposedly $500,000 Canadian in a weeks time.

Last Chance Harvey (2008)
Dustin Hoffman (Harvey) is a professional jingle writer in New York, though his job is in a shaky position. He has to leave to go to London for his daughters wedding, they are more good friends than they are father and daughter. When he arrives at the Heathrow airport , he meets a employee named (Kate) Emma Thompson. After a rocky start, they spend a wonderful afternoon together, and this is despite the fact that they don't know very much about each other. He goes to the wedding but leaves to go back to New York., he meets Kate when he's back at the airport and they strike up a conversation, and take a walk around the neighborhood, we can all see where this is going, Harvey and Kate's gradual coming together. One might say this is a classic romantic comedy, but it more about starting over and about love.

Last Emperor (1987)
When Pu Yi ascended the throne in Peking in 1908, he was only 3 years old. From his short-lived reign to his arrest as a counterrevolutionary in Red China in 1950, he spent his life as little more than a pawn of those who wished to further their own agendas. It is a examination of the passing of the old world of monarchs and the divine rights of kings, part of the problem with the film is that it documents an apparently boring man. Through much of his life, Pu Yi maintained a nominal position of authority but actually he was completely distanced from the reality of the world. According to this film, he wasn't even a witness to history; all these events occurred well out of his view. In the end, we are left feeling disgusted with all the regimes and sympathetic with the last emperor, who in many ways was just along for the ride.

Last King of Scotland (2006)
The movie peers into the troubled African nation Uganda, it explores the turmoil and troubles surrounding the country's darkest recent period ... the Idi Amin regime. In 1970, a young Scottish doctor named Nicholas Garrigan (James McAvoy) comes to Uganda around the time that a military coup puts General Idi Amin (Forest Whitaker) into power. Garrigan tends to the dictator for a minor ailment, and Amin is impressed by the young Scottish doctor, and asks him to be his private physician . True violence only comes late, but when it arrives it's stark and unrestrained, and becomes more and more apparent that this is not a film for the faint-hearted.

La Vie en Rose (Mome, La) (2007)
This biopic of the French icon singer Edith Piaf, France's best singer of the last century. She is depicted as a ill-fated poor soul suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction and a volatile personality, who passed away due to cancer at the early age of 47 in 1963. Marion Cotillard, is totally absorbed by her role, she has been transformed into the ugly duckling that was the young Piaf and the tormented creature she was on street corners, brothels, circus tents, cabarets and finally large luxurious music halls late in her life with much success. Yet another story told in a non-linear fashion, jumping through time, without always pointing out the chronologies. In French with English subtitles

Law Abiding Citizen (2009)
Gerard Butler , whose wife and daughter are murdered by a couple of common house burglars. He gets 'annoyed' when the district attorney Jamie Foxx tells him that he's made a deal that will put one of the killers on death row, but will free the other one in a few years who actually did the killing. Ten years later, the seemingly mild mannered inventor, Butler brutally kills the two men involved in the crime. He's quickly arrested for the crime, but this turns out to just be the beginning of his vengeance as he is out to get not only the murderers, but everyone involved in the prosecution and defense of his case. It's more about how broke our criminal justice system really is.

Layer Cake (2005)
British underground gangster flick which has enough twists and turns to keep the audience guessing , or confused. Charming but potentially violent guys at the middle level, gray-haired men with purchased respectability and idiotic screw-ups at the bottom. Theres more plots than in a cemetery in this one. If you don't mind missing some of the dialogue because of thick English accents . It stars Daniel Craig, Colm Meany, Michael Gambon, Sienna Miller, George Harris.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)
The year is 1899 and another megalomaniac, is out to conquer the world or just make a ton of dough or some such thing by starting a Great War. Try combining fiction's greatest characters into one setting, all being lead by Sean Connery, who leads the team of heroes to avert the threat. What you get is a literary action-adventure that will make the Hulk turn a new shade of green ... especially after watching Dr. Jekyll down a gulp of his transformation poison, plus you get Captain Nemo, a Dracula-ess, The Invisible Man, Professor Moriorty, Dorian Gray, and even Tom Sawyer !!

Leaving Las Vegas (1995)
Nicolas Cage, in an Oscar-winning performance, along with Elizabeth Shue both give top performances . Shue as a prostitute meets up with Cage, an alcoholic, whom both live together to share their deteriorating lives. This film is not for most people; it's very morose and gruesome at times

Legend Of Gingko ( 2000)
This is kind of a fantasy movie a la Conan the Barbarian, with an Asian touch for the visuals and setting, mixed with romance and medieval sword fights. Good and evil isn't portrayed as black and white, we see two rival clans, but both have their motives to fight for the survival of their people, which means suffering for their opponents. Before you know it, a lot of people – and I do mean a lot are losing their heads.

Legend Of Zorro (2005)
Antonio Banderas once again dons the black mask and mounts his trusty steed to fight evildoers. This sequel willingly heads toward the wasteland of kiddie cinema. While moments are fun, "Legend" sorely lacks inspiration and spark. The plot is about a European conspiracy to throttle the nascent power of the United States. Catherine Zeta Jones as his wife, who divorces him, and "Zorro Jr" (Adrian Alonso) who utters 'You want a piece of me' to one of the baddies.

Lethal Weapon 4 ( 1998)
Stars Mel Gibson and Danny Glove, yea, it's the same old shtick they've done in the other Lethal Weapon movies, but it still exudes some magical pull that sucks you in, with Jet Li as the main villain, a human killing machine, adding some Kung Fu action. Plus the genuinely exciting, extravagantly ridiculous highway chase scene that's no less thrilling for its implausibility.

Letters From Iwo Jima (2006)
Iwo Jima was the only place the Japanese had controlled before the War that the Americans had not yet seized. What should have been a one or two-day cakewalk turned into a forty-day ordeal. General Kuribayashi(Ken Watanabe), conceives the defense of the island against the traditional strategy employed up to that point. He orders his men to dig a series of tunnels into the depths of Mt. Suribachi. It is a doomed defense, as the Japanese forces are far inferior both in number and weaponry, but Kuribayashi tells his men that it is worth it to die defending the island if it means one more day of freedom for their loved ones back home. After Director Clint Eastwood completed filming Flags of Our Fathers, he decided to create the companion film telling the story from the Japanese side of the war.

Les Fils Du Vent - Yamakasi 2 (2004)
Acrobatic do-gooders take on gangsters of three great nations in this action-packed sequel to the French box-office smash Yamakasi. The Yamakasi are a team of crime fighters who can scale buildings and urban towers with the ease of a fly walking up the wall. Featuring real-life extreme sports practitioners - the Yamakasi. If you're not familiar with these guys, the Yamakasi is as close to real life Spidermen as you can get. The group of fearless athletes goes to Bangkok to open a free gym for orphaned kids. But once there they encounter a gang of Thai thugs who, betraying their own heritage have pledged allegiance to the Japanese Yakuza aiming to destroy the local Chinese triad and gain control of the city. Plenty of high flying action in this one .

Levity (2003)
After spending twenty plus years in prison for killing a clerk during a convenient store robbery, Billy Bob Thornton is released with a sole yearning of searching for forgiveness. He returns to the same territory where the killing took place , and comes under the employ of preacher-man Morgan Freeman. All he can hope for is a small measure of forgiveness from his victim's sister HollyHunter, as his involvement with Holly deepens, Thorton realizes that he can no longer prolong the inevitable and must come clean with her, regardless of the consequences. Add in Kirsten Dunst, a teenager whose partying lifestyle is a desperate attempt to mask the emptiness of her life. The movie emphasizes that our moments of redemption are often overwhelmed by our own problems and the sheer difficulties of existence.

Live Free or Die Hard (2007)
Bruce Willis is back and larger than life as NYPD Detective John McClane, as we find the grizzled gumshoe taking on a presumably routine assignment, to deliver a kid named Matt Farrell (Justin Long) to the FBI for questioning. But soon after McClane picks up Matt, it becomes quite clear that this computer hacker has enemies who will stop at nothing to prevent him from reaching the Bureau's headquarters in Washington, DC. They're both attacked by the henchmen of the man responsible, Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant), a computer mastermind and disgruntled government worker who wants to use the flaws in the country's computer security system to take the whole country down. John McClane is "a Timex watch in a digital age," as the film's villain describes him, uses old school brute force to save the day. A good popcorn flick that doesn't require a lot of thought, as it successfully captures the feel as the fourth installment of the "Die Hard" franchise with a few cool modern-day twists. It's a macho escapism armed with a good heist, good villains, good heroes, and enough intelligence to stay out of its own hell-bent way.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1999)
Four blokes pool their small-time criminal resources to come up with 100,000 pounds to get card sharp Eddy into a high stakes game. Unfortunately, he is victimized by some dirty dealing, and ends up half a million pounds in debt . There are over a dozen characters in this shoot-and-steal tale, they look, dress and act remarkably alike, adding to the confusion. The music was nice .

Lovely Bones (2009)
Told in the first person, it is the story of a 14-year-old suburban girl named Susie Salmon (Saoirse Ronan) who, in 1973, is raped and murdered by one of her neighbors (Stanley Tucci). When she finds herself in a place that is magical and mysterious somewhere between heaven and earth, she begins to reach out to the family she left behind. Mark Wahlberg gradually falls apart under the strain of his daughter's fate. There are some visually stunning scenes in Susie's afterlife.

Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)
Geena Davis plays a suburban mother with amnesia who with the help of private eye Samuel L Jackson finds out that she's really a government assassin. As naive Geena transforms into a brutal assassin, Jackson goes from being the strong one to the one who's deep over his head. Jackson is the film's punching bag. Davis suffers the more "feminine" tortures -- freezing, drowning, outrunning exploding grenades and machine gun bullets. The big plus in this action movie is that it constantly keeps the tone serious and consistent.

Lord Of War (2005)
Based on fact, a decade-spanning narrative begins in the Russian immigrant enclave of Brighton Beach, New York, where Nicholas Cage embarks on his lucrative career by selling guns to local mobsters. Eventually he moves on to the international arms trade. He's so rich that he's able to convince his dream girl, Bridget Moynahan, to marry him all while dealing with and arming some of the most sadistic leaders in the world. Yet another rebuke of slipshod foreign policies based on capitalism and empire building on the backs of desperate African nations.

Lorelei: The Witch Of The Pacific Ocean (2005)
Based on a story by best-selling author Sawai Hare , the starring sub the I-507, is a gift of the dying Nazi empire to the Japanese Navy in the closing days of the war. This sleek behemoth is equipped with imaging technology that is far in advance of the era's primitive sonar, its actually hooked up to a young women. The mission, after the A-bomb attack on Hiroshima, is to intercept U.S. ships carrying more such weapons to Tinian Island, the base for B-29 bombing runs to Japan. Features Yakusho Koji and Tsumabuki Satoshi. Japanese with English subtitles and when the Americans speak its in English with Japanese subtitles.

Lost Room (2006)
A policeman (Peter Krause) investigating a bizarre murder comes across a key that gains one access to what can only be described as an intra-dimensional motel room through which one can in turn travel to anywhere in the world. When his daughter (Elle Fanning) is kidnapped and then is lost in the room, Krause begins a quest to get her back. Peter Jacobson joins him since he has a bus pass that transports people. We discover there are many objects originally collected from this room, each with extraordinary powers. Fighting for the objects is wealthy father Kevin Pollak, obsessed with curing his cancerous son with the objects. Even if the end is a bit of a letdown, the journey is worth it. This was a Sci-Fi Channel mini-series.

Lucky Number Slevin (2006)
A wise-cracking young man (Josh Hartnett) who is mistaken for someone else, is a wrong-man-in-the-wrong-place type of hero swept up in a gang war of two crime bosses. (Sir Ben Kingsley and Morgan Freeman), add in a mysterious hit man (Bruce Willis) , a curious lady coroner (Lucy Liu) and a bloody body count that keeps growing. Though not everything is what it seems to be. Liu and Hartnett have several good bantering moments together.

Lust, Caution (Se, jie) (2007)
It's WWII, and the setting is Shanghai 1942 and the Japanese occupation of this Chinese city continues. Tang Wei plays a young, naive theater student who gets caught up in a patriotic student rebellion that evolves into an assassination attempt of Mr. Yee (Tony Leung), a wealthy Chinese man who has traitorously sold out his countrymen by working for the Japanese. It is most effective as a meditative tale of the personal cost of life of Wei as a female spy. This is not a feel good story of beauty meeting the beast, but rather a perverted romantic longing and political intrigue. Mandarin with English subtitles.

Machinist (2004)
Christian Bale, the man who will be 'Batman' dropped so much weight he makes Calista Flockhart look like Star Jones . He has lost the ability to sleep, but this is no ordinary insomnia, Bale has not slept in a year. Things actually manage to get much worst for our poor guy when out of the blue, his surroundings tries to do him in. Is the lack of sheep-counting fogging Trevor's noggin or is there really a target spray-painted on his back? The film itself is a twisty psychological thriller that is motivated by emotion and character rather than trickery or sleight of hand.

Madagascar (2005)
At the Central Park Zoo, Marty the Zebra ( Chris Rock) is having a mid-life crisis over whether or not there's something more to life than living the pampered existence of a zoo animal. He escapes and his friends Alex the lion (Ben Stiller), Gloria the hippo (Jada Pinkett Smith), and Melman the giraffe (David Schwimmer) go after him. The animals are captured and shipped off only to be cast off due to some rascally penguins. They wind up on Madagascar and the natives are restless. This movie is composed mainly of slapstick and other examples of decidedly low-brow humor. Be it a character repeatedly running into objects (trees, etc.) or a sequence in which one character thinks everyone around him are hunks of meat. One of the penguins sum it up "Well, this sucks."

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008)
This sequel returns the characters from the first film: Alex the dancing lion (voice of Ben Stiller), Marty the zebra (Chris Rock), Melman the giraffe (David Schwimmer), and Gloria the hippo (Jada Pinkett Smith). They take off in a makeshift airplane to go home in New York but they fall far short of their destination, and gets them only as far as Africa and a protected wildlife preserve. The unexpected landing reunites him with his father Zuba (Bernie Mac), who would very much like to see his son take over as leader of the pack, to the chagrin of another lion (Alec Baldwin) out for his own power. But the danger is ever-present here, whether it's from poachers, volcanoes, drought, misguided sea creatures, or a little old lady.

Maiden Heist (2009)
Three security guards ... William H Macy , Christopher Walken and Morgan Freeman embark on a plan to save the art they hold dear, when they learn the pieces are being transferred to another museum. Marcia Gay Harden is Walken's wife and she puts a kink into their plans. It's a light-hearted caper, with some twists and turns and even a naked William H Macy.

Magic Christian (1970)
Peter Sellers is a eccentric millionaire who on a whim, adopts a homeless bum (Ringo Starr). They then travel about, playing nasty tricks on primarily the rich. People are induced by cash to do embarrassing and/or unprincipled things, leading up to a condemnation that comes in the form of the first voyage of a steamer called The Magic Christian. There are lots of big name stars who appear in cameo roles, and the movie has a hippie, dippy score anchored by the signature tune, Paul McCartney's "Come and Get It."

Magic Man (2009)
Billy Zane stars as Las Vegas magician Krell Darius. Tatiana (Estelle Raskin) goes to Las Vegas with her two friends, Elena and Vera. She just happens to be the daughter of a magician's assistant killed on stage during an illusion gone wrong which it turns out may not have been an accident after all. As Tatiana digs deeper into what Darius may or may not know, events take a sinister turn, one by one, Tatiana's friends are found brutally murdered. Las Vegas police detectives Simpson (Robert Davi) and Orloff (Alexander Nevsky), seek answers. Meanwhile, Tatiana uses some of her own magic to uncover the mystery of her mother's death and track down the real killer.

Mama Mia ! (2008)
Amanda Seyfried is about to marry Dominic Cooper, having been raised by single mother Meryl Streep on an out-of-the-way Greek island. Amanda has never known her father, but after reading pages from her mother's diary, she discovered three possible candidates: Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, and Stellan Skarsgard. Since she doesn't know which of these men is her dad, she invites all three to her wedding. When they arrive on the island and encounter Meryl, singing and dancing ensues. The movie delivers what one can reasonably expect from it, a faithful adaptation of the stage play of the same name,and a vehicle for ABBA songs - about two dozen in total.

Man, The (2005)
Dental supply man Eugene Levy who is a polite guy who matches wits with ATF officer Samuel L. Jackson who gets a tip where a big gun sale is about to go down. He is scheduled to meet the bad guy at a coffee shop, to which the bad guy arrives and think that the contact is Levy. It seems like its been a long time since we've had one of this awkward buddy pairings, where the two mismatched souls try to solve some wacky caper. It's watch-able for the most part, only because the two actors in question seem to enjoy each others company.

Manchurian Candidate (2004)
While this is not like the 32 year old original, here you have brainwashed children of politicians; a corrupt, domineering, mother; and a global conspiracy to take over the US government through the use of mindless drones. The story unfolds like a overused travel map (slow and messy); and you focus instead on the fact that it looks slick and the performances are decent by the three leads Denzel Washington , Liev Schreiber and Meryl Streep who goes over-the-top to be downright nasty and throws in a few hints of incest to raise the creepy factor for good measure.

Manhunter (1986) (DVD 2001)
This is a story which focuses on a former FBI agent (William Petersen) who nabbed the infamous serial killer Hannibal Lecktor, and his attempt to track down a maniac who has been ritualistically slaughtering entire families. He is called into action by his old friend at the Bureau Dennis Farina. Playing a man with internal emotional struggles, Petersen puts believability and sincerity above everything else. While he's almost always deathly serious in this movie, his performance never sinks into the depths of melodrama.

Man of the House (2005)
Tommy Lee Jones as a Texas Ranger and his partner Liz Vassey, are pursuing a drug dealer, during their attempted capture of him, the criminal is shot by an unknown gunman. The only witnesses to the crime are five University of Texas cheerleaders - In order to keep the investigation alive, Sharp agrees to take the girls into protective custody, by moving into the house which they all share. Comic relief is provided by Cedric the Entertainer as a ex-con/ex-cheerleader minister.

March Of The Penguins (2005)
This documentary is all about commitment, dedication, overcoming hardship, the brutality of the cruel world, and love - all the things you could ask for from any emotional drama or heart-wrenching romance... oh yeah, it's all from the point of view of some very tough little birds, as told by Morgan Freeman. Every year, all the adult emperor penguins trek across 70 miles of frozen tundra to gather at their breeding ground. They will then take turns shielding their egg , and, later, chick from the cold, and then will take turns going to the sea to feed while the other watches the baby. Visually its a stunning account with the contrast of the harsh climate against the penguins, plus Morgan's narration doesn't hurt either !

Marksman (2005)
Chechen terrorists threaten to detonate a nuclear plant, the U.S. government calls in the best man (Wesley Snipes) they can find to stop them. Later he uncovers evidence that he was set up, and it's the US missiles that will trip the live reactor. And so begins a race against time as he attempts to disarm a target whose detonation will trigger the death of thousands and topple two world powers. It's full of action, thing blowing up, guns a blazing , the adrenaline runs high in this espionage thriller.

Marley & Me (2008)
Based on the book by the real John Grogan of collected columns about his own life. Newlyweds John (Owen Wilson) and Jennifer (Jennifer Aniston) Grogan have relocated to South Florida to start their careers as newspaper reporters. To help nudge along the dream of a baby in the house, the couple try on a dog for size, who is a wild, misbehaving, impossible-not-to-love-him-even-when-he's-driving-you-crazy dog, named after Bob Marley.

Mask Of Zorro (1998)
An aging Don Diego de la Vega (Anthony Hopkins) dons his Zorro mask and cape to spoil a public execution ordered by the unjust ruler Don Rafael Montero (Stuart Wilson) who discovers Zorro's real identity, Montero's men accidentally kill Diego's wife, and they then imprison him and leave the fate of his infant daughter Elena (Catherine Zeta-Jones) in Monteros hands. After twenty years in prison Hopkins escapes and plots revenge until he comes across a younger man that has the same goal (Antonio Banderas), he takes it upon himself to train Banderas and show him the ways of Zorro so that he can betray the murder of his brother. In the end the film's action has fashioned a tone that is almost tongue-in-cheek, though there is plenty of swordplay, pursuits and explosions.

