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I bought a new Honda and had been using the net to
get some ideas on cost, features and information.

Auto Web Auto By Tel Edmund's Buying Tips Vroom
Auto Channel Car Talk Costco Kelly Blue Book NHTSA
Price Quotes MSN Auto Goodyear J.D.Power Hemmings

One of the Hobbies that I have is amateur (ham) radio and I've been lucky to talk to
the astronauts when they have been orbiting over Hawaii in both the Space Shuttle
and also the International Space Station using SAREX. Check these sites.
AR Newsline TAPR FCC QRZ Callbook

Gecko Goofy Greats, here are some places that are strange but fun.
Takedown Silo Phobe Onion
JibJab Urban Legends Singing Fish Furby Autopsy
Wacky Uses Dancing Paul Dialectizer Guess the Dictator

Having been involved in both radio and television for years doing
duties from a engineer, DJ, producer and multiple stations owner,
why not show some of the more popular broadcasting sites.
Radio Locator PBS Hawaii Hawaii News Now
Radio-OnLine Reel Radio Airchecks S.B.E.

You may have seen some of the TV shows or specials on Magic.
  Some sites that might just make ya disappear !

Criss Angel David Blaine Shin Lim Mac King Xavier Mortimer
David Copperfield International Brotherhood of Magicians Magic Castle
Nathan Burton Masked Magician Murray the Magician Lance Burton
Magic Magazine Dan White Mat Franco Piff the Magic Dragon
Monty's World of Magic Penn & Teller Mike Hammer Jen Kramer

Star Trek Logos
I've been a fan of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine since it started.
While I don't consider myself a 'Trekkie' or 'Trekker' I've watched some of the
other Star Trek programs, but my favorite is still DS9, especially Colonel/Major Kira...
Now that the series is finished ... beam over to these sites
Memory Alpha - DSN S.T. WWW ST Official Site Enterprise
Trek Today Rene's Page Starship Modeler Kira Nerys


On April 28, 1988, a Aloha Airlines Boeing 737 flying from Hilo to Honolulu,
was cruising at 24,000 feet when a large portion of the upper fuselage suddenly ripped away.
The captain and first officer turned around to discover a clear view of the sky where the first
class ceiling had been. Having seen the plane up close, I still wonder how it managed to fly.
The story was made into a TV movie . ......
Case Details

Falling To Pieces


This day in Avation

How These Pilots Landed a Roofless Boeing 737