Matador (2006)
Pierce Brosnan is "a facilitator of fatalities" which is just his fancy way of saying "hitman." Like all assassins he's a loner, following orders and going wherever the job takes him. He meets Greg Kinnear, who is on business in Mexico and Brosnan latches onto him like he's his only friend in the world, which he may well be, its about opposites attracting and hit man clichés. Kinnear is a great straight man for him and Hope Davis delivers a funny turn as the wife who goes all giddy not for the man, but for his gun. This movie is more a buddy film than a slam-bang action flick.

Matchstick Men ( 2003)
Phobia-addled con artist Nicolas Cage and his protégé Sam Rockwell are on the verge of pulling off a lucrative swindle when the unexpected arrival of Cage's teenage daughter Alison Lohman disrupts his carefully-ordered life and jeopardizes his high-risk scam. The movie is of a Con-artist genre, but throws in twists and operates well enough on a few levels to keep it from being too predictable.

Max Payne (2008)
Yet another video game turned into a movie. Throw in some Russian mobsters, shady businessmen, and winged demons (yep really!) Detective Mark Wahlberg is Max Payne who has spent the last three years hunting the killers of his wife and baby. Add in his father's former partner, Beau Bridges who works at the chemical company where Max's wife once worked. Toss in Internal Affairs cop Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges for fun. There are multiple outbreaks of gunplay while Valkyries, real or imagined fly over the characters.

Meet the Fockers (2004)
This sequel (original was Meet the Parents ) continues in the same vein as the original, making fun of Ben Stiller profession as a male nurse and using his last name in virtually every way possible to replace the sexual expletive. Robert De Niro and Blythe Danner play the straight laced parents of the bride, Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand, the parents of the groom. It is groom Ben Stiller's unenviable job to make peace between the two couples. You know the filmmakers are running low on inspiration when they resort to a toddler swearing for laughs—over and over again. A minor highlight is when Mr. Jinx the cat coolly flushes the Fockers' yapping dog down the toilet.

Memoirs Of A Geisha (2005)
A poor Japanese family is forced to sell their young daughters into servitude. Suzuka Ohgo and her sister are sent to a far away geisha district as virtual slaves.There was a controversial decision to cast three Chinese actresses into the roles of the Japanese geishas of the story, but, if you consider the international acclaim of star Ziyi Zhang (Hero & House of Flying Daggers), Gong Li and Michelle Yeoh and their familiarity to American and other audiences - versus the lack of any internationally known Japanese actresses, then the decision makes sense. Ziya yearns for the handsome man she meets when she is a child, Chairman (Ken Watanabe), his brief kindness to her during this first encounter leads her to imagine him as a sort of noble soul who will save her from her wretched life. It has lush production design, beautiful costumes and a majestic score, and great visuals .

Metro (1997)
Eddie Murphy is a hostage negotiator, he talks down the bad guys from what they're doing, and when things get really bad he has to take drastic action -- like shooting them. Maybe it's the fact that it is set in San Francisco, and they just couldn't resist a car chase through those hilly streets, plus throw in a hijacked cable car too. At least 50 stunt cars must have been totaled in just that one sequence. Towards the end, the female love interest of our hero is tied to a metal mechanism that will slice the girl's head off.

Miami Vice (2006)
Yet another TV show made into a movie, and except for The Fugitive which was decent, the rest were ho hum , and this one is also in the latter category. Its a cops vs. a drug cartel plot that you seen a dozen or more times already. Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx seem like they're acting in different movies. There's some explosions and plenty of gunfire... but that's it.

Michael Clayton (2007)
George Clooney plays the title character, an attorney who works as a "fixer". His firm sends him in to take care of difficult situations, he needs to take care of Tom Wilkinson, an attorney at his firm representing U-North ,who strips naked during a court deposition. The firm tries to protect UNorth from an class action connected to a weed killer that eliminated more than just weeds. It is a character-based legal drama that remains involving to the end.

Midnight Meat Train (2008)
Adapted from a short story from Clive Barker's Books Of Blood, this is a monstrous psycho thriller that concerns a spate of subway disappearances. It seems a serial killer "The Butcher" (Vinnie Jones ) is offing commuters unlucky enough to be riding the late night trains he lurks on. Photographer Bradley Cooper heads into the bowels of the city looking for unusual pictures, he finds them but, he also stumbles upon the Butcher and begins a one-man quest to capture the killer. His girlfriend Leslie Bibb try's to get him to stop the search. This movie, a splatter fest is unrelenting in its depiction of violence with plenty of blood and gore.

Midnight Run (1988)
Robert De Niro is a bounty hunter who is taking Charles Grodin back to LA after he skipped bail. Grodin, an accountant embezzled $15 million from mobster Dennis Farina and then gave it to charity ! Add the kinda-dumb mobsters chasing them, and the FBI guys who want to stop De Niro, even add another bounty hunter who wants to bring him back himself. This 'buddy' movie is an action comedy

Milk (2008)
A bio-picture about Harvey Milk (Sean Penn) , the San Francisco politician who was the first openly gay man elected to a major U.S. public office. Moving to San Francisco in the early 1970s with lover Scott (James Franco), Milk set up shop on Castro Street opening a camera store, finding friends quickly within the burgeoning gay community. They use the shop as headquarters for a ground-up campaign office, as Harvey runs for city supervisor ... three times before he wins in 1977. He finds both an ally and an opponent in another supervisor, Dan White (Josh Brolin), the man who will shoot him and pro-gay Mayor George Moscone (Victor Garber) to death

Million Dollar Baby (2004)
Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman play retired boxers running a gym. Enter Hilary Swank. She's too old to start boxing but she's too determined to quit. Why is she so determined? But it's not a boxing film, although it has boxing in it. What sets this film apart is what happens when the gloves are off. We are shown characters, we are given time to know them, we care about what happens to them.

Mindhunters (2004)
A troupe of FBI would-be profilers, have one test left to pass: solve a simulated murder on the training grounds of a military training island. Things quickly turn sour as the exercise turns deadly when a killer starts not only profiling them, but taking them out one by one. Stars Christian Slater, Kathryn Morris, Jonny Lee Miller, Patricia Velasquez, LL Cool J, Val Kilmer is not in the movie too much. The twists are never-ending. The finale, an underwater gun shootout allows you to watch the bullets completely miss their mark in slow motion. mmmmmmm

Minority Report (2002)
In 2054, a new system of crime fighting has been created, in which killers are arrested and convicted before they commit murder using a psychic technology. Tom Cruise spearheaded the project after the tragic loss of his son 6 years earlier, it is an intriguing and dark film . There is something frighteningly about the idea of an police force empowered to arrest criminals before they can break the law. Steven Spielberg produced and made sure that the brand names are in focus, guess he was practicing for the movie Terminal ad-a-thon.

Miracle At St. Anna (2008)
The movie starts out as a Postal worker shoots a customer in 1983, leading to the discovery of an important Italian artifact in his apartment. He tells the story of when he and three fellow soldiers of the 92nd Infantry were stuck behind enemy lines in Tuscany in World War II. For Derek Luke, Michael Ealy, Laz Alonzo, and Omar Benson Miller, the situation is grim, but hope arrives when they locate an isolated village in Tuscany with a welcoming populace. There are several intertwined stories involving the individuals and the team as a whole. The corny ending should have been cut from this long movie.

Mirrors (2008)
Former NYPD cop Kiefer Sutherland is having a tough time putting his life back together following a shooting incident that left him suspended from the force. He is hired as a night watchman at the condemned Mayflower department store, the site of a disastrous and deadly fire several years earlier. The former night watchman committed suicide under mysterious circumstances, and before long, Sutherland figures out that the store's haunted mirrors had something to do with it.We are not quite sure if he is actually being haunted by supernatural elements or if he is merely cracking under the pressure and guilt of killing a man and losing both his job and his family. Nothing new to see here except for the creepy idea that mirrors (or other reflective surfaces) harbor other planes of existence — some that may be very hostile to our being. Mirrors has a wildly convoluted plot and a dubious ending.

Mission Impossible : III (2006)
Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) of the Impossible Mission Force (IMF), has met and married a nurse named Julia (Michelle Monaghan) who thinks he's some kind of traffic safety engineer. Cruise is retired as an active agent in IMF, but he has stayed on to train new field agents., but he is pulled back into active duty when a former student of his is captured by evil arms dealer Owen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman). The murderous Owen is negotiating the sale of a deadly device called the Rabbit's Foot. So Cruise reluctantly rallies his IMF team, including good friend Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames ) and embarks on yet another impossible mission. Plenty of thrills, chills and explosions. It's a popcorn movie with some meat on its bones.

Monster House (2006)
The movie follows DJ (voiced by Mitchel Musso), his best friend Chowder (Sam Lerner) and Jenny (Spencer Locke) as they attempt to unravel the mystery of the foreboding house across the street from DJ's, the house has a lawn that seems to be alive. Anything that goes onto it gets swallowed by the earth or picked up and taken into the house by old man Nebbercracker (Steve Buscemi). It's funny, scary and graphically inventive. Because this story and these characters are so strong that you forget you're watching something animated, you're simply enthralled with the story-telling and the characters. Make no mistake about it, the movie is not aimed at kids—at least not young ones.

Moscow Heat (2005)
Michael York I a retired diplomat whose son, Andrew, a police investigator, has been killed by Russian gangsters in the illegal arms trade. With his mind set on revenge, York teams up with Robert Madrid, one of Andrew's detective colleagues, to fly to Moscow and find the killer. When the Detective is wounded and the Diplomat is arrested, they are assigned to be deported by a Russian Police Captain (Alexander Nevsky) , who becomes an unlikely accomplice in exacting their revenge on an international black market nuclear arms dealer. If your looking to catch some thrills, there's plenty to enjoy here, including some pretty brutal torture scenes.

Motorcycle Diaries (2004)
This is a South American film based on Ernesto "Che" Guevera's own travel writings, it fashions itself as a road trip buddy comedy. Ernesto Guevara (Gael Garcia Bernal) is an Argentinean medical student in 1952. Instead of finishing his last semester at school, he, along with his bio-chemist friend Alberto (Rodrigo de la Serna) climb on to a broken down Norton 500 motorcycle and tour South America on a journey of self-discovery that will change both of their lives forever Che becomes very distraught at witnessing the various injustices to humanity that he comes across in his journey. This is the same man who grew up to be the puppet of a dictator . In Spanish with subtitles.

Mr. Brooks (2007)
Kevin Costner is Mr. Brooks, a dedicated family man with one of the worst imaginary friends ever, he takes his orders from an inner voice that only he -- and we -- can hear played by William Hurt who won't leave him alone and would like Mr. Brooks to kill again. On his first night back to killing, however, there is one unexpected glitch in the plan: after leaving the blinds open to the bedroom window an amateur photographer, Dane Cook, takes photos and could turn in the killer to Detective Demi Moore, who specializes in tracking down serial killers. But he doesn't want to turn in the killer because he wants to watch Mr. Brooks kill. Its has a lot of sub plots and the main plot that's slow, convoluted and even more schizophrenic than Mr. Brooks himself.

Mr & Mrs Smith (2005)
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are a happily married couple who work as assassins for rival firms, neither is aware of the other's occupation. Mr. and Mrs. Smith discover a new source of excitement in their marriage, when they're assigned to assassinate each other...and that's when the real fun starts. The result is the ultimate action spectacle, the film also doesn't have the decency to give us a legitimate payoff, the film just … ends. There's a big violent action scene, and more ammunition and impressive pyrotechnics than Rambo ever laid eyes on ..

Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008)
The evil emperor (Jet Li) lies cursed for all eternity in his ancient tomb, after uniting China, he bargains with a sorceress (Michelle Yeoh) for the power of immortality. But when he betrays her and murders her true love, she transforms him into a terracotta statue, along with all of the warriors in his army. Luke Ford uncovers the lost tomb of the Emperor Han , it reawakens the fierce ruler from the after life, sending him on a quest for immortality. With a new mummy on the prowl, Brendan Fraser,Maria Bello, John Hannah, and spiritual warrior (Michelle Yeoh) team up to prevent Han from reaching Shangri-La and ruling the world with his infinite undead army. Director Rob Cohen likes to blow his sets up, the streets of Shanghai, where he can smash cars and blow them up; and finally the Chinese countryside, where Han's Computer Graphic soldiers fight a different set of CG soldiers.

Munich (2005)
The movie takes us back to the summer of 1972 as Palestinian terrorists kill 11 Israeli athletes at the Olympics. But this is the story of what happened after Israeli prime minister Golda Meir authorized the intelligence agency, the Mossad, to send assassination squads after the men responsible for organizing and financing the operation. The movie follows one of these five-man squads, it tends to meander as it progresses, and it becomes tough to follow situations and characters, and the overall thrust rambles at times. Punctuated by explosions or machine gunfire.

Murder By Death (1976)
First off this Comedy/Murder Mystery stars Peter Sellers, Peter Falk, Alec Guinness, David Niven, Maggie Smith, James Coco, Nancy Walker, Eileen Brennan, Elsa Lancheser, and Truman Capote. The characters are very specific parodies of the world's greatest detectives who have been invited to dinner at the mansion of eccentric millionaire Lionel Twain, to solve a murder that will be committed at the stroke of midnight, and he will give $1,000,000 to the detective who solves the case first. It pokes hilarious fun at every fictional detective you can think of and every cliché you've ever wanted to red pencil out of a script.

Mystic River (2003)
Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, and Kevin Bacon grew up in working-class Boston, but they drift apart after a terrible tragedy. Many years later, Sean's 19-year-old daughter is brutally murdered, which reconnect them. This is a film that begins well and then slowly spirals down until it becomes a mess of melodramatic theatrics, plodding scenes, and embarrassing moments of extreme coincidence and convenience.

Nacho Libre (2006)
Nacho (Jack Black) is a monk at a Mexican orphanage, he has lived there since he was a boy and has grown up to be the cook. He is unhappy that he can't provide enough food for the children, the other monks, and a beautiful nun named Sister Encarnación (Ana de la Reguera). But when a local wrestling contest offers a cash prize, he sees it as an opportunity to provide for the children and fulfill his life's dream of being a wrestler. While clever enough at times to moderately entertain adults, it's quite silly and sophomoric, with numerous gas emissions and gross-out jokes a-plenty.

Nancy Drew (2007)
Nancy Drew (Emma Roberts) is a spunky teenager from a small, quaint town that seems stuck in the 1950's. Her father (Tate Donovan) and her move to Los Angeles to a mansion . Although she has promised her father that she won't indulge in any sleuthing she learns that Dehlia Draycott (Laura Elena Harring), the glamorous movie star, was killed in the house in the 1980s, but her murder was never solved. Nancy begins piecing together clues from items left in the house, but she turns over one stone too many. There's a secret passageway, a creepy groundskeeper, a kidnapping involving actual chloroform, a hidden will, and all manner of detective-novel fun, a car chase and a bomb exploding .

National Treasure (2004)
Nicolas Cage stars as Benjamin Franklin Gates, yep thats his name ! Like many of the previous Gates down the family tree he is a treasure hunter, looking for artifacts that were buried by the free masons. Some ridiculous dialogue and a couple of plot devices are brought into play to bring the story along that won't make a bit of sense until later on. Some one called it a poor mans Raiders of the Lost Ark, not sure on that. but there are places where you think ah Indy !!!!!!!

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets (2007)
The sudden revelation that famous treasure hunter Nicolas Cage's family may have been involved in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln sends him rushing about the world looking for the proof that exonerates his family name and, coincidentally another stupendous treasure. In order to do this, he must track down clues found in a treasure map on a missing page of John Wilkes Booth's diary. This goal sends him to France, to England and eventually on a trip to kidnap the President of the United States. The answers to the mystery are found in a rumored "book of secrets" known only to the President. Accompanying Cage is his long-time assistant Justin Bartha. Cages ex Diane Kruger , his dad Jon Voight and his ex Helen Mirren. This film is unbelievable, sometimes silly and totally predictable, but it has action, a car chase, Indy like situations, and its a fun watch.

New Police Story (2004)
Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong inspector who unknowingly leads nine of his colleagues to their deaths while on the trail of bank robbers known as The Gang of Five. There are numerous adrenaline-pumping, mind-blowing action sequences, and with the added dramatic element, the spectacle is less sensational, less absurd. Jackie does less fighting , but delivers an amazing performance on camera. Chinese with English sub titles that sometimes get in the way of the scene.

Next (2007)
Nicolas Cage was born with the ability to see into his future, but only two minutes into the future, and only things directly affecting his life. With one exception, he has had one vision of a female (Jessica Biel) who comes into what appears as a waffle house, he has a time and where, but he doesn't know when and it could be weeks in the future. Cage spends most of Next evading the FBI, represented by Julianne Moore, who believes he can see into the future and determine when some Euro-terrorists will set off a nuclear bomb in L.A. Will the reluctant hero join the desperate race against the clock by daring to see what is Next? Here's the thing about the future: When you look at it, it changes. Because you looked at it. And that changes everything else.

Night At The Museum (2006)
Ben Stiller is hired as night watchman at the Museum of Natural History, the retiring guards (Dick Van Dyke, Mickey Rooney, and Bill Cobbs) seem to be a tight-lipped about the requirements of the position. He soon discovers that an ancient curse brings all the exhibits to life after the sun sets. Soon he's enlisting Teddy Roosevelt (Williams) to help negotiate peace between a miniature cowboy (Owen Wilson) and centurion (Steve Coogan), while Huns and Neanderthals run riot., not to mention lions, monkeys and dinosaurs. The movie does a good job of maintaining its balance between outright fantasy film for kids, and a comedy which adults can enjoy. Of course, the fantasy elements are top-notch.

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)
Ben Stiller ex-museum guard receives a distress call from miniature cowboy Owen Wilson, about evil Egyptian pharaoh Hank Azaria who plans to use a magical tablet to summon forth his army of the undead. General Custer is there to help Stiller, also some bobble-headed Einsteins and a giant marble Abraham Lincoln, coming down from The Lincoln Memorial to kick butt, plus sidekick Amy Adams' as Amelia Earhart .

Nightwatch (1997)
Ewan McGregor plays a law student who takes a job as a night watchman in a decrepit Los Angeles morgue. Business there is brisk, since a serial killer is butchering prostitutes and taking their eyes as trophies. Inspector Nick Nolte is not-so-hot on the case. Strange things begin happening at the morgue, as well as with Ewan's sadistic, thrill-seeking friend Josh Brolin, and he realizes he's being set up as the killer. The identity of the real killer is a big yawn I guessed who right away, and once he's exposed, the film becomes almost laughable.

Nobody's Fool (1994)
Paul Newman is a sixty-something-year-old man who rents a room from his grade school teacher (Jessica Tandy), does odd jobs for a construction boss (Bruce Willis), and flirts with the construction boss's wife (Melanie Griffith). The film is filled with little moments that reflect the reality of life, it delves on characters and relationships rather than action or major plot turns. It's a slice of life featuring working people in a small town.

No Country For Old Men (2007)
Josh Brolin comes across a drug deal gone wrong in the middle of the desert, but when he takes a suitcase filled with $2 million cash, he goes on the run to stay ahead from a ruthless creeepy psycho killer Javier Bardem who is hired to bring back the stolen money and shoot down whoever took it. Local sheriff (Tommy Lee Jones) a aging local cop who follows the trail of dead bodies left by Javier and tries to figure out who is responsible. Toss in Woody Harrelson as another dude looking for the money. Directors Joel and Ethan Coen have spent their career crafting stylish, visceral tales of crime, fixated on the aftermath of bad decisions. and this is another one.

Notebook (2004)
James Garner tells this love story, from an old notebook, to nursing home resident Gena Rowlands, who has Alzheimer's disease. He reads to her a love story set during the upheaval of World War II, in which two teenagers, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, from opposite sides of the social divide fall hopelessly in love. The two share a magical summer together, they really make us care for their thwarted love It's a assault on the tear ducts, as it is a big old-fashioned love story with enough bite at its center to keep from being overcome by its marsh coating, or sometimes syrupy dialogue.

Nothing But Trouble: (1991)
With Chevy Chase, Demi Moore, John Candy, and Dan Aykroyd, one would expect better, much better. The fact that Dan Aykroyd not only directed but also wrote this movie is depressingly disturbing. It's weird and over-the-top. Take, for instance, the scene involving a fun-house-type roller coaster train that twists along and launches its victims straight into a man-eating giant lawnmower blade invention, powered by fire breathing engines..

Now You See Me (2013)
Four street magicians Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco, are brought together by Michael Caine to form The Four Horsemen. They gain the FBI’s attention when they rob a bank while performing in Las Vegas, Interpol agent Melanie Laurent and FBI agent Mark Ruffalo are assigned to investigate, he meets ex-magician Morgan Freeman who’s interested in exposing the group’s secrets. The movie IS fun, but, except for the introduction of each of the soon-to-be Horsemen, there is little by way of actual magic and misdirection.

Now You See Me 2 (2016)
The sequel to the relatively fun magician-based heist film The Four Horsemen:Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson, and newbie Lizzy Caplan have been on the lamb with the help of Mark Ruffalo. who tasks the magicians with hijacking the launch of a piece of high tech that threatens to strip users of their right to privacy. Old pros like Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman return. Sadly the CGI is the 'magic' in this one, with few tricks and a so-so story.

Obama Deception (2009)
A documentary film by Alex Jones. It is not a film about Obama per se, but it does cover some of his campaign messages/promises and his subsequent reversals upon assuming office. Notably he has shirked on his commitment to with draw the troops from Iraq and also not to appoint lobbyists to his cabinet. What it breaks down is the false left-right paradigm, the alliance between the Federal Government and the private offshore banking cartel that is the Federal Reserve. This ring of terrorists and thugs is the same Illumunati group who seeks to start a New World Order.

O Brother, Where Art Thou ? (2000)
This period piece road movie about a trio of ex-cons who wend their way around the state of Mississippi during the Great Depression. The film is definitely quirky, as most of the Coen brothers films are, like the Busby Berkley inspired marching band Ku Klux Klan rally. Music is a important part of this film and even if you don't like bluegrass, you might find your toes tapping along.

Oceans Thirteen (2007)
Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and his gang are after casino owner Willy Bank (Al Pacino) after he bilked Danny's friend and mentor, Elliott Gould in a business deal. Friends stick together, so Ocean and his pals set out to ruin Bank by bankrupting his new casino and stealing his most prized possessions, a case full of diamonds awarded to him for opening some of the biggest, opulent hotels on the planet. Despite a long list of Hollywood heavyweights in the credits (including Oprah Winfrey), Ocean's Thirteen proves that even a soiree of powerful purloiners doesn't guarantee a good time .

Ocean's Twelve (2004)
This is the sequel to the 2001 film Ocean's Eleven. The casino owner whom they robbed tracks them down and forces them to repay him, with interest, in two weeks. The gang re-teams to pull off a series of heists in Amsterdam and Italy in order to pay off the money. The main target is the Fabergé Coronation Egg. The Nightfox character considers himself the best thief in the world, and makes a bet , that whichever thief can steal it is crowned the best. Not only that, he promises that if he loses, he will pay off Ocean's debt. Same cast as before plus Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Ong Bak: Thai Warrior (2005)
The sacred head of the town's Ong Bak (Buddha statue) is stolen to win favor with ruthless crime boss Khom Tuan. The locals regard the theft as a catastrophe, and seek a champion to retrieve their lost treasure, they find their man in Tony Jaa who is to go to Bangkok and look for the lost treasure belonging to his temple. However, he is forced to compete in illegal street fights. Eventually, he agrees to throw a deadly fight when he's promised his treasure. The movie's strong points are its clever chase sequences, in which Jaa outruns (or levitates over) gangs of murderous baddies through obstacle courses of everyday Bangkok commerce and street traffic. Supposedly they used no wires for the action WOW!!

Onmyoji (2001)
Onmyoji is an order of sorcerers who possess the skills to suppress the dark powers that are out there, such as demons and practitioners of the black arts which presents many scenes of rituals invoking magic power, these being mostly accurate and fascinating but all too frequently pentacles kept appearing in the proceedings ! Is a good vs bad wizard story. There is an ethereal quality in all the imagery, with colors and hues in every single scene.

Once Were Warriors (1994)
Violence and anger are at the core of this powerful film, which doesn't shy away from showing the domestic abuse in all of its potent rage. The parents aren't the only ones with problems, which adds another layer to this film. Each of the kids play a key role here. It is a hard, powerfully acted and painful film about domestic violence and how a family's life is affected by drinking and despair

Out of Reach (2004)
Yet another direct to video , Seagal seems like he's making one a week ! When his young pen pal is kidnapped by a band of international criminals who plan to sell her to the highest bidder, He comes to search for her, she leaves him a trail of secret messages even though she doesn't know he's looking for her. The action scenes are generally unimpressive, with a very excessive number of rounds fired from a pistol. The final fight is probably the best in the movie, as it's a sword duel.

Over The Hedge (2006)
After destroying a hibernating bear's (voiced by Nick Nolte) food stash, raccoon RJ (Bruce Willis) is forced to gather up a replacement in a week. Desperate, RJ meets up with a pack of animals (including William Shatner, Avril Lavigne, Wanda Sykes, Eugene Levy, Garry Shandling, and Catherine O'Hara) also searching for food to sustain them over the next winter. It turns out that over the winter a housing development cropped up where the nuts and berries used to grow and the animals are surrounded by a giant hedge. The movie mixes light satire on suburban social traditions and the bad nutritional habits of humans with expected furball goofiness. The overblown approach to the gags is a great return to classic cartoon styles, with a relatable story told through well-grounded characters.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009)
Kevin James (Blart) is a security 'officer' at a mall in New Jersey. Who would like to have been a state trooper but couldn't pass the physical exam. He has eyes for kiosk salesgirl Jayma Mays but he's just too shy to ask her out. But when a group of criminals led by Keir O'Donnell enters the mall and takes hostages including Mays and his daughter Raini Rodriguez , it's up to Blart to save the day... if he can. Its a exercise in silliness, tumbly physical comedy and family film hi-jinks.

Pearl Of Death (1944)
A priceless pearl of the Borgias is being transported , but the man carrying it in his luggage is called away from his cabin. This gives expert thief Evelyn Ankers the opportunity to break into his cabin and steal the treasure hiding it in a camera, she gives it to an elderly vicar for safekeeping, knowing he won't be stopped at customs, but she has been fooled, for the elderly man is Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) in disguise, and he delivers the pearl to the museum where it will be displayed. However, the criminal mastermind behind the attempted robbery, Miles Mander, will not give up so easily... Holmes disconnects the security system to show how vulnerable it is.. and the crook dashes off with the pearl, but is quickly located, but the pearl is gone. Now Holmes has to find it to regain his reputation, with help from Nigel Bruce.

Pelican Brief (1993)
Based on the novel John Grisham wrote, the movie tells the story of a law student, Julia Roberts, who has uncovered the truth about the murder of two Supreme Court Justices. She soon realizes that everyone she shows the brief to seems to end up dead. When she finds herself being followed, she panics and runs. Not knowing whom to trust she turns to Denzel Washington, a reporter for The Washington Herald. In classic us against the world fashion, they bring the power brokers down, but its a little bit slow moving, but it is never boring. The supporting cast is impressive, with names like Robert Culp, John Heard, Sam Shepard, and John Lithgow. Instead of the rousing conclusion expected from a screen thriller, The Pelican Brief fades into an anticlimax.

Phantom of the Opera (2004)
Story is of the brilliant but insane Phantom of the Opera (Gerard Butler) and his obsession with Christine Daaé (Emmy Rossum). With the Phantom's tutelage and his manipulation of the opera's owners, Christine quickly rises from dancer to star, and she catches the attention of the opera's new patron and her childhood friend Raoul (Patrick Wilson). Raoul and Christine fall in love, but the Phantom wants Christine for himself. Drama and singing ensues. Wish I had the candle contract on this one !

Phone (2002)
This Korean supernatural horror film has a career journalist getting all sorts of menacing phone calls after her latest article busted a kiddie-hooker ring. She switches to a new cell phone number and starts getting spooky calls from beyond the grave. And you thought your cell phone plan was bad? When her god daughter comes in contact with the phone, the tyke begins to act psychotic think of a Korean Linda Blair !

Pirates of the Caribbean : At Worlds End (2007)
The movie has a plethora of plots from Will's search for his father and proposal of marriage to Elizabeth to the Brethren Court of pirate bosses and the evil Lord Beckett's plan to destroy the pirates world wide with Davey Jones and his ghostly Flying Dutchman. Over the course of their adventure, rivalries blossom, allegiances are broken, romance is questioned, ships are blasted into pieces, and death is waiting beyond the horizon. There is enough buckle and swash, bad guys, things blowing up and sword play to keep the fans happy. This film is 168 minutes long, some-one should have used a saber on it , and chopped at least a half hour off.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl ... (2003)
Ahoy mateys this is based on the Disney ride... Johhny Depp plays a virtually always-drunk pirate so well it cracked me up. I can't forget his line "But why is the rum gone?" Anyway he's on a quest to recapture the notorious Black Pearl, a ghost ship commandeered by Jack's nemesis Capt. Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) and his crew of Atkins dieters that have gone too far .. And since its a producer Jerry Bruckheimer (CSI) flick, its a winner !

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest (2006)
The movie picks up a short while after "The Curse of the Black Pearl" where Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) and Will (Orlando Bloom) are about to marry. They are soon arrested for their crimes in aiding and abetting Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), and barter a deal where they can give up Sparrow for their freedom. Sparrow is in search of a key for a hidden chest of Davy Jones (Bill Nighy) who wants its contents. There is so much plot that it's hard to keep track of, and harder to care. We really enjoyed the first movie, unfortunately the cliffhanger ending of this is a bit of a disappointment, can we say look for Pirates of the Caribbean 3 ... ugh !

Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959)
Aliens are trying to stop earth from discovering the solaranite bomb, which harnesses the power of the sun and in the wrong hands could see the end of life as we know it. Is this the worst movie ever made , there are many qualifiers for such an accolade: Bad writing and acting, continuity problems, doggy sets and props will usually be the main ones - and all these and more are all here. With Lugosi's demise a replacement actor was needed, so a non-actor chiropractor friend was brought in. The fact that he was about a foot taller than Lugosi, bears no resemblance to the man whatsoever and spends the entirety of his scenes holding a cape over his face only adds to the ludicrous nature of all that's going on !

Play Misty for Me (1971)
All-night DJ, Clint Eastwood receives regular requests to play "Misty", from a seductive listener/fan Jessica Walter. When he first meets her in a local bar, they have a one-night stand, he believes it is just a one-night encounter. However, she often drops in on him unexpectedly, causing him problems, especially when he resumes his relationship with ex-girlfriend Donna Mills. He is awakened in the middle of the night in his bedroom to the sounds of 'Misty' being played. Jessica, now a possessive, obsessive, psychotic, appears above him with a butcher knife trying to stab him. He evades her, saving his life, but she escapes. The bulk of the movie's success lies in the casting of Jessica Walter as Evelyn. Her role is a crucial balance of charm, sexuality, and sheer murderous obsession, and she pulls it off without a stumble.

Police Story (1985)
A young Jackie Chan and his fellow officers salvage a raid gone bad by capturing a slippery drug dealer. In order to get his secretary, Selina Fong to testify against her boss, the police release her alone without bail, then assign Chan to protect her as a witness for the prosecution. The action scenes move like lightning, two extended set pieces (the opening shanty town destruction and subsequent foot/bus chase as well as the closing shopping mall destruction) are marvels to behold. Often overlooked is how Police Story and its follow-ups also succeed as genuine thrillers, yet, there is comedy here, and Chan's genius is that he weaves it into the thriller element.

Power of One (1992) The movie centers on a young boy facing hardship and triumph in the harsh, yet equally beautiful, South Africa. The boy (PK) becomes a man during a time of racial segregation, apartheid and violence, hatred and constant fear., he is played by three actors: Guy Witcher at seven, Simon Fenton at twelve and Stephen Dorff at eighteen. During World War II, PK is befriended by Armin Mueller-Stahl, an educated German, and Morgan Freeman, a prison inmate who teaches him to box. As the head-bowed, yet dignified prisoner, Freeman displays his usual graces. but his all-purpose-African accent comes from no known country. PK is a Karate Kid with two Mr. Miyagis. The film is what you might expect from Robert Mark Kamen, who wrote the three Kid movies, and John Avildsen, who directed all three Kids

Prairie Home Companion (2006)
Using the crew, stage and setting of the actual NPR radio show Garrison Keillor and Robert Altman create a surreal fictional counterpart to the real radio show. The majority of the superstar cast is wonderful, in a sea of standouts, joy is watching Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin, playing the country signing Johnson sisters, with Lindsay Lohan playing Meryl's daughter. Then there is Woody Harrelson and John C. Reilly play singing cowboys, their "Bad Jokes" medley is hilarious! Plus greedy developer Tommy Lee Jones is there to close the theater and make it a parking lot. Virginia Madsen is the 'Dangerous Woman'... the angel of death . If you are looking for something to keep you company on a nice quite evening this movie, or the radio show on which it is based, will do just fine.

Premonition (2007)
Sandra Bullock stars as a housewife named Linda Hanson, who discovers that her husband (Julian McMahon), has just died in a horrific auto accident. Before she can grasp what has happened, she wakes up the next day to see him taking a shower. She appears to start jumping back and forth in time, One minute Jim is dead, the next minute Jim is alive. This movie is a time-shifting mess that's devoid of any sensation other than tedium or disbelief, a lame thriller that is as implausible as it is inept. Whether one forgives the film for its lapses of consistency and logic is another thing.

Premonition (Yogen) (2004)
College professor (Hiroshi Mikami) discovers a newspaper that foretells the future. He discovers it the hard way, when he happens to come across an obituary for his 5-year-old daughter, who is promptly killed in a fiery car crash. He begins having terrifying premonitions of horrible disasters. It builds its terror in a measured but chilling fashion, with numerous unexpected turns along the way. This is the Japanese movie from the producer of The Ring and The Grudge. Japanese With English subtitles.

President's Analyst (1967)
Psychiatrist James Coburn is excited when he learns his services are in need at the White House. With his live-in girlfriend Joan Delaney, he moves to the capital under the auspices of "CEA" spy Godfrey Cambridge and cranky "FBR" head Walter Burke. The job proves more than the doctor can handle though; he's constantly on call, tailed by enemy spies, and unable to confide in anyone about the classified therapy sessions. Some great visuals, like the floating dress.. or the overhead pullback and seeing all the spies laying there. The film is amusing in its nature, clever in it's dialogue and intriguing without going too much over the top. But beware of TPC !

Prestige (2006)
With flashbacks/forwards the movie tells its story out of sequence, with details hinting at things that have already happened but that we have not seen yet. Two magicians, Robert Angier (Hugh Jackman) and Alfred Borden (Christian Bale), began as friends, working together as another illusionist's assistants, but were driven apart when Angier's wife was killed during a trick. Before you can say Presto Chango, a bitter rivalry is born between them – each willing to go to great lengths to sabotage the career of the other. They use deception, disguises, and even a woman they both care for (Scarlett Johansson) as a pawn in this game of one-one upmanship. Michael Caine warns us that you have to get your hands dirty to be a great magician – and these guys do. Nikola Tesla (David Bowie), is even drawn into their competition, as he's sought after to create the ultimate "transported man" trick involving a frightening electrical apparatus.

Princess Blade (2003)
Princess Yuki is the member of the Takemikazuchi clan,.. warriors that have gone from noble guards to assassins. When Yuki learns that the current leader of the warriors was responsible for her mother's death, she goes on a rampage. I wish there were MORE fight scenes since the legendary fight choreographer Donnie Yen produced them, but instead we get a romance type love story ..

Producers (1968)
Zero Mostel seduces old ladies in order to win their backing for his failed plays. Gene Wilder tells him that a dishonest man could actually make more money from a play that flopped than one that was successful, allowing them to keep the excess money. They set out to find investors and a terrible play to put on. The musical numbers in the play "Spingtime For Hitler" will keep you laughing out loud. Movie won the 1969 Academy Award for Best Screenplay.

Professional (1994)
A hit man (Jean Reno) who takes in a 12 year old girl (Natalie Portman) who's family was mowed down by a bad DEA agent (Gary Oldman) . It is this tragic triangle these three characters form, one wonders how any of them can possibly survive the conflict. How often do you get so caught up in characters in a movie about hit men that you forget about the action? Though there is plenty of blood and bullets .

Public Enemies (2009)
Its 1933, and bank robber John Dillinger (JOHNNY DEPP) has just been sprung from jail., he takes up where he left off ... robbing banks. JASON CLARKE and STEPHEN DORFF play members of his bank robber gang. MARION COTILLARD is a former coat check girl who becomes his lover. J. Edgar Hoover (BILLY CRUDUP) orders field agent Melvin Purvis (CHRISTIAN BALE) to catch Dillinger. With new techniques and procedures, he has to call in various seasoned lawmen, such as Charles Winstead (STEPHEN LANG), to help get the job done. Character development is all but nonexistent, and does not get really into Dilliger. There is plenty of guns a blazing and bodies falling all over.

Pulp Fiction (1994)
This movie is a jumbled narrative that goes back and forth between stories and a fractured timeline. A couple hit men having a bad day, a crime boss who's having an even worse one, a boxer on the run for his life, a girl on the verge of dying from an overdose. If it weren't for the combined threat of both Travolta and Jackson as the hit men, I just know that everyone would remember Pulp Fiction for Bruce Willis instead. Wondering if this movie ever made it to TV, if so must have been 10 minutes long , after all the swearing was taken out.

Punisher: War Zone (2008)
Ray Stevenson has set his sights on vain crime boss Dominic West. When a bust goes bad and an undercover FBI agent is killed, Ray reconsiders his journey of vengeance, while West, rechristened Jigsaw after a incident inside a recycling plant glass grinder, he is now cursed with a poorly stitched together face . Ray feels an obligation to protect the dead agent's wife (Julie Benz) and daughter, when Jigsaw along with Doug Hutchison as his nutty brother, appropriately nicknamed "Loony Bin Jim," kidnaps the FBI agent's widow to recover lost cash. the Punisher goes after them. Plenty of guns a blazing and blood and violence that redefines the word "excessive"

Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
Sorta the true story of Chris Gardner the Wall Street wizard , a man living in the lowest circumstances who, through talent and sheer determination, pulls himself up by his bootstraps. When a position for a competitive internship at the Dean Witter Reynolds brokerage firm opens, Will Smith sees his one chance at the brass ring and applies for it, despite the fact it doesn't pay anything and his bills are mounting. His wife (Thandie Newton) is angry because he appears unwilling to get a job that actually pays a salary so she can stop working double-shifts at an industrial laundry, pay the rent and utilities, and keep their child in daycare , his own son Jaden Christopher Syre Smith plays his son.

Push (2009)
A variety of humans with abilities possess a variety of mind-skills related to telepathy, telekinesis, and clairvoyance, and are classified by names like "watchers" (who can predict the future), "movers" (who can shift physical items with their minds), "pushers" (who can influence the thoughts of others). An entity called Division has been trying to round them up and turn them into super-soldiers. We follow Chris Evans, a Mover hiding out in Hong Kong, he teams up with Dakota Fanning, who is a Watcher. They band together to track a woman (Camilla Belle), a recent Division escapee who is the first survivor of a super-drug designed to boost the abilities of the super-abled. Its a visual effects film working on a small budget, but has plenty of action.

Quantum of Solace (2008)
This is Daniel Craig's second outing as James Bond. With 100 mph action overpowering everything else on screen for the first half, there is far too little time afforded to those commodities like character, plot and good old fashioned dialogue. His character doesn't really grow until the final act, when he comes face-to-face with his own inner demons. In truth, the picture plays like a sprawling second chapter to 2006's Casino Royale. He is hell-bent on finding those responsible and getting revenge for the death of Vesper Lynd, in the process, he uncovers the existence of a crime syndicate and comes up against one of its leading members, Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric), who is trying to corner Bolivia's water supply.

Race To Witch Mountain (2009)
Vegas cab driver "The Rock" err ... Dwayne Johnson has two kids climb into his cab and offer him a pile of money to drive them to the middle of nowhere, so he drives them out into the desert. There he discovers that these two kids aren't any normal kids, they are aliens ! Anna Sophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig explain that they're on a very important mission, and unless they can recover their ship from wherever the US Government has hidden it, the people of Earth are in some serious danger, and then there is Dr. Alex Friedman (Carla Gugino), along for the ride, which involves lots of car chases and crashes and things getting blown up.

Rachel Getting Married (2008)
Dispite the title which, she is ironically given top billing, the central figure is not Rachel (Rosemarie DeWitt), but her messed-up sister Anne Hathaway, who is returning from rehab. She is a terminal screw-up , with an attitude, no less. Thrust into the mayhem of the matrimonial weekend, surrounded by strangers and overbearing parents (Bill Irwin and Debra Winger), She can't allow the spotlight to be pulled away from her at this critical moment in her life, leaving Rachel an emotional wreck during the most important day of her life.

Rambo (2008)
Its the return of Sylvester Stallone's Vietnam vet hero. Christian missionaries (including Julie Benz) come to Rambo looking for passage into the heart of the Burmese civil war. He returns to his home, and the village where they went to preach and help the sick is attacked by the vicious Burmese military, the villagers are killed and the Americans are taken to a prison camp. Rambo reluctantly steps into his killing shoes and - along with a team of hardcore mercenaries, embarks on a rescue, but there are some serious violence in this movie. If theres a Rambo 5, Sly will have his wheel chair fitted with a machine gun!

Ran (1985)
Akira Kurosawa takes on King Lear in the best film adaptation of Shakespeare yet. The stunning use of colors, like his other films makes you feel a sense of awe witnessing painterly compositions, even the clouds . The action takes place in 16th century Japan when an aging warlord decides to divide his land amongst his three sons. Power struggles immediately erupt between these four factions. Ran is most memorable for giving the world a crafty and compellingly watchable villain Lady Kaede. she manipulates the Ichimonjis to self-destruct without any one knowing the full extent of her plotting.

Ratatouille (2007)
Remy (Patton Oswalt) is a French country rat, considered an oddball by his friends and family because he loves fine foods and cooking. When Remy and his rat colony are run out of their farmhouse home, he ends up in Paris at Gusteau's, a fine restaurant established by his cooking idol. One day while he was experimenting with the soup while the chefs aren't looking, he's discovered. The chef sends the garbage boy Linguini (Lou Romano) to dispose of Remy, but he can't bring himself to do it. Although Linguini can't cook, Remy can, so they strike up a unique relationship and become one of the best chefs in all of Paris. Can the restaurant get a good review from food critic Anton Ego (voice of Peter O'Toole), can Linguini find love et all. This is a fun movie, enjoyable and appropriate for kids but written for adults.

Ray (2004)
Ray is about the first twenty years of Ray Charles's career (the late forties to the late sixties with flashbacks to his childhood), and Jamie Foxx, who plays Charles has wrapped himself so thoroughly in the cloak of the man that we forget an actor is somewhere inside impersonating him, plus he nails Charles's physical mannerisms . But the heart of the film is the music. All of it is Charles's own recordings, lip-synched perfectly by Foxx, who by the way knows how to play the piano and does justice to Charles's keyboard style. And did I say the songs are great.

Reader (2008)
Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslet), lives alone in a German upstairs flat, she returns home one day and finds Michael Berg (David Kross) throwing up near her stairway. She cleans off his face and tells him to go home. After he recovers from scarlet fever, he returns to thank Hanna for her kindness, she ends up seducing the teenager. Hanna's insists that Michael read stories of all types to her before lovemaking, everything from Homer's Odyssey and Tolstoy to comic books. He goes off to law school, finding himself eight years later at a Nazi war crimes trial where she is one of the defendants. Racked with guilt, yet paralyzed to interfere, his life is again consumed by Hanna, extending into adulthood (now played by Ralph Fiennes). Caution: Winslet and Kross go largely au natural in the beginning.

RED (2010)
RED stands for Retired: Extremely Dangerous. Bruce Willis is a retired CIA operative, whose joy is the phone chats he shares with Mary-Louise Parker, the clerk who sends Frank his pension checks. The plot, involves Willis and his crew trying to figure out why they have been marked for death, it might just be the CIA that's behind it, or maybe something more sinister. Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren have fun waving machine guns around, add in John Malkovich who has paranoia about satellites, cell phones and helicopters. Its a geri-actioner with all your standard explosions, guns a blazing etc, but with added wrinkles.

RED 2 (2013)
Bruce Willis with Mary-Louise Parker are trying to live the quiet life , until John Malkovich warns him that Nightshade a cold war era nuclear weapon that went missing on their watch has come back. Helen Mirren is trying to track them down on behalf of MI6 and also a deadly assassin Byung-hun Lee, who does a lot of Kung Foolery, travel the globe and figure out where Nightshade is for themselves so they can put an end to all of this. Plus add in Catherine Zeta-Jones as a devious seductress, and there is plenty of bullets flying. RED 2 another Retired and Extremely Dangerous thriller, though the first one seems better.

Red Corner (1997)
Richard Gere an American lawyer who cannot figure out why, after a general's daughter was found dead in his luxury hotel suite, the American Constitution does not apply to judicial proceedings in Beijing so he goes head to head with the Chinese judicial system. But his legal representation (Bai Ling) at first refuses to believe that he is innocent. This could well lead to a quick conviction and death by a bullet which, the Chinese judge informs him matter-of-factly, would be billed to his family.

Red Dragon (2002)
Edward Norton, the FBI profiler who put Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) behind bars. is pulled out of retirement by his former boss, Harvey Keitel to catch a serial killer called the Tooth Fairy (Ralph Fiennes). Norton meets again with Hannibal, enrolling his help to solve the case. The film splits its time between the Toothy Fairy's inner struggle and Norton's efforts to find him. Despite being a prequel, it plays like a sequel as it tries to recreate the atmosphere and chills of the orginal Silence of the Lambs.

Red Eye (2004)
A number of years ago a train was involved in a crash which killed 250 people Now this final journey of a train that even has some of the old cars from the wrecked train have been re-used on this trip. As the journey progresses, the atmosphere becomes more oppressive, with small weird things happening. This is a traditional ghost story, or more correctly, a ghost train story. and is it Spirits or psycho killers on board. Is there a written rule where the lights have to flicker when the 'evil' is near . This is the Korean movie with EngRish subtitles ..... not the US movie of the same name.

Red Trousers : The Life of the Hong Kong Stuntmen (2003)
Mortal Kombat star Robin Shou reveals the history, faces, dedication, and pain behind Hong Kong's action stunt choreography through interviews, film footage, and a behind the scenes look at an original action short film entitled Lost Time, that is woven into the documentary scene by scene. It's a martial arts film complete with a basic science fiction premise. Its a look at an underrated field of work within the film industry.

Reindeer Games (2000)
Ben Affleck plays a car thief who's released from prison and decides to impersonate his dead cell-mate in order to score with Charlize Theron, the looker who'd been the dead man's romantic prison pen pal. It works like a charm until Ashley's slimeball brother, Gary Sinise shows up, I didn't recognize him at first ! There is a few twists & turns along the way to rob a casino which Gary thinks Ben worked at, course he didn't.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)
Lets see, we start out with Dawn of the Dead zombies, mix some Alien with them, have a Predator shoot em up, and we have a video game gone amuck ! Wondering if the dude who wrote this was influenced by his directing Alien VS Predator ? .... mmmmmmmm..

Revenge of the Kung Fu Master (1994)
I wondered why this was filmed in Video, then found out it was taken from a 30-episode TV show made in China. Its running length of 217 minutes is the 30 shows cut down, sometimes it seemed disjointed.. And the slapping, klinking blade sounds, geeze is this a early day kung fooey TV show !!! ..

Revolutionary Road (2008)
Leonardo DiCaprio, and wife Kate Winslet, whose marriage disintegrates after they relocate to the Connecticut suburbs in the 50's. He hates his uninspiring job, it's the same company where his father worked for twenty years as a salesman and he swore when he was young that he would never be like his dad. Kate suggests they move to Paris, and she will work while Leonardo finds himself. Their disgust with their environment, chosen paths in life, each other, and themselves eventually bringing about ruin.

Righteous Kill (2008)
30-year veteran detectives Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are partners for many years. Their latest case has them hunting a serial killer/vigilante whose victims are violent criminals who get off on technicalities. The shooter leaves poems on the bodies, chastising their criminal behaviors, and his understanding of evidence and expertise with his weapon leads the team—now including John Leguizamo and Donnie Wahlberg, to guess that he's a rogue cop. These younger officers push suspicion in the direction of DeNiro.

Ring (2002)
There's a videotape that right after you watch it, you get a phone call letting you know that you will die in seven days. Reporter Naomi Watts doesn't believe, until she starts investigating the death of her niece Amber Tamblyn and three of her friends. When Naomi finds a copy of the tape and watches it, she begins to believe there might be some truth to the rumors - now she has seven days to solve the mystery, or else. The movie transforms mundane things like TV static into heart-pounding cues, confining camera angles, muted color palettes, and a few items from the traditional thriller toolbox are precisely blended to make the images and sounds more memorable than the few plot holes and unanswered questions.

Ring Two (2005)
THE RING came out in 2002 (including the original Japanese and the Korean remake, RINGU), they were surprise hits. Now after the Americans once again copy a Japanese horror movie, they just don't get it right. To try to prove their serious intention for the sequel, the producers hired RINGU director Nakata to direct. Despite the fact that Nakata also directed RING 2 in Japan, the two films are actually different. Naomi Watts and her son (David Dorfman) leave Seattle for a quiet, small neighborhood in Astoria, Oregon. The peaceful transition doesn't last long when a local teenager gets killed after watching a strange videotape. Soon her son displays strange behaviors and has nightmares. Of course, if a demonic spirit is able to wreak havoc from beyond the grave by imprinting its evil on videotapes and killing anyone who stumbles across it in a act of revenge, makes it is pretty doubtful that crossing the state line is going to keep em at bay.

Ringu 2 : Spiral (1999)
The first movie overplayed the supernatural content of the video. This one expects us to know how Sadako created the video and goes straight into playing it as a virus. It has a few good scenes but is mostly nonsensical and not even very scary. Characters slide in and out of the landscape, like un-tethered thoughts "Ring 2" is more of a mystery/suspense with some horror elements, it takes too much out of the realms of the unknown and makes it too "scientific" Japanese with subtitles (NOT to be confused with American version!)

Ring Virus (1999)
The Japanese horror film The Ring (1996 aka Ringyu) was a big hit, spawning sequels and many imitators. The story originated as a novel first, and before the film, the novel had been adapted into a TV movie . Ring: Virus(1999) is basically an "official" Korean/Japanese co-produced remake of The Ring. As a horror film, it is more serious than we English-speaking audiences are used to. Yet it is no heavily-plotted, race-against-time, action thriller but an expertly controlled psychodrama in which much of the film's pulse comes from the sound of silence, and much of that springs from the characters' contemplation and gestures.

Rising Sun (1993)
Michael Crichton's novel about the culture clash between America and Japan was made into a movie with many changes ! Wesley Snipes has been assigned to a case involving the discovery of a female body in the boardroom of the US headquarters of a multinational Japanese company. teamed up with Sean Connery, they delve into a world where American culture has no understanding . Then there is eye candy Tia Carrere who plays a video guru, who attempts to uncover the doctoring that has been done to a laser disc containing a video copy of a surveillance camera's recording of the murder.

Road To Perdition (2002)
This gangster movie stars Tom Hanks as a hit man, with Paul Neuman as his mob boss. After his family is gunned down by those he thought he could trust, he and his son are on the run for their lives, pursued by a fellow hit man. The relationship between Hanks and his boy is at least as crucial as their flight from the mob. It is a wonderful blending of gangster film, buddy movie, and coming of age story.

Robot Monster (1953)
While people will stay up arguing which is the absolute worst movie , one flick that is definitely in the running is this one. This movie is so mind bogglingly bad, that it is enjoyable to watch. Imagine a gorilla with a diver's helmet with a antenna on top. It is Ro-man XJ2 from the planet Ro-man. who has exterminated all the people on earth, except for eight that he can't seem to find. This is a very low budget movie., made for $16,000 and shot in four days in 1953, you can't expect high production values, I mean what's with a bubble machine, or the sparklers in the airplanes tail ! One quality aspect of the movie is the musical score, it was written by a young Elmer Bernstein. Producer and director Phil Tucker was so depressed by the reaction to his masterwork, from both critics and audiences, that he attempted suicide.

Robots (2005)
Rodney Copperbottom (voiced by Ewan McGregor) has two loving, lower-middle class parents (his father is literally a dishwasher) but he dreams of bigger things. He wants to be a great inventor like his hero, Bigweld (Mel Brooks) so he goes to the big city which has a public transportation system that's like a pinball machine designed by Rube Goldberg. The makers of "Robots" crammed in so many in jokes that the dialogue is aimed directly at the adult audience with many double entendres.

RocknRolla (2008)
The Russian mob led by Karel Roden in London are running a real estate scam. The local mobster Tom Wilkinson, aided by Mark Strong as his right hand man , wants a big piece of this pie but things are put in jeopardy by a drugged out rocker named Johnny Quid (Toby Kebbell), add in three small-time hoods Gerard Butler, Idris Elba and Tom Hardy. They are all stealing from and trying to kill each other. Written and directed by Guy Ritchie.

Rocky Balboa (2006)
Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) is long since retired and running an Italian restaurant back in his old neighborhood. His much beloved, and missed, wife has died. His son has moved away , but can't go anywhere without someone reminding him whose son he is. A computerized boxing match is shown on ESPN between Rocky, and the current world champion, Mason Dixon (Antonio Tarver). Rocky wins and people start talking. , before you know it. Rocky wants to fight again, and he is approached to get into the ring, for an exhibition fight, with the champ. A Good ending for one of the simplest yet most inspiring movies. Honest and touching. I'll let out a huge groan if theres a sequel to this sequel !

Ronin (1998)
Robert DeNiro and Jean Reno are two of a international team of covert operatives who are hired to steal a mysterious but well-protected metallic suitcase. The main excitement is its frantic fast-paced car chases across mountain roads, city streets, Paris tunnels , and some exciting gunfights to keep things interesting. Director John Frankenheimer cleverly films the scenes with cars engaged in pursuit of each other which reminded me of the great chase sequences in 70's films like The French Connection or Bullitt.

Rounders (1998)
Matt Damon plays a third-year law student who used to make a living as a poker player. After a disastrous loss to Teddy KGB (John Malkovich), he's out of the life now. Though soon enough Matt gets dragged down, slowly but surely, by an old friend named Worm (Ed Norton) who's just been let out of jail. They go from smoky back rooms, illicit gambling dens and glitzy casinos from New York to Atlantic City. Martin Landau as Mike's law professor gives a new twist to the idea of following your dreams. This film is mostly about Poker but it's more entertaining than just watching a Poker match.

Ruins (2008)
Jonathan Tucker, Jena Malone, Shawn Ashmore, and Laura Ramsey are vacationing in Cancun Mexico, near Mayan temple ruins , the four young Americans tourists go to the hidden temple where a brother one of their newfound German friend has been said to be visiting.. The pyramid is covered in vines and flowers, and at the same time surrounded by a perimeter of bare earth. Just as they're about to head up, they're confronted by a number of locals, armed with bows, arrows, and guns. The camp atop the pyramid is deserted, it becomes apparent that they weren't killed by the tribesmen, but rather the ever-present vines, which not only strip the flesh from bones, but are able to imitate cell phone rings and mimic human voices. So they are forced to choose between death by ravenous plants or death by the angry Mayans who aren't too keen on the trespassing tourists.

Runaway Jury (2003)
Attorney Dustin Hoffman is representing a woman filing a civil suit against a gun manufacturing company . If the gun company loses, it could mean billions of dollars lost in class-action suits for the entire weapons industry. But the gun companies don't plan on losing, they bring in the master jury consultant Gene Hackman to "help out" with the jury selection. John Cusack is selected as a juror, he and his accomplice Rachel Weisz, make an offer to both sides to sell the jury to the highest bidder. They play a very skillful manipulation of the jury. This is a courtroom drama and a crime thriller rolled into one. In the John Grisham novel it was the tobacco industry, and is changed to guns here, but it is not the case itself that matters, it's how they play the game.

Rush Hour 3 (2007)
Inspector Lee's (Jackie Chan) old boss, Chinese Ambassador Han (Tzi Ma), is shot just as he is about to reveal information on the Triad gangs that are apparently taking over Europe. A bit later Chan is reunited with old friend Chris Tucker. They get a lead on those responsible for the attempted hit that takes them to Paris and leads them into a series of wacky confrontations, like confusion by the questioning of a couple of Asian named Yu and Mei (think Abbott and Costello), also involves sewers, secret tattoos and a sexy showgirl (Noemie Lenoir) who has intimate knowledge of the list of the baddies and its whereabouts. A highlight comes in the form of an annoying French cab driver. Despite what's come before it, the climax in and around the Eiffel Tower is still fairly exciting.

Russian Specialist (The Mechanik) (2006)
During a drug deal gone wrong, Dolph Lundgren's wife and child are killed in the crossfire. He later hunts down the killers, wiping them out and leaving Sasha (Ivan Petrushinov) the boss, assumed dead – with a nasty bullet hole in the face. With his family gone, Lundgren searches for a better life in America and is working as a mechanic, one day, a elderly Russian woman appears and offers him a large sum of money to rescue her kidnapped daughter. Initially reluctant to take on the job, Dolph changes his mind when he discovers the identity of the kidnappers – the men who killed his wife and son. He will stop at nothing to avenge the lives of his wife and son , and it's a no hold barred killing spree till the end.

Sahara (2005)
The plot is overshadowed by action, with guns blazing, in which the American hero, Matthew McConaughey, his longtime sidekick Steve Zahn, and World Health Organization (WHO) physician Penélope Cruz) vanquish the bad guys. William H. Macy is a treasure hunter trolling the seas for lost cargoes on behalf of the privately funded National Marine Underwater Agency . The boys theorize a Civil War ship went lost during a Virginia battle, and somehow, over the last 140 years, landed itself in -- or rather, under the African desert. The focus here is action: blowing stuff up, driving fast, riding camels, and blowing more stuff up.

Saints and Soldiers (2004)
The movie starts with scenes from a massacre in Malmedy Belgium, that results in the deaths of over 70 unarmed Allied soldiers. However, three soldiers and one medic manage to survive the ambush , and attempt to cross back into Allied territory with limited food, shelter and armament, made all the more important due to critical information held by a British officer they encounter along the way. This movie emphasizes simple relationships and moral dilemmas over the spectacle of armed conflict.

Salt (2010)
Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) is an assassin born and bred in the former Soviet Union, planted in the CIA as a sleeper agent until she's activated and sent to kill the current President of Russia. Russian defector Daniel Olbrychski fingers her as a top-secret spy, Jolie says that she's being set up and with the help of some death defying jumps, and car crashes, goes on the run from colleagues Liev Schreiber and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Salt is definitely a sit back, shut up, stop thinking and just enjoy the ride movie. The ending does set up for a sequel, though not sure it would succeed.

Saw (2004)
Two men wake up in a disgusting bathroom - made worse by the fact that there's a dead guy in the middle of the floor. They don't remember how they got there, but they quickly realize that they're not going anywhere; each is chained to the pipes by the ankle. Through flashbacks that we learn about the "jigsaw killer" - he chooses his victims by their lack of enthusiasm for life. He concocts these deadly games, gives them their instructions to stay alive, then sits back and watches the fun. There's an abundance of blood and viscera. But the real scares come from the ideas behind the game, the torture and the thought of being trapped, it's much more effective than a slasher movie.

Saw II (2005)
The Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), as he has been called by cops and the press, has returned from his initial outing to kidnap and entrap a group. As before, none of the victims knows why they are there, or what they have in common. A deadly gas is being released slowly into the air, but vials with the antidote are hidden around the house. Only Daniel (Erik Knudsen), the teenage son of the cop who is trying to break the case, and Amanda (Shawnee Smith), who survived a game in the first film, form a kind of we-gotta-help-each-other-to-get-outta-this place bond. The movie achieves a level of horror and cruelty – both physical and psychological – that is inventively modern and a throwback to medieval. Me thinks there is yet another sequel coming .. can you say Saw 3.

SAW V (2008)
This is one of the few fright franchises where audiences don't care about character development, directorial flair, instead, they want more Tobin Bell as Jigsaw, if a horror movie can't terrify you (an extreme rarity these days), then the next best thing is total and absolute destructiveness and gore. I never thought the series would make it this far. It doesn't elicit much shock, and the characters are no more likable or sympathetic than they ever have been, but it's got a fun little hook, and some things still make you flinch.

Scanner Darkly (A) (2006)
The film stars Keanu Reeves as Fred, an undercover cop who's been using what's called a "scramble suit", a suit that can present the user in many different male/female forms, in order to blend in. He's engaged in an attempt to get Substance D, a dangerous new drug that's sweeping across the nation off the streets. Robert Downey, Jr. and Woody Harrelson are funny as roommates and girlfreind Winona Ryder. The film is shot with live actors and then uses a computer to paint over them, the process is called rotoscoping. It's cool looking, but just as in the Charles Schwab ads, it adds nothing to the message. When you examine it from every possible angle, it becomes clear that A Scanner Darkly is little more than a rather dull film with a very clever gimmick.

Scary Movie 4 (2006)
Cheesy slapstick, juvenile jokes and silly-minded sight gags, lampooning recent movies like The Village", "War of the Worlds", "Saw" and "The Grudge," but even with these the targets were too obvious to create sustained laughs. There is also "Brokeback Mountain" and "Million Dollar Baby", though those two had nothing to do with scary movies. Spoofs have to do two things, bring up memories of key scenes from the films being spoofed and adding a comedic twist, either by subverting expectations of how a scene will play out, throwing some physical humor into the mix, or both. The first third has some good lines, but it goes downhill from there.

Score ( 2001)
Robert DeNiro, an expert thief who, like many in his business in this genre of film, are looking for "one last job" before retiring. He drops in on his fence Marlon Brando who informs him of a gig to end all gigs, he's paired up with a man on the inside (Edward Norton) and the two are to break into the highly guarded Customs building in Montreal and steal a very expensive European scepter. Directed by Frank Oz, of Jim Henson's Muppets fame, and the voice of Miss Piggy.

Sea Of Love (1989)
Al Pacino plays a New York detective, but he has no other life to speak of except the job since his wife left him for a fellow officer. He and partner John Goodman are assigned to investigate a series of murders where the victims are men who have placed personal ads in the paper only to be found naked and dead from a shot to the head. Pacino goes undercover posing as a lonely bachelor looking for love after placing a own phony ad, and after not getting fingerprints from a potential suspect (Ellen Barkin). Soon the two spend the evening together. He is still unsure if she may be the "doer" or not, but his attraction to her seems too strong to resist, and it could mean the end of his life if he's wrong.

Secret Life Of Bees (2008)
Set in South Carolina in 1964, a time when racial issues in the south were still an everyday issue. Dakota Fanning haunted by memories of her long dead mother and desperate to find out more about her, runs away from her abusive father along with house keeper Jennifer Hudson. The pair arrive at the Boatwright sisters, three black women run a bee-keeping business. Alicia Keys wants to send the girls on their way, Sophie Okonedo grieves over everything bad thing she sees, but kindhearted Queen Latifah offers them a bed in the bee house and jobs. Its a film about learning to understand where we come from and where we're going.

Sentinel (2006)
Secret Service agent Michael Douglas defends Kim Basinger who is the First Lady. We quickly learn they're having an affair. A fellow agent Clarque Johnson gets murdered on his own doorstep, and Secret Service investigators Kiefer Sutherland and Eva Longoria take on the case. When Douglas looks into the crime himself, he hears from an informant who claims that agents are involved in a plot to assassinate the president (David Rasche), who I keep thinking wants to sell me an Isuzu ! We're never really understand why the plotters want to kill the president, but the movie does hold itself together enough down the stretch to withstand some flimsy plot strands.

Serenity (2005)
Serenity is a spin-off of the Firefly TV series by Joss Whedon that aired on Fox in 2002-2003, it was then canceled after eleven episodes. This film takes place after the events in the series. It's a science fiction western, but even though it takes place in the future, there are no aliens or cities over shadowed by technology. Humanity has spread out to a new solar system that consists of the inner planets, regulated by the strict Alliance government, and the outer planets, a place full of lawbreakers, swindlers, and bad seeds. You know, the Wild West of space action/drama you have seen it all before.

SE7EN (1995)
A serial killer forces each of his victims to die by acting out one of the seven deadly sins. Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt are the detectives who track down the killer, but the mystery is not who the killer is -- but how he will outsmart the police next. The most gripping climax suspense cinema has seen in a long time, in a counterpoint revealing the dark and masochistic soul of the killer.

Seven Pounds (2008)
Will Smith is a emotionally distraught IRS agent, who mysteriously attempts to help people with their problems, like a physically abused woman, an associate in a children's welfare agency, a sick child in a hospital. Another one is blind phone salesman and pianist Woody Harrelson, while another is Rosario Dawson, a young woman with an enlarged heart who will need a transplant soon if she is to survive. Before long, tenderness enters into his relationship with Rosario that ultimately blossoms into a full-blown love story. The movie explores faith, redemption, life, death and how a few seconds can change the lives of many people.

7 Seconds (2005)
When thief (Wesley Snipes) accidentally makes off with a Van Gogh while robbing three armored trucks and then is in turn he is robbed by other guys. Meanwhile his partner is kidnapped by gangsters in pursuit of the painting, forcing him to rescue her, course there are police chasing him and plenty of the cars are smashed and crashed, and bullets flying faster than a speeding car .

Seven Swords (2005)
Set in 17th Century China, the imperial government sets out a edict ordering all practitioners of martial arts to be executed, a sum being offered for each head, to prevent any future uprising. A general Fire-wind, having nearly wiped out supposed martial artists and plenty of innocents along the way, comes to the one last stronghold. One man is intent on not letting this last bastion of freedom fall into Fire-winds hands. He recruits the skills of 4 warriors and 2 of the locals, each of them tricked out with unique and deadly swords. Seven warriors. The action hits fast and furious and this exceptionally violent set piece really gets you pumped up for what's to come next. Chinese with English subtitles, which has some long ones you'll need to speed read as they are on for less an a second.

Shadow Man (2004)
Yet another of the big guy's straight-to-video movies. Steven Seagal is a ex-CIA who finds himself caught up in an international incident minutes after arriving in Bucharest with his young daughter who gets kidnapped. He tricks, kicks and shoots his way through the city as he uncovers a plot much more complicated than he anticipated. Steven Seagal is able to flip and punch any attacker that comes with a 20 foot radius of his sideburns, and can fire guns infinitely.

Shaolin Evil Vs Dead (2004)
Stars Gordon Liu of KILL BILL fame, and Louis Fan as competing Shaolin monks who must save the world from the army of darkness that gets dispersed when the immortal King of the Vampires is reawakened by accident. They are aided by their assistants, the bumbling Sun and Fire and the beautiful Moon, as they go head to head with hopping vampires, corpses with maggots and midget zombies. The film ends abruptly, and the big fight at the end doesn't even conclude properly.

Sharks Tale (2004)
The Will Smith persona, here voicing a social climber called Oscar who disdains his legacy as a car wash (make that "whale wash") employee in favor of a dreamlife of bling and adulation. Course when you add Robert DeNiro, Renée Zellweger, Angelina Jolie , Martin Scorsese and Peter Falk it can't hurt.. but this is no Shrek, and the kiddies will like it.. Music is good ! But note the product placement of Krispy Kreme .. good for the youngins!!

Shattered (1991)
The opening scene in Shattered is starkly impressive, as we are inside a car careening around the corners, then crashing though a barrier. It's the pivotal point of the entire film. the two passengers in that car were Tom Berenger and his wife Greta Scacchi ; she escaped virtually unscathed, but he was rendered unrecognizable by his wounds. But something is not right, and he enlists the aid of a semi-retired private detective (Bob Hoskins). As the story unfolds, he uncovers an astounding maze of deception. This is one of those mystery stories that reveals clues as the protagonist finds them so you can try and figure it out too.

Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and his faithful sidekick, Dr. John Watson (Jude Law), apprehend a serial killer, Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) before he can claim his sixth victim. He eventually gets hanged, but somehow raises from the dead and wants to bring a religious fundamentalism to bear on the British government. Only Holmes and Watson can prevent Blackwood, the wild card here is the criminal Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams), aconniving former lover of Holmes. With many subplots unanswered, seems they are hoping for a sequel.

Shinjuku Incident (2009)
Chinese refugees land at Japan's Wakasa Bay and then run for shelter before immigration authorities arrive. Among the illegal's is Jackie Chan, who heads to Tokyo to find his long-lost love (Xu Jinglei). He teams up with fellow refugees, living off petty crime and grueling work that Japanese workers won't touch. Chan finds out Xu now called Yuko is married to a rising Japanese gangster Masaya Kato. Who Jackie later saves his life and is rewarded with legal documents and a territory to run. A turf war is brewing in Shinjuku between rival Yakuza gangs of course brutality and bloody fights take place.

Shot In The Dark: (1964)
Peter Sellers proves himself a comic genius as Inspector Clouseau who is called upon to investigate a murder in the household of a wealthy man, everyone is suspect. The Inspector grills everyone with perfect ineptitude and instinctively knows that chief suspect, Elke Summer must be innocent by virtue of her beauty alone. There are many good physical gags, like Bert Kwouk as Clouseau's manservant Cato whose task is to launch attacks on his employer without warning at every opportunity at any moment - usually the wrong moment.

Shoot Em Up (2007)
Our hero Mr. Smith (Clive Owen) is waiting for a bus, but is forced to reluctantly come to the aid of a pregnant woman about to give birth while being pursued by gunmen. Within minutes, Smith is delivering the woman's child while simultaneously gunning down hordes of killers. There's more bullets and carrots flying in the first few minutes then all the Bugs Bunny-Elmer Fudd movies. It is a constant barrage of mayhem with considerable imagination that keeps on coming. Monica Bellucci is the hooker accomplice who helps Mr. Smith with the baby,meanwhile Paul Giamatti the bad guy and his gang keeps trying to kill them all. You had to figure it be a shoot fest by the movies title and right from the start when the New Cinema Logo was shoot all up !

Shooter (2007)
Mark Wahlberg, an Army sniper who is left for dead after a mission goes bad in Ethiopia. He makes it back home, quits the military. He becomes a bitter recluse with a head full of intelligence, skills, and experience. It's not hard to recruit him from his isolation to lead an attempt to abort an assassination of the president of the U.S. Think frame-up, betrayal, great driving, nasty villains, vengeance, lots of gunfire and imaginative fireballs. Sure, pass by the illogical impossibilities, but it has a story, and some decent acting plus some great action scenes and dazzling photography.

Shrek 2 (2004)
This is just simply a fun movie and this sequel was loaded with chuckles and spoofs covering everything from Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills to COPS (KNIGHTS) to the giant Sta-Puff Man in Ghostbusters (only here, it's the giant Gingerbread Man) DVD contains a extra, a parody of "American Idol" called Far Far Away Idol, featuring the characters in the film singing their favorite songs, along with an animated Simon Cowell

Shrek The Third (2007)
Tapped to be the next king of Far Far Away, ogre Shrek (voiced by Mike Myers) , goes off to Worcestershire High to abduct an alternative heir to the throne, young Arthur Pendragon (Justin Timberlake). With loyal Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and Puss-in-Boots (Antonio Banderas) along for the journey. Meanwhile, back in Far Far Away, a coup has taken place. Prince Charming (Rupert Evert), has seized control. Kids will still love the big green ogre and his wisecracking donkey, but adults may find that the formula is wearing thin. The best thing is the end credits !

Shutter Island (2010)
Leonardo DiCaprio plays a U.S. Marshall who in 1954 is still haunted by his memories of World War II and the death of his wife (Michelle Williams). When he and his partner (Mark Ruffalo) are summoned to the mental hospital on Shutter Island to investigate the disappearance of a patient, he uncovers a conspiracy that goes far beyond his initial investigation. They believe that there is something more suspicious and sinister going on especially when the head doctors are Ben Kingsley and Max Von Sydow. It is a psychological thriller that is directed by Martin Scorsese, but seems it could have been directed by Shyamalan.

Sideways (2004)
The story of two friends (Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church) taking a week off on a trip to California's wine-country, before one of them is to be married, yep another Buddy Road trip movie. The friends each face their mid-life crises and each of them deals with it in his own way. You might have to be a wine connoisseur to get some of the 'wine talk' in this one.

Silencers (1966)
This is another bosoms and bullets epic, this time with Dean Martin doing the James Bond bit as Matt Helm, an American espionage agent for the Intelligence Counter Espionage (ICE) organization. It seems that a sinister group is about to divert the flight of a missile so that it hits an underground atomic testing center thereby flooding the country with fallout. The fight scenes are some of the worst ever to be committed to celluloid. And no matter how dire his situation, Dino ambles through the movie as though he's looking for the nearest bar. If you want to see a completely cheezy, corny spy flick, filled with exaggerated versions of the typical spy trappings this campy movie is it.

Simpsons Movie (2007)
The Simpsons Movie is essentially a 90-minute episode of the long-running TV show. When Homer makes a critical error in judgment and dumps a silo of pig poop into Springfield's lake, the community is quarantined as an environmental hazard, and President Schwarzenegger orders the town enclosed in a protective glass dome. Homer himself asks us in the film's opening moments why we should shell out ten bucks to watch what Fox gives us every Sunday for free. adding, everyone in this theater's a giant sucker! There are a lot of sight gags and one-liners peppered throughout, in particular the Spider-Pig sequence.

Sin City (2005)
Frank Miller's movie is a visually inventive comic book adaptation .. While the film is back & white it is full of color flashes - the red of a dress or a woman's lipstick, the blue or green of someone's eyes, the blond of a hooker's hair. Then there's the blood - and there's a lot of that. Blood is either represented as a florescent white or, in its natural color. Basically there are three episodes with the movie, Bruce Willis a tough-talking cop, Mickey Rourke the burly, ugly guy framed for murder, and Clive Owen a wanted man with a new face who helps out the city's prostitutes when they accidentally kill a sleaze cop.

16 Blocks (2006)
Bruce Willis, a burnt-out, alcoholic New York cop, content to ride out his remaining days until pension begrudgingly accepts an assignment to transport Mos Def, a key witness in a police corruption case, to the courthouse 16 blocks away. On the way to the courthouse, Bruce stops off at a liquor store and walks back to his cruiser, where he stops a couple of hit men trying to off Mos. Def voice is so irritating that you'll be rooting for the crooked cops to take him out just so you won't have to hear him anymore. David Morse is the lead corrupt cop on their trail, treading the fine line between well-meaning servitude to his fellow officers and out-and-out malevolence.

Skeleton Key (2005)
This move has it all ... a spooky, decrepit plantation house, ghosts, hidden rooms, long-buried secrets, racism, arcane rituals, frequent thunderstorms, a mute victim, a drawling lawyer. Kate Hudson, a New Orleans hospice worker disenchanted, who is looking for a change of pace, answers an ad in the local and finds herself enmeshed in a bayou family drama. John Hurt, who recently had a stroke while exploring the attic of his centuries-old home. His wife, Gena Rowlands , and Peter Sarsgaard, the lawyer handling their estate are two of the other main characters. It's better than the usual Hollywood horror fare, which seems to now rely on uninspired remakes of Asian chillers.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004)
I heard all the hype about special effects, and I had really wanted to like this film, as I found the premise interesting, but the action sequences were rather under whelming. It was very obvious that that the movie was filmed entirely against screens and used CGI for everything, and the darkness hid the sloppy work. and while it was inspired by the serials of old pulp comics, in the beginning I half expected Godzilla to walk through the city instead we got some big robots .

Slipstream (2005)
Sean Astin (LORD OF THE RINGS) portrays a physicist who has perfected a time-travel device, but it only enables him to go ten minutes back in time. When he's at the bank depositing his check, robbers come in and hold up the place, he's shot and turns on his device before he dies. Events rewind to the previous ten minutes, though every time he uses the device, things only seem to get worse. There's a lot of rotoscopic action here, bullets and hurled coffee frozen in the air, and things exploding .

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)
Dev Patel (Jamal Malik) is a poor boy from the slums of Mumbai , who ends up on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Poised to win an unprecedented 20 million rupees , he is suspected of cheating, how could he know all these answers, he is hauled away by the Police to explain himself. The questions on the show become springboards that launch Jamal's story to the Police inspector and send us back through the young man's life. The timeline plays hopscotch, bouncing from the game show to flashbacks to flash-forwards. It turns out to have nothing to do with money and everything to do with his hope that his childhhod love will see him on TV.

Snake & Mongoose (2013)
Dramatization of two decades starting from 1958 in the congenial rivalry between drag racers Don “Snake” Prudhomme (Jesse Williams) and Tom “Mongoose” McEwen (Richard Blake) , leans heavily on archival footage. Tim Blake Nelson contributes welcome energy as a fictional color commentator, but a collection of vintage race cars are the real stars.

Snake Eyes (1998)
Nicholas Cage starts off having a lot of fun playing a sleazy Atlantic City cop, bouncing around, acting like a nut. Before long he is knee-deep in assassination plots, conspirators, suspicious characters, and a secret he doesn't want to believe. It's unfortunate that all of this comes to a complete stop when the answer to all our questions is pretty much revealed completely in the first half of the film. Despite all the devices thrown in to pump up the story... in addition to the assassination and the title fight, there's a hurricane and a megalomaniac casino owner . The movie comes up snake eyes, the house wins.

Snakes On A Plane (2006)
Nathan Phillips is the only witness by crime lord Eddie Kim's slaying of a prominent district attorney, so FBI Agent Samuel L. Jackson) is flying him to Los Angeles from Honolulu . This is a absurd movie about a plane attacked by rampaging snakes. Biting unsavory body parts, spraying venom, strangulation, and, in the best scene, swallowing the head of the airplanes jerk. But this movie doesn't take itself seriously and it's filled with unrealistic situations, character clichés, and corny dialog.

Sniper (1993)
This is the original of the series .. and to think they made two more ! Two dudes wonder through a jungle, and one snaps and starts trying to kill the other. Tom Berenger as the Marine and Billy Zane as the Civilian head the cast in this so-so action film about a tough Marine and an Olympics marksman , why is a civilian doing this type of gig ??

Snow Walker (2003)
Barry Pepper is a hot headed bush pilot destined to learn a thing or two from a sick Inuit girl named Kanaalaq (Annabella Piugattuk) and he's been bribed to transport her to a Yellowknife hospital. Engine troubles ensue, and the plane goes down - stranding the pair in the middle of a vast and desolate area of the Arctic outback. They finally opt to try to trek back to civilization after Kanaalaq has taught Barry extensive survival skills. Annabella is mesmerizing, acting with a subtlety that also conveys a balance of resilience and vulnerability.

Sons of Katie Elder (1965)
This movie is about four brothers: John Wayne plays the oldest who is a gunslinger, Dean Martin a gambler wanted for murder, Earl Holliman is an unsuccessful businessman and Michael Anderson Jr. plays the youngest brother attending college. The foursome get together for their mother's funeral . The ranch once owned by their mother has been taken from the family and their father has been murdered, which leads these men to seek answers, perhaps even revenge. The cast also includes James Gregory, Martha Hyer, George Kennedy and Dennis Hopper.

Soul Men ( 2008)
Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson are two-thirds of a 1960s soul trio. The group's lead singer, John Legend, long ago splintered off to build an enormously successful solo career, but when Legend dies suddenly, the two have a chance to reunite, where they're set to perform at a memorial show at the Apollo Theater. On the way they meet Sharon Leal who is the daughter of their former back-up singer. The music is a combination of contemporary material and old soul/Stax classics. This "road movie" delivers smiles, laughs, and a whole lot of soul, too bad there is so much swearing in it.

Speed Racer (2008)
Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch) dreams of being the world's fastest racer like his older brother Rex, who died in a racing accident. When Speed turns down an offer to join the corporate racing team of Royalton Industries headed by Roger Allam ,he finds himself at the receiving end of a bounty put on his head. His father, Pops Racer (John Goodman), designs the cars, mechanic Sparky (Kick Gurry) keeps them running, younger brother Spritle (Paulie Litt) along with mom Susan Sarandon and pet monkey Chim-Chim offer inspiration.

Spiderman 2 (2004)
Spidey2 is fast-paced, witty, and even a bit poignant at times. We see Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) strain under the pressure of trying to balance a romance with Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst), his job at the Daily Bugle, college, fighting crime and trying to retain a sense of normalcy. Most of all, it's loads of fun. The CGI effects are good, especially the train sequence .. What more can you ask from a comic book based movie

Spiderman 3 (2007)
Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) and his girlfriend Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) are coping with their paths to personal glory, their friend Harry (James Franco), is having a hard time dealing with the death of his father, just as Peter's having a tough time dealing with the loss of his surrogate father. Enter a black ooze tumbled from outer space (think 'The Blob') manages a convenient trajectory smack dab right next to Peter's moped, following him home and morphing into a new black costume that brings out Peter's dark side. The action was excellent and featured the best effects of the series, and there are a few great scenes both in emotional intensity and jaw dropping spectacle. The best is Harry Osborn's aerial pursuit of Peter through the tight nooks and crannies of Manhattan's alleys and a subsequent scene where a corrupted Peter shows Harry how dangerous a Spider-Man without morals can be.

Spirit (2008)
Adapted from the comic strip, "The Spirit" its a classic action-adventure-romance told by genre-twister Frank Miller. The Spirt was a cop killed in the line of duty who thanks to Octopus, received a shot that brought him back to eternal life. The movie is devoted to goofy action sequences in which the hero, Gabriel Macht who wears a Lone Ranger-style mask and does battle with Octopus (Samuel L Jackson). The Spirit finds himself aided by Police Commissioner Dolan (Dan Lauria) and his daughter, Ellen (Sarah Paulson), while The Octopus has a scientist sidekick (Scarlett Johansson) and several cloned idiot henchmen (all Louis Lombardi). The Octopus isn't sinister; he's silly, and when he does his Nazi routine , wellllllll .

S.P.L. (Sha Po Lang) (2006)
Named after three Chinese constellations that represent the three primary characteristics (violence, conflict, and greed) . As such, the title itself serves as a bit of foreshadowing for what is to come. Detective Chan (Simon Yam) heads up a task force that is bent on bringing in an underworld kingpin named Wang Po (Sammo Hung). When Po kills the parents of a young girl to prevent them from testifying against him and sending him to jail, the gloves are off and Chan, with only two days until his retirement, decides that he and his squad are not going to let him get away with his crimes no matter what. Donnie Yen is good as the new boss coming on board to take over where Yam's character left off. Its a dark, gritty, and over the top Hong Kong action/cop drama, of the old school, and the fight scenes are top notch.

Spy Game (2001)
Robert Redford and Brad Pitt star (calm down ladies!) in this nervy espionage film. The film alternates between Redford's final day at the CIA and a series of flashbacks establishing his relationship with his protégé Pitt, who he tries to free from a Chinese prison. There is also an element of timeliness to the stories of the CIA's actions in Vietnam and Lebanon when we let the CIA do what had to be done without question.

Stardust (2007)
Charlie Cox is a young Englishman who longs to win the hand of Sienna Miller. She makes a bargain with him: If he will bring her a shooting star fallen to Earth, she will reject her other suitor in his favor. Cox agrees and begins a journey across a mysterious wall and into the realm of Stormhold, and soon finds the star—who turns out to be a young woman called Yvaine (Claire Danes), whom he captures and tries to take back to Wall. But things quickly become more complicated as additional parties began pursuing Yvaine for their own nefarious reasons. Like the evil and ancient witch Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer) who wants to find Yvaine in order to cut out her heart so that she and her two equally vile sisters can further prolong their youth. Then there is a battle for the throne of the dying king of Stormhold (Peter O'Toole) between the two heirs that haven't already killed each other in their pursuit of the throne. Add in Captain Shakespeare (Robert De Niro), a cross-dressing sky pirate who roams the air in his jumbo-sized dirigible. The backgrounds and all the scenery was visually outstanding.

Star Trek (2009)
Director J. J. Abrams gives us the back story on James Tiberius Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock(Zachary Quinto) before they came together on the U.S.S. Enterprise. The Enterprise, a new starship, is launched and immediately given an important mission — to halt the deadly destructiveness of Nero (Eric Bana), a Romulan who has plans of obliterating Vulcan and Earth with a drill that can create a black hole. The adventure this time includes plenty of action—martial-artsy fisticuffs, phaser shootouts, and planet-annihilating explosions It's clear that Abrams and company have reinvented the franchise for a new generation.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)
George Lucas' Star Wars saga comes to a fitting end , it starts off with a big battle bang. While sadly, the same stilted dialogue and bad acting that has run rampant during this latest trilogy is back. It isn't so much telling a story as it is putting together all the pieces, making sure everything that has been promised or foretold fits, we know how the story ends, we know where it is all leading. The battle scenes were great, the political talking not.

State Of Play (2009)
Based on a BBC mini-series from 2003, it is a old-fashioned political thriller with a modern look with eager-beaver online bloggers and ink-stained investigative reporters from the print media. Russell Crowe is a old school journalist working for the Washington Globe who crosses paths once again with his college roommate (Ben Affleck), who is a Congressman and his committee is investigating Point-Corp, a defense-contractor and their questionable activities and lucrative contracts with the government. Right from the get go, murders start happening. Russell with the help of cub reporter Rachel McAdams, start investigating the murders and where they lead. Editor Helen Mirren juggles the need for a truthful story versus the need to make a profit for the newspaper via sensationalism .

Stealing Sinatra (2003)
As a friend said.. hey its a Showtime movie... What do you get when you combine Larry, Curly & Moe and the son of one of America's legends? You get the 1963 kidnapping of Frank Sinatra, Jr. Featuring a rock n roll soundtrack of 60's music which was the best part of this madcap movie that is more outlandish than fiction! Should have named it Stupid and more Stupid ......

Stiletto (2008)
Tom Berenger) is in the sauna and gets gutted. miraculously, he survives and lives to continue ruling his mob empire. There is lots of violence, swearing, and bad guys (William Forsythe, Tom Sizemore, D.B. Sweeney) who deserve their comeuppance. The killer (Stana Katic), a femme fatale, dispatches her victims with Black Widow brutality and a huge knife. Paul Sloan is a detective who is trying to capture the assassin not for the cops, but for the mob boss.

Stealth (2005)
Three pilots (Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx) are in a top secret military program testing out next-generation stealth aircraft, when a fourth member of the team is brought in, called EDI (Extreme Deep Invader) who happens to be a quantum computer attached to an upgraded version of the same plane. When lightning strikes and fries the computer he disobeys orders, goes rogue, blows stuff up shoots things and feels bad about it , he has a voice kinda like HAL in 2001. Explosions and gunfire are the highest seen outside of a war movie. It shows the "collateral" civilian damage war inflicts, while recognizing the need for technology and weapon refinement to assure more accurate deployment of killing machines.

Street Kings (2008)
This is a tale of police corruption amid the drug strewn gang-banging culture of LA's sleazy underbelly. Keanu Reeves is a burned-out, alcoholic vice cop who specializes in bending the law to suit his crime-solving needs. Under the care of Captain Forest Whitaker, his sins have been covered up for years. Detective Terry Crews, is talking to Internal Affairs about the corruption he has uncovered. When Crews is murdered, Reeves goes on a mission to find - and kill - his murderers. Popping up is Capt. Hugh Laurie from Internal Affairs, wanting to help Reeves come clean and bust a few bad cops along the way. The movie poses the same questions that have been asked since the early days of Dirty Harry: at what point do we cheer for a cop breaking the law to stop truly evil men, and at what point do we dispise them?

Submerged ( 2005)
Steven Seagal is sprung from a military prison to lead a group of tough guys who need to rescue American soldiers who are being held as prisoners of war. Seems that these unfortunate soldiers were trying to take down the mind control scientist guy. Anyway they are freed by Seagal and crew, along the way they hang out in submarine for about ten minutes before it blows up and sinks. Lots of shooting , things blowing up and blood in this direct to video shoot em up.

Sum Of All Fears (2002)
Tom Clancy's novel of CIA operative Jack Ryan (Ben Affleck) and his boss Morgan Freeman. A international group of neo-Nazis orchestrates a plan that involves detonating a nuclear device in an American city, since such an attack would be viewed as the worst kind of aggression. American leaders would put their military forces on high alert, and Russian leaders would do the same in response and each could launch a nuclear attack. It is a story about people, how they make decisions, how they handle a crisis and how assumptions sometimes almost bury the truth.

Sunshine (2007)
Fifty years into the future, the sun is being put out from the inside by an unstable form of matter. Earth scientists have cooked up a plan to reignite the sun by detonating a large nuclear explosion to essentially relight the sun's pilot light. The movie does take a turn for the worse in the last half hour, relying too heavily on science fiction/horror cliches: the cryptic female computer voice, a creepy Freddy Kruger looking threat.. I did like the gold lame' spacesuits !

Superman Returns (2006)
Superman (Brandon Routh) took off for Krypton to see what had become of his old home planet. On his return, Clark Kent gets his old job back at the Daily Planet, how does no one put Clark and Superman together? Particularly when Superman just so happens to show up again after five unexplained years of absence just at the precise moment when Clark, who has allegedly been on a loooong around-the-world trip or something, returns to Metropolis and his job at the Daily Planet. Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) got tired of waiting around for her "man of steel" and settled down with a nice guy (James Marsden) and had a kid. Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey), has been released from prison on a technicality and has resumed his attempts at world domination, and he's been busy – stealing Kyptonite, and Superman's secret crystals of power, plus plotting evil plans to take over the world. The film delivers as a action spectacle, with a passenger jet rescue, Metropolis-wide shockwaves and high seas adventure.

Surfs Up (2007)
This movie is a animated mockumentary of the Endless Summer type of surf movie. Cody (Shia Labeouf) is an undersized penguin that lives in Shiverpool, Antarctica. He tells the story of the day when Shiverpool was visited by penguin surfing legend Big Zeek (Jeff Bridgs) and gave Cody one of his handmade engraved shell necklaces. Ever since that day he's dreamed of being a famous surfer. He gets his chance to prove himself when he's recruited by a sleazy Don King-like porcupine named Reggie Belefonte (voiced by James Woods) The story itself is nothing new - a fledgling athlete is taken under the wing of a washed up former champ and learns that the sport is not all about winning.

Surrogates (2009)
In the future, society will employ the use of Surrogates, robotic avatars that are sent out into the word to conduct daily business. When an important Surrogate is killed with a special weapon, which can kill humans through their surrogates , F.B.I. Agents Bruce Willis and Radha Mitchell are sent to investigate. Along the way Willis' surrogate who is younger looking with a full head of hair, gets killed it leads them to the a colony of humans living in "camps" because they reject the principle of surrogates. Their leader, The Prophet (Ving Rhames), advocates the destruction of surrogates and condemns their creators. James Cromwell plays the creator of the surrogate technology. He also invented the robots in "I, Robot". Coincidence? mmmmmmmmmmmmm. The movie tries to say something about people losing their humanity through a ever-greater dependence on technology.

Suspect Zero (2004)
FBI agent Aaron Eckhart is assigned to investigate a serial killer in this paranormal thriller. Ben Kingsley displays the creepiness of a madman operating logically, albeit in a different, insane reality. This is a twisted tale of good and evil, right and wrong and nothing should be taken for granted.

S.W.A.T. (2003)
Samuel L. Jackson is forming up a special elite unit within the S.W.A.T. team, There is the rogue cop, the hot head, the cop that is devoted to duty and of course a bad guy with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. A French drug kingpin is captured by the police and publicly offers 100 million dollars to whoever can spring him from prison. It's a on the edge little thriller that believes you can build tension if you actually develop characters and situations.

Syriana (2005)
George Clooney plays a CIA operative whose morals begin to conflict with the establishment .He is starting to figure out the shady motives of the government he's been pulling jobs for over the years. Matt Damon has a gig in "Energy" and he partners up with a wannabe Middle Eastern king (Alexander Siddig) who's not willing to fork over his country so easily to the US anymore, while his competing younger brother simply wants to keep the US happy. Jeffrey Wright is looking into the motivation behind a monster merger between a massive oil company and a much smaller one who just won a oil contract. Essentially its about what a mess the powerful have made out of the world, and how the mess might well be irreparable. There's definitely some oil here, but this film didn't quite refine it.

Taken (2008)
Liam Neeson is a retired CIA operative, after his intense career, his wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) has left him and remarried and he's all but a stranger to his 17 year-old daughter Kim (Maggie Grace). Kim and her friend are kidnapped in Paris by Albanians and sold as sexual playthings, he goes to get her back and is hot on their trail, and his brutally efficient training comes in handy. It is a good middle of the road action movie, with plenty of hand to hand, gunplay, torture, and car chases.

Taking Lives (2004)
Angelie Jolie is a FBI specialist brought in to help solve a serial killer case in Canada. Ethan Hawke plays the killer's next victim, and in a film filled with twists and turns, I found the plot a little too transparent, I figured out who the killer was early on. And while I sort of figured out the ending , one part was still a slight surprise.

Taking Of Pelham 123 (2009)
John Travolta and his gang including Luis Guzman hijack a New York City subway train and hold the passengers in exchange for a $10 million ransom . Train dispatcher Denzel Washington is the only man with whom Travolta will communicate. It's essentially a countdown movie as the clock ticks down. Hostage negotiator John Turturro is called in as is the city's Mayor James Gandofini. Plenty of car crashes and gunfire ensue.

Tale Of Despereaux (2008)
The film focuses on four characters whose paths cross and whose lives intersect: Despereaux (voice of Matthew Broderick), a little mouse with huge ears and a fearless spirit; Roscuro (Dustin Hoffman), the rat; Princess Pea (Emma Watson), the daughter of the city's ruler; and Miggery Sow (Tracey Ullman). Their lives will collide to return the kingdom to sunshine and happiness that Roscuro inadvertently was responsible for ruining, the kingdom's annual celebration of soup. This 2D is not top-flight animation.

Taxi (1998)
This is the original one from France, opening with an exhilarating high-speed scooter (!) race to the sounds of Misirilou, Taxi immediately declares its intent: To show that, anything Hollywood can do in the line of stunt and spectacle driven action movies, they can as well. You'll see so much stuff the USA version 'borrowed' from this film, for example the freeway chase, and the bad guys end up on the piece of unfinished highway .. Though the bad guys are German Guys, I prefer the bikini ladies in the remake!!

Taxi (2004)
Queen Latifah is a bike messenger turned cab driver with dreams of being a NASCAR driver, who builds a James Bondish TAXI. Jimmy Fallon (Sat. Nite reject) is a cop turned screw-up. There are a few good laughs (especially during the out takes), but the comedy styles of Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah don't click together. I did like some of the car chase sequences that did equal The Fast & Furious .. plus there are a lot of shots of scantily clad models with guns.

Taxi 2 (2000)
Taxi driver Samy Naceriis is back, this time pledging to help police pal Frederic Diefenthal to rescue a kidnapped Japanese ambassador from the Yakuza. The film contains some of the biggest and most ridiculous car chases ever put on film, I mean how long has it been since you saw an honest-to-God police car pile up ? The taxi has car wings so it can even fly ...... mmmmmmm . French with subtitles

Team America: World Police (2004)
A five person (puppet) wrecking crew charged with keeping the US and the world safe from terrorists with weapons of mass destruction at all costs, but end up destroying irreplaceable national monuments of historical importance with nary a second thought. Plenty of machine guns a blazing, even a sword fight and kung fu. I thought I was watching a Jerry Bruckheimer puppet show. Note this is not a film for the kiddies, as there is plenty of crude language, and even explicit puppet sex. you might even be singing the theme song, but NOT in public.

Terminal (2004)
Tom Hanks (with another so-so accent) after arriving in New York, finds a coup in his native country rendering his passport and other documents obsolete. He's forced to remain in the International Terminal and befriends the staff, and they become this happy weird airport family, (or in the case of Catherine Zeta-Jones's flight attendant, a possible love interest), but the romantic realism falls astonishingly flat. (I thought it might be a frog & princess ending) But this film left me wondering.. .. how much did Speilberg get on all the product placements ?

Terminator Salvation (2009)
Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) minutes from his execution, concedes to donate his body to science, he awakens to discover that fifteen years have passed and that Skynet is attempting to obliterate the human race except for a few pockets of vagabond resistance. The human's only hope is John Connor (Christian Bale) who is to lead mankind to salvation. He gets some help from Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin), and also Marcus. Guns and explosions are there but none of it makes a lasting impression on us from one scene into the next and the quest for a PG-13 rating has certainly neutered the film. But Arnoooooooooold makes his presence felt as a CGI mask !

Thank You For Smoking (2006)
This is a comedy about Big Tobacco's greatest public relations spin-doctor, and the arguments are well enough put that the viewer may well find himself siding with the nefarious Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart).We see how Aaron dispatches several threats to the tobacco industry. A former Marlboro Man (Sam Elliot) is dying of cancer and wants to initiate an anti-tobacco campaign. Katie Holmes plays an reporter who is trying to entrap Naylor himself. When a Vermont senator (William Macy) wants to put a poison label on cigarettes, Naylor must use all of his wits and charm to keep his job at the Academy of Tobacco Studies. The movie is a social satire that is less about the tobacco industry, and more about the spin industry that can cloud even the most seemingly clear-cut of issues with a litany of half-truths, meaningless statistics and other intellectual BS.

There Will Be Blood (2007)
This is a film on the early days of the oil industry, and focuses on the mechanics of finding oil, the process of getting it out of the ground, and the politics of persuading landowners to sell the rights to their property. Daniel Day-Lewis wants to be rich and nothing will stop him, he strikes it big drilling for oil, a tragic accident early on kills a worker and leaves behind a child (Dillon Freasier) that he adopts. The only person getting in his way is the local preacher, Paul Dano, who fights with Daniel over the money he promised the church,and over his salvation. There is a melding of visual storytelling and Lewis' powerful performance that chews the scenery at times while staying within character of a man trapped in the grip of his own demonic obsessions.

Thick As Thieves - aka The Code (2009)
Master thief Morgan Freeman recruits Antonio Banderas to help him steal two famous Faberge eggs from an impenetrable vault in an effort to pull off one final job to repay his debt to the Russian mob. Radha Mitchell plays a temptress whose romantic liaison with Banderas threatens to come between him and his partner in crime, her godfather (Freeman).

3000 Miles to Graceland: (2001)
Elvis impersonators stage a casino heist in Las Vegas When the casino job does not go exactly as planned, the gang splits up with everybody chasing after each other and the feds one step behind. Kevin Costner is just plain evil. There were bullets flying and things blowing up and Ice T (who is worth a couple of guys in a gunfight) taking on the feds.

Thirteen Days (2000)
The events of the Cuban missile crisis from the eyes of Kenny O'Donnell (Kevin Costner), the special assistant to President Kennedy (Bruce Greenwood), and Steven Culp who plays a doggedly determined Robert Kennedy. The film informatively and memorably re-creates a time in history when nuclear war was a very real possibility. The American generals are portrayed as hawks who hold the Kennedys in contempt, but understand that government officials were simply reacting in the manner in which they were trained.

Thir13en Ghosts (2001)
Tony Shalhoub had the perfect life: a loving wife, a beautiful daughter (Shannon Elizabeth) and a young son (Alec Roberts). When a tragic fire takes the life of his wife, however, his life goes into shambles. Enter Uncle Cyrus (F. Murray Abraham), who was a ghost hunter who, before he was killed, built a house which is a glass maze of shifting walls and demonic clockwork. Tony and his family inherit the house, and they go to view it before they move in, then the weirdo stuff starts happening and they meet a ghost... not one, not two, but 12 different spectral baddies, each with his/her own tragic circumstance. This makes for an enjoyable variety of make-up jobs, and effects, although the numerous villains don't really have specific characterizations, the sheer number provides a pleasing break from the mundane horror formula.

300 (2006)
The film is based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller which was inspired by the 1962 film The 300 Spartans which was inspired by the battle of Thermopylae in approximately 480 BC. King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) assembles an army of 300 Spartan warriors to join him and head off the Persian invaders. There are lots of body appendages being hacked off during the battle. Limbs and occasionally heads fly off. "300" shoves the realm of digital manipulation and chest-thumping brawn past the point of no return, the look is highly stylized, with nary a frame that hasn't been tweaked within an inch of its life. Action is the name of the game here, and if you like your epics cruisin' for a brusin', and more blood splattering then all the CSI's combined, this might be it.

3:10 To Yuma (2007)
Ben Wade (Russell Crowe) committed more than 20 robberies on the Southern Railroad, his latest attack on an armored carriage appears successful. Wade is confronted by down-and-out rancher Dan Evans (Christian Bale) and is later arrested by local railroad guards in town. Evans is close to losing both his wife's affection and the respect of his sons, especially the 14 year-old Logan Lerman. Then an opportunity for redemption and enough sorely-needed cash to tide him over he agrees to escort Wade to a prison train – the 3:10 to Yuma. In this cowboy flick you're conflicted about whether to root for the good guys in the white hats or the baddies in black hats by the time the big showdown arrives.

Thunderbolt (2001 dvd)
Jackie Chan is a master mechanic, part time race car driver who implicates a notorious gangster Thorsten Nickel "The Cougar" as an illegal street racer, and is wanted for a number of other assorted crimes. Cougar retaliates by destroying Chan's business and kidnapping his sisters. The only way he can get them back home safely is by beating Cougar at his best game....high speed auto-racing!, and there is plenty of car racing, plus guns blazing and some kung fooey especially when Jackie beats the tar out of Yakuza henchman in a pachinko parlor, with what he calls "sledgehammer-fu".

THX 1138 (1971)
George Lucas created the evil robots and the good humans in a underground society of the future, factory workers are kept in a drugged state to keep their emotions from getting in the way of their jobs. THX-1138 (Robert Duvall) has stopped taking his drugs and the sudden influx of emotion leads him to a sexual encounter with his government-assigned roommate, Luh. When the government discovers their illegal moment of passion THX is imprisoned and interrogated, before he tries to escape with a political dissident named Sen (Donald Pleasance). To say that this world is a strange one would be putting it mildly, and even today, this movie is a bit of an anomaly, being an science fiction film full of social and political commentary with minimal action.

Tiger Blade (2005)
Thai action cinema, is famous for hard-boiled action scenes, this one starts out with guns a blazing, basically a cop movie, it is filled with spectacular kung fu action to keep the audience engaged. Asadawut Luangsuntorn, a young maverick cop with mystical powers, is teamed up with the Duangdao who will go through some battles with him. He needs to find The Tiger Blade, a magical sword embodying the powers of nature, so as to defeat Mahesak, the brutal and deadly enemy who leads the terrible "Five Bullets Bandit". who is also skilled in the art of sorcery and magic. He must bring Mahesak to justice, before the bandits bring total chaos to the city. The body count piles up at an astounding rate, which provides more unintentional humor given the film's odious attempts at censoring out "unacceptable behavior" with digital pixelation (they blur the guns or smoking cigarettes) but not the blood and guts splatter ? Thai with English subtitles.

Timecop (1994)
Jean-Claude Van Damme the Muscles from Brussels, is a cop in the newly-formed time travel protection agency, to make sure there is no abuse leading to time lines being altered. He is pitted against Ron Silver, as the corrupt senator who wishes to exploit time travel and become the most powerful person in the USA. Timecop has some fun with its time-travel conceit before getting down to the familiar plot and frequent bouts of kung fuey kicking and gunplay.

Tim's Vermeer (2013)
Tim Jenison was a successful inventor who created several graphics technologies for film and television. During the mid–2000s, he became obsessed with the famed Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, So it comes to pass that we see him build, in a north-facing San Antonio warehouse, an exact to-scale replica of Vermeer’s room. We see a rank amateur turn into the photo-realist or “painting machine” It’s the most fun you’ll have watching paint dry all year.

(A) Time To Kill (1996)
Two beer-swilling rednecks rape a 10-year-old girl carrying a bag of groceries home to her mother, she later dies. The girl's father Samuel L. Jackson exacts his own vengeance by shooting them down on the courthouse stairs. The cast include for the prosecution Kevin Spacey and the judge Patrick McGoohan, and for the defense Matthew McConaughey, with assistance from Sandra Bullock, Donald Sutherland and Oliver Platt. The plot includes, but is not limited to, racial tensions, the Ku Klux Klan, courtroom drama, corrupt officials, corrupt preachers, rednecks, ACLU, NAACP, lawyers, police, disbarred lawyers, psychiatrists, alcoholics, church goers, southerners, Yankees, judges, ambitious DAs, romances, bombings, money problems, etc. Its an outstanding courtroom drama, and easily one of the best adaptation of John Grisham's thrillers.

Today You Die (2005)
Steven Seagal is a modern-day Robin Hood who steals from the rich and gives to those in need. A armored car heist goes wrong and he finds himself in a high-security prison where he forms an unlikely friendship with Anthony "Treach" Criss. Together they orchestrate a massive jailbreak, getting out to extract revenge from whoever set Seagal up. Much witty banter, explosions, gunfire. kung fu, and general mayhem follow, in an action film that delivers all the crucial elements.

To Live and Die in LA (1985)
Hotshot government agent William Petersen, sets out to avenge the killing of his partner who was getting ready to retire, by counterfeiter Willem Dafoe. Agent Petersen takes his work seriously to the point of going beyond the rules to make the bust of Dafoe. French Connection director William Friedkin makes another car chase scene here, but many scenes are shudderingly vicious, rarely occurring when they seem inevitable though it is certainly not an exploitative splatter film.

Tom-Yum-Goong (Honor of the Beast) (2005)
Ong-Bak signaled the arrival of Tony Jaa as Asia's greatest action hope, and this movie backs that up with every flying kick and head-busting elbow from Jaa., there's more bone crunching than a chiropractors office! He stars as Kham, a Thai country boy who goes to Australia in search of his stolen elephant. Serving as comedy relief to Kham's bone stomping action is Ong-Bak's Petchtai Wongkamlao/ Mum Jokmok as Officer Mark, a local Australian police officer whose English is nearly impossible to understand. Forgot a plot, just sit back and watch all the flying, kicking, bone breaking action.

Tortured (2008)
Cole Hauser is a double agent for the FBI working with a organized crime racket, but has to go to extreme measures to get to the mastermind. This includes beating and torturing a mob accountant (Laurence Fishburne) for information for the mysterious boss named Ziggy. The FBI director is his father (James Cromwell). The torturer is supposed to be the protagonist, but quite frankly, how can you feel bad for a guy who has just ripped out another man's fingernails, or has thrown salt on his wounds. Yet another direct to dvd filmed in Vancouver BC .

Training Day (2001)
Ethan Hawke embarks on a first day as a narc officer in the Los Angeles streets and under the guidance of crooked cop Denzel Washington. It's refreshing to watch an intelligent action movie that doesn't rely on a lot of special effects to tell a interesting story. A memorable point occurs when Hawke is left in the hands of some very gangsterish Mexicans who put him through a very terrifying experience in the bathroom. Washington delivers a powerful and emotional speech near the end of the film.

Transformers (2007)
The war between giant alien robots continues on Earth with the fate of mankind hanging in the balance. One group is the Autobots,the good guys, the other group is the Decepticons, the baddies. No matter how many computer nerds the government recruits, it seems always to come down to the one guy they've never heard of who lives with his grandmother. The action sequences in Transformers are a bit lame, but the CG mind-blowing effects of the transformations are very good. Course its formulamatic .. action sequences, funny scene, action, hilarious scenes, then the final battle sequence.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (2009)
The movie picks up two years after Shia LaBeouf and the Autobots have saved the human race from the Decepticons, which are now back to cause trouble. Megan Fox, his girlfriend runs around in a halter top and is shown slow-motion (think Baywatch). The action revolves around a long-buried machine capable of destroying all life on Earth, and an ancient Transformer known as The Fallen, there is plenty of action, bombs, guns, fights and explosions, with the Computer Graphics getting better all the time. Add in a pair of rap-speaking Autobots named Mudflap and Skids, along the other autobots and theres more action in five minutes than most movies have all together.

Transporter (2002)
Jason Statham is a delivery man , any package no questions asked. Things get complicated on his latest assignment when he breaks the first rule of the delivery service: don't open the package. The "package" turns out to contain the kidnapped daughter of a Chinese crook who's smuggling his fellow countrymen into France. The director, Corey Yuen, is known for being the martial arts choreographer for most of Jet Li's films, so there is plenty of Kung Fooey happening. We don't need no steenkin' plot ... just fists, feet and guns .

Transporter 2 (2005)
The sequel to 2002 "The Transporter" takes Jason Statham's to Miami where he's moonlighting as a driver for the son of a federal drug commissioner. When the drug cartels kidnap the kid in order to inject him with a deadly virus, Jason is back in action, first to get their son back, but then to get a bit of revenge. You know after the first minute that this is going to be a action movie, and there is plenty of cars crashing, guns blazing & kung foolerly. I mean some of the stunts make you wonder huh, but a female assassin (Kate Nauta) who runs around in her underwear, and shoots two automatic machine guns helps a bit. The fight scenes (choreographed by Corey Yuen) are fast and brutal, while the car chases are equally impressive but gross violations of the laws of physics ensue. Check your mind at the door and enjoy.

Traitor (2008)
Don Cheadle is the son of an American mother and a Sudanese father and a former Army Special Forces explosives expert who is now an arms dealer selling to terrorist groups in Muslim countries. He gets caught and is put in a Yemen prison , but escapes thanks to fellow prisoner Saïd Taghmaoui and is then recruited by him into an al Qaeda-like terrorist group. Hunted by dedicated FBI men Guy Pearce and his partner Neal McDonough in an international chase that takes them to Spain, France, England, Canada and the United States. Cheadle is constructing 50 bombs, each one destined to be exploded on U.S. cross-country buses on Thanksgiving day.

Trois (2000)
Gary Dourdan (CSI) and Kenya Moore have lost their boom-boom in the bedroom. He thinks adding another chick will do the trick, he enlists office buddy Soloman Smith to recruit the perfect woman, seriously sluty Gretchen Palmer who seems the perfect choice. After they all test the mattress, all heck breaks loose and the plot plays Wheel-of-Deception like any number of previous erotic thrillers. There is an alternate ending, on the DVD ...not much better than the original one

Tropic Thunder (2008)
A Vietnam war epic called Tropic Thunder is being filmed on location. Its stars lunkheaded action star Tugg Speedman (Ben Stiller), self-destructive fart-humor hack (Jack Black), and obsessive method actor (Robert Downey Jr.) After prodding by the writer (Nick Nolte), Steve Coogan decides to shoot the film with hidden cameras, taking his cast to the deepest parts of the jungle to get a sense of reality. The cast finds the desired authenticity perhaps too intense, stumbling upon a heroin farm staffed with vicious soldiers. See if you can figure out WHO is the guy defaced by a rubber nose and double chins, who shows up as a Hollywood producer.

Troy (2004)
Brad Pitt, as warrior Achilles in this adaptation of Homer's The Iliad is a swords and sandals opera. The action meanders between what seems dozens of solemn funeral pyres and dozens more large-scale CGI-boosted action sequences that seem primarily interested in demonstrating scale rather than elucidating individual storylines. The battle between Achilles and Hector tells where the term 'Achilles Heal' came from. I did like Peter O'Toole in this war movie with the pretense of history.

Truth About Love (2004)
Jennifer Love Hewitt, the so-so-comically prudish wife of Jimi Mistry. who is a lawyer whose best friend Dougray Scott happens to work right alongside him, and also happens to be in love with JLH, which we find out in the opening scene when he finds a packet of radish seeds lying on the ground and sends them to her anonymously as a valentine. So she sends her hubby a Valentine to see if he tells her about it. When he doesn't say anything, she goes one stage further, setting up sex meeting with him as "Anonymous," with him conveniently blindfolded. Hewitt does a lot of running after departing trains though !

12 Rounds (2009)
John Cena is a police detective who captures terrorist and arms dealer Aiden Gillen, unfortunately, in the process, Gillen's girlfriend is killed. One year later, he has escaped from prison and is out for revenge, setting up a twisted game where the detective must survive 12 violent challenges to retrieve his girlfriend (Ashley Scott). There are plenty of big explosions: cars, houses, buildings, you name it, it blows up, or gets crashed or crunched.

21 (2008)
The movie is loosely based on Ben Mezrich's book, Bringing Down the House. Ben (Jim Sturgess) is an MIT student struggling to find $300K for Harvard Medical School. An opportunity is given to him by Kevin Spacey, a professor who runs a card-counting Blackjack scheme during the weekends, along with fellow players Kate Bosworth, Aaron Yoo, Liza Lapira and Jacob Pitts. The gang of whiz-kid card counters are responsible for geeky Ben metamorphosing into a slick monster. The mechanics of how they run their scam are fascinating, but the sheer dumb implausibility of how they utterly fail to shield themselves from watchful casino eyes - even to the point of returning to the same casino over and over again, which draws the attention of security goon Laurence Fishburne who 'backrooms' Ben .

Twilight (1998)
Paul Newman is an aging private investigator whose good luck has long since passed him by. Living in the home of his friends, and former client, Gene Hackman and Susan Sarandon, he agrees to do his host a favor and drop off a package to Margo Martindale. What seems to be a simple task rapidly spirals into a dangerous and complex murder mystery. James Garner is an old friend of Paul's, whose former association with Hackman-Sarandon becomes cause for suspicion. Add in Carol Channing, as the police lieutenant and Newman's former partner and the plot thickens ! A minor sub-plot which finds several old friends of Newman's, mistakenly believing that a gunshot wound has left him with his manhood missing.

Twins Effect 2 (2004)
In a fictional past where an empress has decreed that women are the masters and men the slaves, an unlikely hero played by Jackie Chan's son, must fulfill an "ancient" prophecy to obtain the Excalibur sword and become king. There is some really dumb jokes, and a whole underground caveman scene that should of ended on the cutting room floor. Luckily its the special effects and action, which is a real treat for the eyes, it really is a gorgeous looking movie with colors and some excellent wirework.

Twisted (2004)
This psychological thriller of a by-the-numbers serial killer whose victims have two things in common, the backs of their hands bear burn marks from a cigarette and they have all engaged in sex with Ashley Judd, she begins to suspect that she may be the one responsible. though her police partner Andy Garcia is looking good as a suspect. This had me guessing for a bit but the ending makes no sense, even when the filmmakers employ the talking killer cliché in an attempt to clear up the muddle.

2009 Lost memories (2002)
The movie is about time travel, it takes place in an alternate history where Korea has been subjected to Japanese rule for over one hundred years and has alternative realities. As a result of that change in history, Japan went on to win World War II with the aid of the United States, and Korea has become almost entirely Japanese. It sure manages to make a lot of stuff blow up and crash a disproportionate amount of vehicles

2046 (2004)
Futuristic and retro at the same time, where memories hurl themselves against regrets. The film is shown to us through the visuals of the writer of the story in the future, who was apparently writing about his past, various women, randomly crossed into his solitary existence, live in the space of his memories. it examines the nature of romance--how relationships are both miraculous and fragile. Chinese with subtitles.

Two for the Money (2005)
The story is essentially a rise-and-fall chronicle of an odds-maker and the compulsive gambler who makes him a star. Matthew McConaughey is rocking Vegas with his astonishing accuracy in calling sporting events, so he catches the eye of NYC sports-betting magnate Al Pacino who takes Matthew under his wing, becoming a mentor to the young upstart. We meet Pacino's manicurist wife (Rene Russo)for the last 12 years. Its a rags-to-riches-back-to-rags story that serves as our guide is pretty basic stuff which is win or lose, will make them feel alive more than any pill, drink or cigarette can. That's gambling.

Ultraviolet (2006)
Milla Jovovich stars as Violet a flat-tummied samurai in an electric purple wig and she kick's much booty, she hates humans because they experimented on her, and they killed her baby. Violet's world is in a possible future of ours where vampires (called Hemophages here) exist. They were created by biologists who were attempting to create a bio-weapon out of an old virus. Armies can be dropped with one swoosh of a sword, and the laws of gravity are mere suggestions to our hero. There are gobs of special effects and fight scenes a plenty. Best part of the movie - Jovovich has her midriff exposed throughout the movie.

Unbreakable (2000)
This is a M. Night Shyamalan movie, and unlike the newer 'The Village', is actually enjoyable. Bruce Willis is the UNnbreakable and Samuel L Jackson is the breakable. Its a good story with plenty of tension and action and yes, a nice twist at the end.

Under Suspicion (2000)
In Puerto Rico, some young girls have been raped and murdered, and prominent attorney Gene Hackman was the man who reported one of the attacks. At the start of the film, police Captain Morgan Freeman has Hackman stop in during a fund-raising party just to get a little more information about the events. Gradually the plot thickens as his story becomes more and more fishy. Tempers flare and secrets are revealed as the dark underside of his life and his marriage to sexy young Monica Belluci. This film really is good, I mean Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman ... but it leaves you with a lot of questions and the end is really a let down. In this case the trip is better than the destination.

Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans (2009)
This is a prequel, as the film takes viewers back to medieval times, where second-generation werewolf (known as Lycans) Michael Sheen finds himself a slave to an aristocratic vampire overlord Bill Nighy, whose rebellious daughter Rhona Mitra falls in love with him. Eventually, Sheen escapes from the vampire compound and rallies together all the werewolves from the surrounding areas in a plan to storm the castle and rescue Rhona who is in immortal danger. Swords clang, arrows whoosh, and blood spurts.

Unforgiven (1992)
Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman play retired, down-on-their-luck outlaws who pick up their guns one last time to collect a bounty offered by the vengeful prostitutes of a Wyoming town. Gene Hackman in his Oscar-winning performance is the sly and brutal local sheriff. Richard Harris attempts to challenge his old adversary one last time and pays a heavy price for his efforts. This is a complex tableau of characters who inflict — and are affected by — violence. Winner of four Oscars, amongst them best director and best picture.

United 93 (2006)
The dramatic account of the final moments aboard United Airlines Flight 93, the fourth hijacked plane that crashed in a field in rural Pennsylvania. It's about a hijacking , and it's about arrogance too, the air traffic controllers and military, assuming that it's unthinkable that a hijacking could occur on an American airplane. A good portion of film cuts away to key air traffic control centers in Newark, Boston , New York, and Cleveland as well as the FAA command center in Virginia. On the surface United 93 is straight forward, but deep down it is quite three-dimensional. The film makes most of its impact when you picture yourself in that situation, would you have had the courage to do something.

Unleashed aka Danny The Dog (2005)
Bob Hoskins is a gangster who has a secret weapon: Jet Li, whom he has brought up from childhood to be an attack dog - docile so long as he has his collar on, but a tornado of violent action as soon as it comes off. But Bob will soon lose Jet during a car crash, with him being taken in by Morgan Freeman, a blind piano tuner, and his foster daughter Kerry Condon. It is, of course, only a matter of time before Hoskins finds his now-domesticated dog and tries to put him back to use - which, of course, puts his new family in danger. Plenty of elaborate fight sequences choreographed by master Yuen Wo Ping

Unstoppable (2004)
It's about a former Special Ops soldier, Wesley Snipes who ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time, he is given a shot which makes the victim completely vulnerable to suggestion. In addition, the drug causes hallucinations and mental instability, and without administration of the antidote, will kill its target. Jacqueline Obradors is his girlfriend who is a police detective who chases after the bad guys to save her boyfriend and get the antidote. They could have left out a lot of the swearing on this direct to video release.

Unthinkable (2010)
This is a psychological thriller which has Samuel L. Jackson as a black-ops interrogator, who uses not quite legal interrogation techniques, and FBI agent Carrie-Anne Moss who is a peacenik , who try to get the suspect terrorist (Michael Sheen) into divulging the location of three nuclear weapons set to detonate in the U.S. They play good-cop/bad-cop , both of them trying to find the location of the bombs. Sheen, though, is ex-military and a tough nut to crack.

Untraceable (2008)
Diane Lane is a FBI cyber-crime agent who traps internet criminals with her partner, Colin Hanks. When a new snuff website opens for business, Diane is thrust into the case, trying to isolate the whereabouts of the killer. The killer in question, you see, is abducting individuals, strapping them to machines of slow torture, and feeding live-stream video of their suffering onto an untraceable website called And given that the machines are directly triggered by user numbers, the more people who enter the site to watch, the greater the victims' torment and the faster their painful demise. At the core of Untraceable lies a moral question: If a man is being tortured and killed on-line and you know the URL where the streaming video can be found, would you visit the website?

Valkyrie (2008)
Based on a true story about a almost-successful assassination attempt to kill Adolf Hitler that occurred in 1944. Tom Cruise plays Nazi Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg who is trying to assassinate Hitler. Germany is losing the war under Hitler's direction; the only hope is to remove him from power and make peace with the Allies. We are never really given a clear idea of what is supposed to happen if the assassination goes off without a hitch ,and the moments when it begins to fall apart due to human error or bad luck have no real impact. The credits tell us that the attempt shown in the film was in fact the last of fifteen known attempts to kill Hitler.

Vantage Point (2008)
The assassination of United States President Ashton (William Hurt) at the gala opening of an anti-terrorism summit in Spain. The film's first ten minutes present this situation from the point of view of a news crew, led by TV producer Sigourney Weaver. Its up to two secret service agents (Matthew Fox, Dennis Quaid), a tourist with a digital camera (Forest Whitaker), and a local police officer (Eduardo Noriega) to put the pieces of the puzzle together and find those responsible. We see the crime from each of their different points-of-view, each leading to some new clues which are revealed with each new character's perspective until, at last, the truth is revealed.

V For Vendetta (2006)
Based on a English Graphic Novel (Comic book) I expected it to be like so many of the past movies, but this one is different , the setting is Britain in the near future, where a fascist faction of government lead by John Hurt has risen to power, ruling with an iron fist. While breaking curfew one night, Evey (Natalie Portman) is accosted by crooked government agents, only to be saved by V (Hugo Weaving), a shadowy figure clad in black and wearing a Guy Fawkes mask., who was a Darwinist by product of Britain's human medical experiments. The government has become so heavily controlled by five or six people that the everyman has no say or real interest in politics any more. This film plays on every unsettled emotion anyone might have about the current global political situation, and it certainly struck me as relevant.

Vegas Casino War - aka Vegas Strip War (1984)
Rock Hudson, the maverick casino owner of the Las Vegas' Desert Inn, is pushed out by his double-crossing partners. So he tries to avenge his ouster the only way he knows how: by taking over the failed Tropicana, located across the street. Along the way he deals with James Earl Jones who is the boxing promoter with weird hair (think Don King!), and Pat Morita who brings in the high rollers who manage to bankrupt the casino. Add a young Sharon Stone as a love intrest and there you are till the end where he risks his entire bankroll to save the casino and himself.

Versus (2000)
Escaped convicts meet Yakuza dudes who also have a kidnapped girl with them, gunfire ensues, they chase the convict and the girl into the forest which is full of zombies.. This Japanese film has it all ... action, zombie, splatterfest, gunplay, Martial Arts, and gore. Later the 'hero' fights the head honcho Vampire ... Japanese with subtitles.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)
A curious title, it is not a woman's name, rather it is two names and a city, what do you expect from Woody Allen ! It plays out like a adaptation of a cheap romance novel, complete with the ever-present narrator (Christopher Evan Welch), who could have maybe gave us a clue to all the Spanish spoken in the movie. Vicky (Rebecca Hall) has been invited by her distant relatives (Patricia Clarkson, Kevin Dunn) to spend the summer with them in Spain. Her pal Cristina (Scarlett Johansson) decides to tag along. The two tourists are approached by a local artist (Javier Bardem)who has just experienced a break-up with his wife (Penelope Cruz), he invites the two girls to spend the weekend with him. A love triangle or possibly a tetrad ensue .

Village (2004)
The story is about an isolated village in rural 19th century Pennsylvania that rests in the middle of a haunted forest. The woods contain creatures, or so it is said, that eats meat and has been known to skin farm animals alive that wander into their territory. There's even the Village Idiot, who is part of the main story but , trouble is that the movie wants to be both a creature thriller and a study in colonialism, but the blend never jells, and late plot twists, though interesting, leave the audience cold.

Visitor (2008)
Richard Jenkins discovers a pair of homeless illegal aliens living in his New York apartment. After the mix-up is resolved, Vale invites the couple--a young, Syrian musician Haaz Sleiman and his Senegalese girlfriend Danai Gurira to stay with him. However, the relationship is cut short when Haaz is arrested and revealed to be an illegal, and is locked away in a detention center while Jenkins and Haaz mother Hiam Abbass hope to find a way to free him. The rest of the film is concerned with what happens to each of them.

W (2008)
Josh Brolin plays 'W' and James Cromwell as father George H.W. Bush along with Elizabeth Banks as his wife Laura. The picture is a series of interlaced flashbacks, some fairly recent, others delving further into the back story. The interesting parts are the planning stages in the war room for the Iraq War with confidants Condoleeza Rice (Thandie Newton), Donald Rumsfeld (Scott Glenn), Karl Rove (Toby Jones), Colin Powell (Jeffrey Wright), and Dick Cheney (Richard Dreyfuss) . For better or worse, Oliver Stone's W has some good, and some not-so-good moments.

Wake of Death (2004)
Staring the Muscles from Brussels (Jean Claude Van Damme) this is a modern crime movie with acting that relies not on dialogue, but emotion, tone and uncompromising violence to carry a scene. There is a bunch of car chases, but the motorcycle one though the shopping mall is the best .. We get bloody slit throats, mucho gun shot wounds to the head and body, a graphic and extended drill torture incident, stabbings/slicings, and a couple of heavy blood spurting moments.

Walk The Line (2005)
The movie chronicles the early days as the young Johnny Cash (Joaquin Phoenix) finds his unique sound and lyrics that eventually made him a self-styled hero. Reese Witherspoon delivers an acid-tongued, and humorous performance as June Carter, she and Phoenix have perfect chemistry together. Based on Witherspoon's Oscar-winning portrayal, it's easy to see why Cash was so enamored with Carter and would do anything to be with her. It works best when it's about Johnny & June.

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)
As co-owners of their own vegetable protection agency, "Anti-Pesto," inventor/cheese lover Wallace (voiced by Peter Sallis) and his faithful silent mouthless dog, Gromit, spend their days keeping the local rabbits out of the neighborhood. Suddenly, the town is terrorized by a giant rabbit that sabotages their vegetable gardens. Wallace and Gromit set out to find and capture the creature with a climax that involves a literal dog-fight in the air, the were-rabbit fleeing for its life and a fairground descending into utter chaos. Everything you see onscreen is real and built in miniature, which helps bring the movie to life.

Wall -E (2008)
800 years into the future, and Earth is left in a pile of ruins, with garbage piled as high as skyscrapers. The last robot left on the planet is Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth), a compactor machine who dutifully carries out his business cleaning up the land. At night, he retreats to a container and moons over a battered videotape of lovers holding hands in Hello, Dolly, he also befriends a cockroach. WALL-E immediately falls in love with EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator), a robot from a spaceship thats come to Earth to electronically report any sign of organic life to the mother ship. When she heads back to space lovestruck WALL-E follows, beginning an interstellar adventure that has major ramifications for mankind. The romance goes through several shocks and circuit changes while their hearts throb strongly for each other.

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price (2005)
Robert Greenwald details Wal Mart business practices: the coerced unpaid overtime, the foreign sweatshop labor, the health-insurance packages that have left thousands of employees to rely on Medicaid. Greenwald floats the vital issue of whether Wal-Mart should be restrained by antimonopoly regulations, the fact is that the film is biased, just like in a Michael Moore schlockumentary. It isn't interested in talking to happy consumers about their low prices, and, because the company refused to cooperate, it doesn't have an interview with Lee Scott, its chief executive, though he does appear frequently in the film courtesy of existing news clips and internal company footage.

Wanted (2008)
Based on graphic novels (Comic Books) by Mark Millar about a boring office schnook (James McAvoy) whose life is forever changed when he's saved from being killed by a mysterious woman (Angelina Jolie). She brings him to Morgan Freeman, the head of a Fraternity of Assassins, where he trains to be a assassin and acquire the ability to do really awesome things like curve bullets. There is plenty of bullets flying, bombs exploding and cars crashing, so forget about that it might be implausible, just feel the adrenaline rush.

War (2007)
Jet Li plays a highly skilled assassin named Rogue who works for the Japanese yakuza. Jason Statham is an FBI agent, specializing in Asian organized crime operations in the San Francisco area. Enter the feud between two clans: the Japanese Yakuza and the Chinese Triads. It seems that 'Rogue' is trying to start a war by assassinating high members of each clan. There's a mega-melting pot of stolen plot devices and ideas. As the pile of dead Asian hoodlums grows bigger and bigger, some shot, some blown up, some chopped up, some run through with swords. But the movie manages to deliver a couple of twists, however the twists aren't convincing enough.

Warlords (2008)
The film opens with Wu Yang (Takeshi Kaneshiro) who narrates how he and his "big brother" Er Hu (Andy Lau) came to know General Pang (Jet Li). Pang had deserted the army after his men were decimated in the battlefield in a betrayal by the Kiu army who were supposed to be their allies. He eventually runs into the gang of bandits headed by Er Hu and Wu Yang, who duly recruit Pang for his impressive fighting skills. The trio of Pang, Zhang and Zhao sign a blood oath, and thus the blood brothers are born : one a charismatic leader, one a general looking to reclaim his honor, and one the faithful follower. The first half of the film has many bloody battles, while the last half shifts into human drama between the three men. The story weaves political intrigue, obsessive ambition, human failings, divided loyalties and differing ideas of honor.

War Of The Worlds (2005)
This H.G. Wells classic using state of the art special effects, tells the harrowing tale of Tom Cruise, a blue-collar worker, who stumbles upon the early stages of an alien invasion and barely escapes with his life and family, son Justin Chatwin and daughter Dakota Fanning while Earth prepares its final defense against a more powerful and destructive foe. People are hit with death rays and evaporate into dust, buildings and streets crumble to pieces or implode. I really like Dakota, but in this one, her screaming a lot is more than annoying, though her emotion shown by tears and eyes are top notch. An anti-climactic finish and the almost obligatory tacked-on happy ending that Spielberg seems to be doing lately . One highlight is Morgan Freeman's narration reading the beginning of H.G. Wells's novel.

Way Of War (2008)
Paramilitary operative Cuba Gooding Jr. is a highly trained assassin assigned to kill a notorious terrorist in the Middle East., during his mission, he stumbles upon a US government conspiracy involving the top members of the administration. Now on the run, he is determined to expose the truth before it's too late, he gets help from Clarence Williams III. Plenty of flash backs - forwards .. mmmmmmmmm

Wasabi (2001)
Jean Reno stars as a grizzled French cop who learns that he's got a nineteen-year-old daughter (Hirosue Ryoko) after the loss of the love of his life who mysteriously vanished 19 years before. At the time, Hubert was working in Japan for the secret service. Complicating matters is the plethora of yakuza goons that are now after both Reno and daughter because of a large inheritance that's coming her way. The film also showcases some great shootouts, wild punches and on top of that, some downright hilarious moments.

Watchmen (2009)
Set in an alternative-reality 1985 in which America has won the Vietnam War, and Richard Nixon is in his fifth term as President. The time has passed for costumed crime fighters, with vigilantes Rorschach/Walter Kovacs (Jackie Earle Haley), Silk Spectre II/Laurie Juspeczyk (Malin Akerman) and Nite Owl II/Dan Dreiberg (Patrick Wilson), industrialist Ozymandias/Adrian Veidt (Matthew Goode), and a glowing blue deity Doctor Manhattan/Jonathan Osterman (Billy Crudup) all who were forced into retirement. When The Comedian/Edward Blake (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is brutally murdered, the group is stunned, pushing Rorschach into investigative mode to track down a mysterious masked assassin who is trying to eliminate them. Soundtrack is rock n roll oldies.

Weather Man (2005)
Nicolas Cage is a Chicago television weatherman, who doesn't enjoy his fame and is dealing with the break up of his marriage and family. The thing is every time he's wrong about the forecast, the people of Chicago throws food at him. Michael Caine who is dying of lymphoma, has a wise and quiet presence throughout and is able to convey a full lifetime of love and exasperation towards his son in only a few words and the result is one of the finest performances of a long and distinguished career. The film has a over-reliance on profanity, which is so excessive and needless.

What Happens In Vegas (2008)
Cameron Diaz got dumped by her boyfriend while Ashton Kutcher just got fired from his job. Both needing a pick-me-up, they are convinced by their friends (Rob Corddry, Lake Bell) to take a trip to Vegas. After one wild and drunken night, the two wake up in the morning to find they are married. Ashton wins a 3 million dollar jackpot after playing Cameron's quarter, throwing a wrench into the divorce proceedings. Sentenced by a judge (Dennis Miller) to work out their differences over a six-month period of time, the two take the opportunity to declare war on each other.

When Love Kills: The Seduction of John Hearn (1993)
Based on actual events, Marg Helgenberger is a vice president of a bank in Florida who seduces an ex-Vietnam vet (Gary Cole) and persuades him to commit a series of murders that include killing her husband and her sister's ex-husband. Gary is a reluctant emotionally conflicted hit man, a good man gone way bad. I guess his love is blind do the fact he does not hide his identity or the payment for a hit or the association with Marg.

Where The Truth Lies (2005)
Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth stars as a wildly popular 1950's nightclub act (think Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis), who split up after Rachel Blanchard turned up dead in their hotel suite after a telethon appearance. Two decades later, an ambitious journalist (Alison Lohman), sets out in to re-examine the circumstances that led to the break-up 15 years earlier of one of the most successful double acts in American show business. The movie, with its flashbacks and switches of time, holds your attention and makes you want to know the outcome of this murder-mystery.

White Dragon (2004)
A blind assassin Chicken Feather (Francis Ng) has made it his mission to eradicate the world from evil. He gets into a struggle with an old enemy, The White Dragon. He beats her but soon thereafter White Dragon's powers are transferred (via broadband--HUH ? ) to young beauty Phoenix Black known as White Dragon Jr. The scene with her playing with her band seems edited by a rock video producer, and then when she smashes her Chinese guitar it clinches it !! I mean first its Ming dynasty, then McDonalds , and the Beethoven Ode to Joy played on the flute .

White Noise (2005)
Michael Keaton plays a widower whose convinced his late wife is trying to contact him via EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), a phenomenon that can see the living and dead communicate through the static on a radio or Television. Its a discord of cheap scares, un-worldly screeches, deafening bursts from the radio and a nearly nonstop, crackling din of television snow. The script is even more lifeless than the actual dead folks on the other side.

Woodsman (2004)
Kevin Bacon plays a pedophile who, after a 12-years in jail, tries to get back to a normal life. His family has banned him and he can only find some kind of normalcy in the presence of his brother-in-law Benjamin Bratt and in the arms of a co-worker Kyra Sedgwick. His past haunts him, in constant flashbacks and a fear that at any moment, the sight of a young girl could trigger his disease , There is sure to be much controversy surrounding the subject matter and tone of this work of art , the film is low-key rather than downbeat .

World's Fastest Indian (2005)
Set in the year 1967, it's the true story of New Zealander Burt Munro, a sixty-something tinkerer with motorcycles, who owns a 1920 Indian motorcycle, with which he intends to travel to the Bonneville Salt Flats for Speed Week and set a new land speed record. He spends most of his time in his garage-like home working on his vintage motorbike, even smelting his own pistons to make it as fast as possible. After a long ocean journey where he earns his keep aboard a merchant vessel as a a very bad cook , he arrives in America, and the film changes into a fish-out-of-water comedy with Burt meeting all sorts of strange characters. Anthony Hopkins as Burt is a likeable, sympathetic character, a determined eccentric with the ability to make friends wherever he goes. It's a feel-good movie in a positive way.

Wrestler (2008)
Randy "the Ram" Robinson (Mickey Rourke) is a popular wrestler whose glory days were in the 1980s. Now 20 years later he bears the scars and marks of his trade with a battered body. He lives in a trailer, his hearing is fading, he has a slow courtship with an aging stripper (Marisa Tomei,) and his only daughter (Evan Rachel Wood) hates his guts. Even a full-bore heart attack can only keep him out of the ring for so long. The movie isn't about wrestling , rather, it focuses on that industry's impact on this man, how it shaped who he was and dictates who he has become. It is one mans confrontation with his own loneliness.

X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)
A pharmaceutical company has just announced the development of a drug that permanently suppresses expression of the mutant "X-gene" - a cure, so to speak. That a film whose budget exceeds 200 million dollars will have a great amount of emphasis placed on its special effects should not be any sort of surprise. Despite eye-popping special effects or larger-than-life disasters, the invisible pull of an action film is not simply the action, it's the people or characters who engage in those actions and what they do in life-threatening situations. Forget about the plot holes, just watch the action and special effects. Halle Berry is looking good as always, but you won't recognize Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Hank McCoy/Beast, other stars include Patrick Stewart, Anna Paquin, Hugh Jackman and Ian McKellen

XXX: State of the Union (2005)
When the government is in danger of a terrorist attack, NSA Agent Samuel L. Jackson must find a new XXX (thats like a US 007 type). He picks Ice Cube (O'Shea Jackson) a former soldier being held in a military prison for hitting a superior officer. He does things very differently from the typical "secret agent" keeps things fresh. Cool, tricked-out cars, heat-seeking missile-style weapons, even tanks, plus evil villains like Willem Dafoe who is great as the main baddie. There are some decent action scenes, plenty of things blowing up all over which is really the best reason to see this.

Year Of The Dragon (1985)
Mickey Rourke portrays Captain Stanley White, a New York City policeman newly assigned to supervise the city's Chinatown district and bent on cleaning up the crime therein. As he explains it, "I'd like to be a nice guy. I would. I just don't know how to be nice." The villain of the piece is John Lone, the ruthless new boss of the Chinatown gangs, a fellow who is not above murdering his way to the top. The tone of movie suggests a serious crime drama, yet the execution of the story is so exaggerated it comes off close to a standard comic-book adventure, bullets, blood, and bodies fly, but little rings true.

Yojimbo (1961)
Yojimbo is a classic Western , directed by Akira Kurosawa who lifted the story from American mystery writer Dashiell Hammett's Red Harvest. Substitute the cowboy hat and revolver for a sword and kimono and hakama, and you have a western, even with showdowns on the towns main street. This movie is about a town that is torn by two rival gangs. When the no-named Samurai comes in, he manages to use his skillful swordplay to manipulate the two sides so they destroy each other. Black & White , Japanese language with English Subtitles.

Zatoichi (1989)
The 26th installment in the popular blind swordsman series that lasted 27 years. The twenty-fifth film was made in 1973, and there was a pause of some 16 years before this one. Zatoichi is essentially a greatest hits compendium of all the films that preceded it, and was the last to star Shintaro Katsu. This feudal Japanese epic is the only one that he wrote, directed, and starred in, and is considered to be the culmination of Katsu's career. There is plenty of slicing and dicing his foes and lots of geysers of spurting crimson.

Zatoichi : The Festival of Fire (1970) (DVD -2004)
Japanese blind swordsman Zatoichi (Shintaro Katsu) sees the hero up against a big boss of medieval gangsters that demand protection money, what's unusual is that the boss man is blind too. There are, some super fight sequences, including a naked battle with a gaggle of Yakuza who attack him in a hot tub. This entry has an especially muddled and meandering script, but the action is decent. Comedy is led by Peter the transgendered who was the jester in Kurosawa's Ran who shows up as a very feminine male pimp, complete with fake eyelashes and lipstick. The Festival of Fire ... guess who the baddies intend to roast alive?

Zodiac (2007)
Based on the real life killer that plagued San Francisco in the 1970s, it stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Robert Graysmith, the San Francisco Chronicle cartoonist , and reporter Paul Avery (Robert Downey Jr. When a message first comes into the newspaper's office, both people become obsessed with the case and try to figure out who this crazy killer is. The police, led by detectives Mark Ruffalo and Anthony Edwards investigate and collect clues. Weeks, months and years go by with no suspect arrested and the Zodiac taking long breaks in-between his killings. It is hard to get behind a film which you know has no real ending, and are not going to catch the killer.

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